Mish:  "I'm letting out the pervert's wet dream so everybody run - either towards him or away, depending on your preferences..."
Casual:  "She didn't mean you Timothy!  Get back here!!"
Mish:  "No, sorry... Not you, Tim."
Timothy: *eyes the bishies guarding the exits*  "Okay, I suppose I could stay for a little while longer..."
Mish:  "Naughty boy... Don't make me sic Nakago on you!"
Timothy:  "Alright already... I'll be good. Well as good as I can with you two hentais at the helm..."
Mish:  "That's 'Dirty Old Hentai in Training' to you, young man!"
Timothy: "Whatever you say 'Dirty Old...'  what you said"
Mish:  *considers thwapping him*
Casual: *chuckles* Let's just get to the story okay?
Mish:  "Uh, sure, CO... What ever you say."
Timothy: Yes ma'am.
Casual:  *sighs*  Okay, part 4, written with the help of the talented Mish-chan, who agreed to let her best bishie help teach Timothy the ropes...
Mish:  "Yup... He's my best for a reason..."


Ano pushed a doorbell beside the ornate wooden door.  A voice from within told them to come in.  Ano swung open the door and Timothy froze. This was it! If he entered that room, some stranger was going to 'train' him.  Images of whips and chains danced through his fertile imagination and he backed up slightly.   Ano sighed and dragged him into the room.

Timothy blinked and looked around the simple surroundings, he'd been expecting something more opulent.  Everything within was obviously of high quality, what little there was.  One area of the floor was covered with pillows, in various sizes and colors. Another had one of the largest futons he'd ever seen, and stretched out on that futon...

Timothy stared at the vision that sat up, giving him what could only be called a feral smile.  The man was tall and lean, making him picture an Olympic gymnast.  Long blue hair swung freely around the trim waist, as he sat up with a feline grace.  Timothy began to tug on his collar, it suddenly seemed far too tight.

"Don't be so nervous... It’s not as bad as you think..." Donnie said as he began to advance towards him slowly.

Timothy stopped tugging on his collar and hid behind Ano.  "Shouldn't we get to know each other first Donnie?  You know.... conversation.... a cup of tea?"

Donnie's smile didn't fade. "That isn't the point.  You're wearing a collar now... come here."

Ano sighed,  "I'm sorry Timothy, the point is valid..." as he stepped aside, leaving a shocked Timothy behind as he exited the room.

Donnie let out a low throaty chuckle "Come here.  Now."

Timothy started backing up, still trying to get the collar off.  "No way.....  I'm not going to make it that easy."

"Don't make it hard for yourself.  I'm not going to hurt you."

"You've got to be kidding!!  I've been knocked out, dragged to who knows where, told I'm a werewolf.....and you expect me to trust you?"

"Did I do those things?  Hmmm...?  Come here."  Donnie said as he advanced again, not stopping until he reached Timothy.

Timothy backed up again, only to come up against the wall.  Donnie took the opportunity to grab him and hoist him off his feet.  "Learn to be submissive, even if it's just an act, or you'll never survive."  said the blue-haired youth.  Timothy stared down at Donnie, he looked strong, but not that strong.

  "I...I can't just let them do what they want to me!" Timothy bit out a little desperately.

Donnie shook his head "Stay strong on the inside.  That's what matters.  I survived it for 14 years."

Timothy gave Donnie another quick perusal.  "How can that be? You don't look a day over twenty."

"I was sold into slavery at the age of three.  I started my training immediately after."  Donnie replied in a calm matter-of-fact tone.

Timothy blushed and looked away...... *A child.....he was only a child*  Donnie smirked, sensing what the other was thinking and told him "Don't feel sorry for me or any pity.  I can't change what happened, so I don't dwell on it... much."

*Accepted it has he?  Well, then.... *  Timothy gave him odd little smile and replied  "All right then,  I won't."  He swung up with his knee, aiming for the ribs.  Donnie shifted faster than he thought possible and caught his knee.  All while keeping him suspended in the air with one slim hand.

"That won't work... and I don't suggest you hurt me either." Donnie whispered with more mirth than malice.

Timothy glared at him, unaware he'd grown fangs  "You expect me to just give in?  I'm not going to be a slave!  I'm not going to be used again!!" he screamed still trying to break free.

