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Name | Long Nguyen aznality | 100% viet D.O.B. | March10, 1988 Status | Street racers dunt need gurl friends lol jks Smiles:) | gurlz/gamez/food/cars/gurlz/tv/did i say gurlz???/ Frowns | being beat up by gurlz...jks Location | 905/416
PhOtOsHoP cOrNeR
.:Kinda bored so just testing out ma photoshop skillz:.
more pix will be added
Just because weare apart, doesn’t mean that we arefaratheart Too many restless nights; Isit and think of you. Wondering if you are thinking of me too. Wishing that you were here with me Thinking of how happy we could be This is my dream when I dream about you An everlasting love that will never fade blue No matter how far the distance No matter what the consequence I will always loveyou! When I first met u I was afraid to know u When I first knewu I was afraid to hold u When i first held u I was afraid to kiss u When i first kiss u I was afraid to love u Now dat I luv u I`m afraid to lose u I wrote your namein the sand but the waves washed it away, then Iwrote it in the sky but the wind blew it away, soI wrote it in my heart and that`swhere it will stay.
Well here r da rest of them..(gettin lazy).. Chanel P/Tony N/Tony H/Tony P/Kei/Cameron/Sukbir/Shawn D/Ken/Huong/Erica/Justin/Jason/Trami/Janet/Mark/Jan/John/Dai Viet/Jessica/James/Helen/Andy/Susan/Karina/Mady/Julie/Lisa/Linda/Nicole/Debby/Eve