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Gundam Wing: The After Story

Our story begins a little many years after the famous battle of Libra, the Gundam Pilots have all returned to earth and have had peace for a while..... or was it peace?
The slow shimmering sun rose , sparkling brightly and emitting its life giving light all across the continent. An unusual sound accompanied the sunrise, the harsh sounds of explosions..what could it be? The explosions continued for several hours, no one dared to go near the fracas sounds, for fear of what they didn’t know. The news of the explosions spread like wildfire through a dry wheat field, soon everyone knew about the mysterious explosions that had went on for several hours. The news spread to a small group of pilots that remained ready to defend the Earth from any hostiles attacks, they organized a recon misson...... Lucrezia Noin stepped from her small apartment on the old base and called to order the recon forces. Lucrezia began to speak with the men, telling them what to do and what not do, the main thing “Do not open fire on anything, unless attacked.” Lucrezia then moved to her old command model Aries and strapped on her helmet and the ever-so-famous goggles. She sat down in the cockpit of the Mobile Suit and sighed heavily, this being her first time in a M.S in seven years. A small tear fell from her right eye as she turned the thusters on and began her ascent into the air. She opened a communications transmission, “Ok men.. lets do this quickly, and peaceful.” Lucrezia led her squadron to the site of the mysterious explosions, her eyes widened as her radar alerted her of a Mobile Suit. She instantly turned on the communications system, and transmitted on a sequre frequency “Men.. watch it.. I have a Mobile Suit on radar.” The men answered in a somewhat scared voice , “Yes, Commander.” The Aries unit positioned themselves around the area of teh base, and slowly proceeded into the area, not boasting charged weapons or anything of the sort. Lucrezias eyes again widened from beneath the goggles..”It can’t be....” she began weeping, seeing a completely white suit, set off with a little black. She gathered her composure and said to herself “C’mon Lucrezia.. don’t jump to conclusions.” She lightly nodded to herself and opened the communications array again “Ok men, the suit isn’t powered, proceed with caution.” The men kept radio silence, careful not to give their positions away, incase of an attack. Lucrezia slowly flipped her Aries from flight mode , down to soldier mode; she sighed. She moved the control sticks of the Aries forward, as a result the Aries moved forward; again her eyes widened. Her eyes watched a familiar figure, none other than the Tallgeese , “No way.. it was destroyed... it cannot be the Tallgeese..” Her mind drifted off as her video communications device beeped, she opened the video communications system, only intercepting an image, not sending her own. Her tears began to fall freely as the picture of a platinum haired man, with ice blue eyes appeared on the video screen. She closed her end of the communications, not to reveal her weeping to the man, for she knows who he is........Milliardo Peacecraft....Milliardo spoke “Why do you bring such weapons here.. I have done nothing but...” From the video screen, she could see his eyes wandering to the outer camera system of the compound he was in... he spoke again, seeming quite disturbed , “but carry on a hobby.” Milliardos’ eyes began to water quite a bit as he looked to the video screen once more.. “Lucrezia... is that you?.. that is your Aries...” he trailed off. Lucrezia opened her end of the video link and revealed her tear filled eyes and spoke “Yes...” she continued weeping, “yes it is”.Instantly Milliardos eyes lit up with joy.. “Well then, call your men back that have placed themselves around my compound and land.” Lucrezia spoke back with a sorrowful voice “I cannot..” she continued weeping..she spoke in broken words, “Yes.. i can.” Lucrezia opened a communications link with her secluded men and told them to return to base, they complied and left. Lucrezia maneuvered her Aries down to a clear area and landed it, and shut it down.
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