Donnie's hand slid along his skin and tapped a few pressure points to calm him down.  "Okay, settle down.  Otherwise, things won't be so gentle.  I'm not your enemy."

Timothy slumped slightly, not even questioning the calming effect of the blue-haired youth's touch.   "Why?  Why does he want me so badly?  Why does it have to be like this?" he whispered.  His voice reflecting his confusion and fear.

"I don't know.  I don't question him.  I am as you are"  replied Donnie, flicking Timothy's collar making it ring slightly in the quiet room.  "But, I have learned to deal with it.  Just as you have to."

Timothy looked into those azure eyes, "Don't you want to be free?   How can you just accept it? I had a home, a life.... not much of a life.... but it was mine damn it!

"I never knew the love of parents, Timothy.  This is my home and life." whispered Donnie.

Tears started to glisten in Timothy's violet eyes, "Things like this aren't supposed to happen.....I don't know what to do...I just don't know."  He felt ashamed of the tears, but he couldn't stop them.  He'd seen the outside again and he wanted so badly to return to how things had been.  The young man was set down and engulfed in the blue-haired youth’s embrace, one hand gently
running over his black and purple hair.

"This is all I've ever known.  I can help you - if you'll let me."  Donnie told him still stroking him soothingly.

Timothy looked up and met Donnie's gaze.  "Why would you help me?"

Donnie looked down at him and moved some of that bi-colored hair out of his eyes. "Because what I said is true.  I learned to be submissive.  But I'm not like that all the time."  He tightened his arms on Timothy, trying to share some of his calmness. "No body should have to live like this."

"So how do you do it? How could you do it"  Timothy whispered going lax in his arms.

"I learned how to lock away what I don't want them to see.  I have grown into this life, but I know that some people aren't suited for it."

Timothy sighed and rubbed his tears off on Donnie's shoulder.   "It's just so hard to believe... everything I ever thought about the world...it's all gone up in smoke.  Monsters are real and I'm one of them."

"No, you're not.  You're just not normal.  Nothing wrong with it."  Donnie murmured softly, giving him a reassuring smile.  "Look at me, I'm not normal either."

Timothy chuckled slightly  "No...no, you're not...."  he flared his nose a moment, his sense of smell had picked up again thanks to his little outburst, and he was suddenly aware Donnie smelled very different.  Not unpleasant, rather nice actually.  "Just what the hell are you anyway?  You're not human...and you're not like me.....certainly not a vampire."

Donnie replied in a voice that indicated it was a common question.  "I'm a mutant.  A... sub-species of human, if you would."

Timothy blinked, thinking of the X-men and such.  "....okaaay."  *Man... Exactly how many different things am I going to run into?*  he thought as he sighed.  "Any other nasty surprises waiting for me?  I still get the creeps from that vampire guy."

"You should."  Donnie told him.  "Your kind and his have been at war for eons.  I don't like him either.  He feeds from me because I'm an endless supply."

Timothy sighed again and moved a little closer, unconsciously seeking companionship in a world gone crazy.  "He wanted to feed from me too, but that Azriel guy wouldn't let him.....so werewolves and vamps don't get along  huh?"

"No, they don't." said Donnie  "Your kind kills his.  Raistlin is an unnatural creature.  He lives beyond death.  Nature has abandoned him."

Timothy smiled a little  "So who kills us?  Azriel was saying something about me being the key to immortality.....Does that mean I'm immortal?"

  "No."  Donnie said simply as he walked Timothy back to the floor pillows and laid him down on them.   "Enough talk for now.  You need to relax."

"I thought it was just weird ranting.... He doesn't seem to stable"  Timothy whispered still lost in contemplation.

Donnie smiled at his rambling, "Shhhh..."

Timothy sighed and settled against the pillows, they were a vast improvement from the two weeks he spent in the jail cell as the collar reached its full strength.

Donnie moved over his charge and leaned down.  "You've got very nice lips, Timothy.  Can I taste them?"

Timothy's mouth dropped open in shock.  He'd never had anyone ask before.  "What?"

Donnie repeated himself, "May I taste your lips?  It's a simple question.  Usually, I don't ask."

Timothy bit his lip and considered it.  Now that he'd calmed down somewhat he was very aware of just how desirable Donnie was.  *Damn he's cute... What harm could it do?*  He looked into those frank and open eyes.  "Just a kiss?"

"That's all I asked for." said Donnie, his voice amused, and sultry.

