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The Full Armored Tallgeese Custom:
The Full Armored Tallgeese Custom is an upgrade of the Tallgeese Custom, equipped with the Century Armor.
Weight:(Dry Weight),

Weaponry: Beam Saber Convertible to Beam Staff:A convertible beam saber, that is capable of being a staff, where the other end of the beam saber opens and emits a second stream of energy.
Beam Axe: A beam axe, the e-cap modified to hold twice the charge of a normal beam axe. It can be switched to run a plasma blade, upon being charged directly from the core.
HornetFyre Plasma Web Emitter: A small emitter located on the center torso, which opens and emitts a web of plasma; consisting of small threadlike streams of plasma.
Photon Orb Emitter:Located on the upper right shoulder tip of the Fulle Armored Tallgeese Customs arm. This weapon fires orbs charged with photon particles.
Modified Dober Gun: The design looks exactly like that of the original Tallgeese's Dober gun, only modified to fire three balls of plasma per power up, takes a while to reload and cool.Also shortened.
Frag Grenades:Grenades thrown by the Full Armored Tallgeese Custom, medium range. Upon detonation, it sends out a wave of shrapnel(fragments of metal and other objects) around the area of the detonation.Capable of carring six on the left leg interior compartment of the Full Armored Tallgeese Custom, thrown by the left arm.
Rattle Snake Explosives.: Small orb-like structures, that are emitted from a launcher, when they touch something, after exiting the tube; they explode.
Beam Saber Launcer:An opening boasts a beam saber, which can be drawn and used.. or fired at an enemy target.
50mm Pistol: a small compartment opes on the suits right leg, the pistol can be drawn and fired.150 per clip. Two spare clips in lower compartment.

Defensive Capabilities
Tri-Molecular-Neo-Ionic Shielding: A highly advanced shielding systems that stops weapons at the molecular level. The shielding can take meduim to heavy hits in battle; takes a small amount of time to power up.This is the suits main defensive system, that has to be powered.
Anti-Heat sensors: This system jams heat seeking systems, by loacting the frequency that it is scanning on, then jamming that frequency.
Active Cloak:This system opens small holes in the Century armor(the small holes , contained in the pores of the armor), which emits a radar reflective field, thus making it invisible to scanners.
Class Three Holo-Emitters: As the name foreshadows, this system emits two holo images of the Full Armored Tallgeese Custom; useful in a hostile enviroment.