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From the creator of "The Mystic Ruins," a Sonic site.

                            Welcome to the L6 Space Colony Cluster, your ultimate source for Gundam info!!!!!                                  

                  Welcome to the


                                    "Where the Gundam pilots hang out."


         Welcome to my newest creation! Go ahead and browse around the colony, but remember, the colony has just been created and is still under heay construction! Thanks for coming to the site! I hope you enjoy seeing it as I enjoy making it. C-ya! :)


Nov. 10: I have put my Downloads back up, but the only available ones are the MIDI's because I need to get a server that will allow me to put Movies and MP3s on the server.

Nov. 6: I've updated my Links list with some other Gundam Wing sites, but I added some DBZ sites too. Soon, I'm going to add a DBZ part of the site.

Oct 26: I've decided to take away the downloads. If you want to download stuff, you gotta go elsewhere. Sorry, but I can't find a good server.


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