Timothy let go of his lip and nodded.  As long as it was only a kiss.

Donnie leaned down and brushed his mouth across Timothy's before settling his lips firmly against the youth's.  When he felt no resistance his arms wrapped around Timothy's back and pulled him close.

Timothy sighed and leaned into the kiss.  It had been far too long since he'd had one and he so badly needed the contact of another person.  The collar vibrated slightly and relaxed it's hold somewhat, sensing his surrender.

Donnie parted his lips and began to tease with his tongue, trailing it along Timothy's lower lip.  The purple-haired bishonen shuddered slightly and opened his mouth. Donnie's tongue dipped in, tasting the sweetness of Timothy's kiss and he moaned lowly.

Timothy slid his hands up, and trailed them through Donnie’s long blue hair.  "Mmm" he sighed, as he began to loose himself in the kiss.   Donnie decided to cheat a little and let his fingers walk down Timothy's back, pressing in a bit every-so-often, heightening the sensations of the kiss.

Timothy arched against the blue-haired youth and moaned slightly. Donnie deepened the kiss further, and one hand moved to the back of Timothy's head, his fingers sifting through the soft locks of hair.   In reaction, one of Timothy's hands left the other's silken blue tresses to trail up and down the spine. Donnie rolled onto his back and let Timothy lay on his chest, all without
breaking the kiss.  Unfortunately, he couldn't hide the swelling bulge that was pressing into Timothy's thigh

Timothy could feel Donnie growing hard against him.  Small alarm bells start going off that this could lead to the exact same situation he'd been in with Dylan, but it felt so nice he just couldn't make himself pull away.

Donnie continued to hold the kiss, not pushing for anything more – no matter how much he might have wanted to.  His hands running over Timothy's back, Donnie maintained the kiss and moaned into the youth's mouth.  *So good...*

Timothy's hand hesitantly came up and rested against Donnie's chest.   He could feel the heartbeat through the gossamer blue fabric dyed to match his trainer's hair. Donnie arched into the hand and kissed harder, moaning loudly.

Timothy moaned as well and started to trace little circles around the nipple, feeling the nub harden under the silky material.

Donnie broke the kiss.  "You can touch me, if you want.  I won't touch you unless you ask..."

Timothy glanced away, feeling shy suddenly.   "I....I don't know what to do....I never made it very far. All I ever do is dance..."

Donnie smiled, "I dance too...  Just do what you think would feel good.  You started off right when you were touching my chest."

Timothy smiled back  "How do you know I'm not a masochist?  For all you know, I'd want to bite.."

Donnie chuckled, "That's a sadist... and I like pain."

Timothy blushed at his own naivete ".....oh.  shows what I know, huh?"

Donnie brushed his hand across Timothy's cheek, "Don't sweat it."

Timothy sighed and dropped his cheek against the large 'v' of exposed skin on Donnie's chest.
He was still nervous, but he wanted this to continue.  "What do you like to do?" he asked.

"Me?  What do you mean, Timothy?"

"You...when you....when you want them to enjoy it.  When you want to enjoy it. What do you do?"  Timothy replied, wishing he could be more concise.

 "I pay attention to their responses.  The more or louder responses gives it all away."

Timothy grinned and began playing with a nipple again, "How do you know they aren't faking?"

Donnie moaned and arched up into the hand.  "Because... I can... tell... My mutant... gifts...never lie... For you... it will... be in the... scent..."

Timothy grinned even more and licked the nipple through the cloth.  "Is that why you smell different now?  I like the change..." he chuckled as he started to trace little circles with his tongue.

"Yes... My scent... changes when... I'm turned on..."  Donnie gasped as his hand moved up to
the back of Timothy's head, "Ahhh... Hmmmm..."

Timothy shoved aside the material to get at the bare skin and nibbled the nub lightly before sucking it between his lips. Donnie gasped even louder and threw his head back, lost in rapture.  Timothy smiled around the nipple and moved his hand to the other one, dragging his thumb over the surface.

Donnie's fingers clawed at the pillows as he began to writhe.  "T-Timothy..."  Timothy raised his head and began to lap at the small valley between Donnie's pectorals.  His other hand came up to keep both nipples stimulated.

"Oh... God... d-don't... don't stop...” moaned Donnie as his legs shifted around, trying to alleviate the ache between his thighs.

