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<2>She slowly opened the large titanium hatch of the seemingly ancient Aries, and stepped out onto the harsh, charred ground. Just as her small feet touched the enourmous earth, Milliardo came striding from the compound, his eyes glistened with love and happiness, Lucrezia met his beautiful eyes with open arms. They came into contact with each other, each taking the other in their arms, fully enjoying the moment. Within the hug was pure silence, the pure silence of love . The silence was enourmous , just as their love for one another, even though no words were spoken, the silence spoke for itself. The seemingly endless silence was broken by a very light kiss, Milliardo ran his rough hand down her back and just put all his passion into one loving kiss, a kiss that was answered justly. Lucrezia let out all those lonely , scarry nights that she had experienced since she had lost her souls completion, she sighed and rested her head on his chest and just marveled in the moment. Lucrezia layed her head over his chest, where his heart would be , but strangely she heard nothing; she gasped “Who are you!?” As the words exited her rosey lips, Milliardo answered “Milliardo”, he suddenly tighetned his grip on her. The face once covered with love and total happiness turned scared and frightened, like a little child caught in a horrible storm. She let out a horrid scream, when suddenly a shining blur flew behind the person, who was once thought to be Milliardo. After the blur passed, the thing,whatever it was, let her go. The figure spoke “Hahaha.. I’m not your Milliardo you silly woman.. I am a machine.”The machine chuckled, he turned and looked to the right then to the left, wondering what it was that flew behind him. As soon as the machines view cut to the left, his face was met with a frightfully sharp raiper, which was swung at a diagional movement across the machines face. A few words followed “But I am your Milliardo”, Lucrezia looked around and found nothing , but her sorrowful eyes caught a glimpse of yet another blur. This time, the blur swiftly slashed across the back of the machine and stopped, to kick the machine over. Lucrezias eyes again grew to that sparkling state of love and happiness, but them dimmed down as she saw Zechs standing before her....”Zechs..?”She asked “Why do you have the mask on..?”. He replied “Because, once again it has come down to a state of war.” She gasped “War.. war against who?”. Zechs replied “Those”, with the words, he kicked the fallen machine and rammed his raiper through its head. He sneered with a strong distaste “Androids.. human manafestations of mobile dolls..” Lucrezia gasped “But.. i thought” her words became broken as she rushed into his accepting arms and rested her head on the lower part of his neck. He spoke “Yes.. you thought they were just a dream Treize had, well.. sometimes dreams come back to haunt you, just as this one did.” Lucrezia looked up to him with lightly shimmering eyes, partly filled with love and joy, the rest filled with fright and sorrow “We must warn the others.. and the Gundam Pilots.” Zechs grimaced “The Gundam Pilots.. they’ve all been captured.” He then wrapped his arms around her and began slowly walking for the doors to the compound. As they reached the compound doors, the flew open very quickly then they both walked in cautiously . Zechs said “Heh.. that Andriod may have looked like me.. but didn’t have my DNA, so he didnt get my Mobile Suit.. or anything in here.” Lucrezia looked up to him “What about the explosions?”, Zechs spoke lightly “Well...that was the fight I got into , where they sent they sent their Androids after me, I was forced to leave and a trashed the Epyon.” Lucrezia asked quietly and with a voice soft as flowers “Who are they?”, Zechs bowed his head “That I do not know, my dear.” He drew back slowly as she touched his left arm “Ow.. that hurts, woman”.. she returned his comment with a tender voice “How’d that happen?”, he answered roughly, “Well, I told you I trashed the Epyon, you of all people should know that wrecking a suit sometimes mean getting hurt.” She nodded slowly in agreement and asked “So, what do we do next”, as soon as the words left her silken lips, Zechs turned and took off his helmet and looked back at her. He replied “Now..well.. we get you a good Mobile Suit, these Androids are too much for an Aries to handle. She looked up to him with silent eyes, when she looked up, her silken lips were met with a soft hindered kiss.
(page two, rough draft)