Timothy began to nip lightly at the flesh, making small growling sounds. He let one hand drop so he could explore the mutant's arms.... stomach.... hip.  Donnie bit his knuckles at the sensations, wanting nothing more than to roll Timothy over and return fire, but letting him take the lead for now.  "Ahhh... yes... so good..."

Timothy's nibbles began moving up, towards the valley between neck and shoulder.  He let out a small chuckle and flicked his tongue against an earlobe.  "Are you this responsive all the time?  I doubt I'm that good on a first attempt."

"I... can't help... but be... responsive... I was... trained... for... this...” the other panted as his fingers trailed up and down Timothy's spine, lightly brushing the heated flesh.  The purple-haired youth panted and arched against Donnie slightly, before meeting his gaze.

"Am I going to end up as responsive as you?"  He shifted slightly, gasping when it caused friction against his arousal.

"Maybe... I don't know.  I was trained from... early on...” Donnie bit out as he arched his hips and rubbed his erection against Timothy's  "You need... to talk less... and do... more..."

Timothy chuckled, "Sorry, it's a bad habit...."  He looked down at the wondrous example of male beauty not certain where to go next.

"May... May I touch... you?" asked Donnie, sensing his hesitation.

Timothy bit his lip and nodded, "Okay, I'm starting to run out of ideas."

Donnie rolled him over and laved the side of the smooth neck with his tongue.  "That's all right... I'll take it from here until you ask me to stop."

The purple-haired youth gasped slightly,  "O....okay."

Donnie's long fingers pressed into both nipples and rolled them around. He stopped licking the skin long enough to say,  "You taste good so far... I wonder what the rest of you tastes like?"

Timothy moaned and looked into his eyes.  "Only one way to find out. Right?"

His partner was amazed at the sudden change "I want to... very much,” he whispered lowly as his mouth began to travel down the youth's body, lighting fires along the way.  A low rumble started in Timothy's throat.  Something was different, something was making him want this so very badly.  He arched up against the lips, not caring why this hunger had suddenly sprung forth.

Donnie undid the pants and slid them over Timothy's hips, revealing the most sensitive flesh.  Leaning down, he lapped the sweet nectar from the tip.  "You taste very sweet... I wonder if all your fluids taste so good?"  He took another taste, his eyes filled with desire.

The comment caused a blush, but didn't dampen Timothy's hunger.  If anything it was increasing...  "Ahhh, that feels nice." he whispered, loving the new sensations.

Donnie slid the full length into his throat and worked more of the sweet juices out.  Then he backed up to lap them up.  "Delicious..."

Timothy whimpered slightly and began to grip a pillow in one fist.  "Do that again, please?" Donnie granted his request, taking his time on the second run and moaning a little.  Timothy moaned even louder, trying not to buck his hips.  One of his hands reached down to stroke the soft blue hair as his other increased its grip on the pillow.

Donnie smiled around the mouthful and backed off  "You don't have to restrain yourself..." he said, voice thick and sultry as he took Timothy down his throat a third time.  The pillow exploded in a rain of feathers as Timothy grabbed Donnie's head and began to thrust forward.

Donnie relaxed and let Timothy fuck his mouth.   *Good... Let me taste you*

"Ah, oh gods, Donnie!" Timothy screamed, his hips bucking wildly.  "It's so good...so good!"  Donnie added more suction as the bucking continued.  "Unnnh,  I'm.....oh god.....I can't hold back much longer!" Timothy panted feeling his climax pproaching.

*Then don't...* thought Donnie as he worked his throat muscles around the member and moaned loudly, vibrating the shaft.   Timothy's fangs sprouted as he literally howled with his release, sending his essence into the willing orifice.

Donnie swallowed the offering and continued to suckle, heightening the sensations of the climax. Timothy tossed his head back and forth, dimly aware he was growling as he trembled under the expert mouth and tongue.

When it finally rode out, Donnie crawled back up his trainee's body and curled against it.  The youth sighed and emitted a small series of growls and yips, before realizing what he'd just done and clapping a hand over his mouth going completely red.

Donnie chuckled, "It's okay... I take it as a compliment... It just means you enjoyed it."

Timothy was still blushing as he said, "Yes, I did.....Have you been with many others like me?"

"No... You’re my first were.  But... what I did took you back to your instinctual language... That says a lot."

The blushed returned as he said "I see...."   Then Timothy sighed and snuggled a little closer  "I have a lot to learn, don't I?"

"Yes."  Donnie replied, as he wrapped his arms around his charge.  "And I won't mind being the teacher... Especially if the pupil stays as enthusiastic as he was just now."

Timothy face softened a little as he trailed a hand along the symbol of his bondage.  "It's still hard to accept.... but I'm glad it's with you.  I was expecting someone cruel."

Donnie placed a gentle kiss just above the collar.  "Thank you.  That you feel like that means a great deal to me."

Timothy felt a little better hearing that.  He still wanted freedom, but for now he would enjoy this as best he could. He leaned up and gave Donnie and engaging grin.  "So....what's my next lesson Teach?"

Donnie chuckled,  "Heheh... We'll start you off easy.  Teaching you how to do what I just did."

Timothy nodded, "Okay...tell me what to do.  It's only fair I make you feel good too."

"There's really only one rule... Watch your teeth."  said the mutant as he gave him a quick, gentle kiss.  "A little is fine, but outright biting is a major no-no."

Timothy licked his fangs  "Uhh, any clue how to get these to go away first?"

"Relax,” Donnie replied.  “Calm down and take a few deep breaths.  Just remember that you're safe with me."

He nodded and obeyed.  After a moment the fangs faded, and the claws returned to normal.  The slight gleam in his eyes remained however, although somewhat muted.   "Okay....I think I'm ready."

Donnie gave him another smile, "Okay.  So you know - don't worry about hurting me.  I regenerate and I 'like' pain.  For your first time, just experiment a bit.  I'll let you know if something isn't right."

Timothy nodded and began pulling off the simple drawstring pants.  He stared at what was revealed.  He blinked, looked at his own manhood, then back at Donnie's.  "Errr, you sure you're not crossbred with a horse or something?"

His trainer laughed openly,  "I'm sure.  Don't ever let size intimidate you."  He stroked the side of Timothy's head to help soothe his fears.  "I would never use this to hurt you."

Timothy bit his lip and trailed his fingers along the side of Donnie's erection. "I don't think I could fit something that big down my throat....can I just lick it or something?"  His trainer moaned slightly, then told him "Deep-throating isn't the only way.  The tip and the underside are the most sensitive parts."  He broke off a moment, panting slightly before he continued  "I think you can
figure it out from there."

Timothy grinned and leaned down to press one quick kiss to the tip of Donnie's manhood.  "Okay."   He licked away the fluid left on his lips after the little peck, smiling at the flavor.  "Mmm, pretty good. I think I want more," he said, taking the head between his lips and sucking away the dew as his thumb ran along the vein on the underside of the huge member.

"Gyah!..."  Donnie hadn't been expecting his enthusiasm and was taken by surprise.  "Hmmm... Yes... that's good..."

Timothy lifted his head to grin, before returning to the tip, sucking a little harder as he trailed the fingers of his other hand along Donnie's thigh.

"Very good..." groaned the man under his lips. " ... Yes..."

Timothy let Donnie slip from his mouth long enough to lick his lips, then trailed his tongue along the underside. He could feel it pulsing beneath the caress and tried sucking on it gently.

"...aaaaHAAAaaaa..."  Donnie gasped as he began to writhe under the ministrations.

Timothy suddenly remembered what was said about teeth and used his tongue to lightly press the area he was currently sucking in against his incisors.

"Hmmmm... Ahhhh..."  Donnie moaned, getting a little louder.

Timothy realized he was forgetting about the tip and slid back up to lick away the new pearls of fluid, using his nails to keep the shaft stimulated. Donnie's hips started to thrust up a bit as more of his liquid desire seeped forth.  Timothy greedily lapped up the new essence and took a deep breath before he took in as much of the shaft as he could manage, moaning slightly.

Donnie's fingers dug into the pillows as his hips arched up and he gasped in air  "... Tim-mothy..."

A soft keening sound started coming forth from Timothy's throat as he began to bob his head slowly.  His erection was coming back, right along with that odd hunger. The sound of his moans vibrated right through to Donnie who was pitching his hips upwards wantonly, moaning and crying out.

Timothy relaxed his jaw and managed to get in a little more. He began to swirl his tongue against the vein, as one hand reached up to gently touch a testicle.

"I'm getting... so close... oh, Timothy..."  Donnie moaned, his blue hair flying as his head thrashed back and forth.

Timothy's claws grew back and he used them to-ever-so-slightly scrape the part of the member not stuffed in his mouth, as the other set lightly juggled the balls underneath.

"Ahhhh... Right there... TIMOTHY!!!"  cried Donnie as he climaxed with a sudden convulsing arch and his hot essence shot out, coating his tormentor's tongue.  Timothy's eyes grew large, it was a lot more than he expected, and he swallowed deeply, trying not to let any escape. Donnie trembled violently as the mouth squeezed around the tip of his manhood when Timothy
swallowed.  "... so good... you're a natural..." he sighed as he relaxed against the cushions.

Timothy finished swallowing and lapped up the stray drops before giving his teacher a grin. "Really? "

"Really."  Donnie replied as he nodded and drew Timothy up, kissing him deeply.

Timothy sighed and returned the kiss, enjoying the mingled flavor of Donnie's lips and his seed. "Mmm, I liked it too"

"There's more... but I don't know if you're ready for it."  Donnie said as he sighed and wrapped his arms around the youth.  "I'll wait until you think you are first."

Timothy buried his face in the muscular chest, breathing in his trainer's own unique scent and replied,  "Okay, whatever you say... I trust you."

Donnie grinned impishly, "But... That doesn't mean I can't let you have an idea of what it is..." he said as his fingers trailed circles on one buttock.

Timothy froze a moment. Old images and fears assaulting him once more.  He didn't want to offend his trainer after he'd taken the time to be gentle, so he took a deep breath and said  ".....Donnie.....I need to tell you something."

"Yes."  Donnie said as he stopped caressing Timothy's butt and looked at him with gentle eyes.  "Go ahead."

Timothy dropped his eyes, afraid of what he might see reflected in those deep blue eyes as he started his tale.   "When I was seventeen, I had a boyfriend called Dylan.  I was so stupidly in love with him, I used to trail after him like a puppy.  We used to touch, not like what you and I just did, mainly kissing and such.  I kept telling him I wasn't ready to go all the way and he said
he understood, but one night we went to this rave.....I don't know what he got a hold of, but he decided he didn't want to wait anymore....."  His voice trailed off a moment, as he became lost in thought.

Donnie nodded  "I understand.  I won't go fully with you yet.  I was just going to use my fingers."  He nuzzled Timothy's ear  "And I won't go dry with you either... Not unless you ask me to."

Timothy let out a rueful chuckle.  "He never got that far.  I don't remember much outside of just seeing red....The next thing I knew, he was on the ground with two broken legs screaming that I was a psycho.  I left him there and called the cops..... I have no idea what happened to him after that."  he lifted his eyes to look at the beautiful mutant.  "It just makes me skittish, that's all."

"Well, I won't look at you the same if that's what you're afraid of.  If that happens to me, then I'll get the obvious hint that I've gone too far." Donnie winked at the last statement, trying to use humor to get Timothy to relax.  "I give you my word that if done right, it doesn't hurt.  If you're willing, I'll show you just why with my fingers."

Timothy blinked, and rubbed the back of his head.  "Heh, to be perfectly honest I'm surprised I've gone this far. It's been ages since I've even kissed."  He leaned forward letting his purple and black hair fall across Donnie's chest.  "You promise to pull back if I ask?"

Donnie gave him a serious look.  "That's a stupid question, Timothy.  I already told you that I would stop when you wanted."

Timothy let his eyes drop a moment.  "I know..."  he raised his gaze again, "I guess I'm just a little frightened....but I do want to feel it."  He took a deep breath, and forced his fears aside. He'd said he trusted him, and he did.  "Teach me..."

Donnie rolled over, putting him onto his back  "This way, you can see exactly what I'm doing."  He kneeled down and began to lap at the tip of Timothy's reawakened manhood - as he did so, his hands were busy with a small jar, spreading the contents over his fingers.

Timothy shuddered slightly from the feel of that tongue sliding across his hardened flesh,  as he watched him coat his fingers.  "What's in the jar?"

Donnie stopped for a moment.  "A lubricant... I said I wasn't going to go dry, remember?"  He leaned down and took another taste, before he continued.  "It also dulls pain, which is good for someone's first time."

Timothy moaned again, shuddering slightly. "Ahhhh, s-see."

One finger began to rub lightly into the puckered ring as Donnie's tongue trailed up the underside of the shaft.  Timothy took a deep breath, and tried to concentrate on what that tongue was doing to him.  He swallowed his fears, thinking  *I can do this... I want this...*  over and over again like a mantra.

Donnie's mouth gobbled down the shaft just as his finger eased into the heat beyond the ring, making its entrance much more bearable.

Timothy gasped from the impact of the dual sensations.  "Ahh...it....unh"  he gasped as his head dropped back and  the mouth worked it's magic.

The finger within him worked its way up, finding and wiggling against the prostate.  "AHH, OH......"  he moaned, his body arching up as the unexpected spike of pleasure whipped through him.  "Wha...what did you just do?" he managed to gasp.

Donnie smiled as he released the erection.  "Just hit something that likes attention." He pressed against it again.  "Like that..."

Timothy tossed his head back and let out another scream.  "AHHH!"

Stimulating the prostate repeatedly, Donnie slipped another of his lubed fingers into the tight sheath and incorporated it into what he was doing.  "You like?"

Timothy made a low keening sound and bit his fist.   "Oh Yes!!!  I didn't think.....I didn't know....please don't stop!"

Free hand closing around the erection, Donnie introduced the third and final finger into Timothy's body.  His hand stroked rhythmically to the thrusts of the youth.  "Since you asked so nicely, I won't."

Timothy moaned loudly and began to gyrate his hips, trying to decide between thrusting against the hand or grinding against the fingers deep inside him.  "Oh Donnie....please....oh please....I need...unh."

Donnie's voice dropped seductively.  "What do you need, Timothy?  Tell me and I'll do it for you."

Timothy panted loudly, not at all certain what he wanted.  "Oh God....I don't know!  I just need...something...please...."

Donnie started working the fingers in and out, timing the strokes to match his other hand on the throbbing organ.  "This maybe?"

"Unnh.....yesss!  So good, so fucking good."

Donnie worked Timothy's body harder and faster, outside as well as in, trying to drag the youth up to the very heights of ecstasy.  "Good... I'm glad you like it."

Timothy howled like the wolf that he was as he sprouted wolf ears and a tail to match the fangs and claws.  His voice dropped down to a guttural growl*  "Rrrr, good...more"

Donnie smiled and leaned down to nuzzle the heavy sac, thrusting his fingers in deeper and letting his hand slide furiously over the shaft.

Timothy continued to growl as he rubbed one large hand over the azure-haired youth's shoulders, completely unconcerned with his partial transformation.  The other hand snaked up to stroke his own nipples and he dimly noted it was still bare skin.

"Time for me to get my reward, Timothy."  Donnie whispered right before his mouth plunged down the shaft. He purred erotically until the organ filled his throat and no more noises could be made.  Just as quickly, he pulled back up and drove his fingers hard against the little spot.  He was ready to receive the fruit of his labors.

Timothy's growl increased in volume until it became an all out howl as he thrust forward, sending his seed into Donnie's mouth once more.

Donnie swallowed fast, waiting until the final drops to savor the flavor of the youth's passions. His busy fingers stroked the protrusion a few more times before he finally pulled away with a pleased grin.  "I love your taste, Timothy."

The man beast slowly faded back into its human guise, before Timothy blushed and tugged his own earlobe.   "Errrr, thanks?"

Donnie lay out next to Timothy and smiled wide.  "Now, you have an idea of what it's like," he said as his arms opened wide for the youth.

Timothy smiled back and entered the arms, curling against the perfect body.  "Mmm, it was wonderful....give me a moment to rest and I may just have you show me that as well."

Donnie grinned. "Don't tempt me too much... I like it both ways."

Outside Donnie's window, Topaz watched as the master’s newest acquisition curled up against the mutant's chest.  Topaz had been hoping to have the honor of training the lovely with the bright purple and black hair.  "Ah well, I always enjoy watching you work Donovan," he whispered to himself before touching the window.  The locks opened themselves and he entered
the room like a gust of wind.  The stunt was useless against the azure-haired bishounen, but it might impress the other.

Donnie snapped to his feet as he sensed the intruder.  "Topaz!  You don't have permission to be here..." he growled keeping himself between Topaz and Timothy.

Topaz smiled and let himself fade in from the billowing curtains.  "Oh, but I do.... Raistlin has requested that I bring the pretty little lupine to his chambers right away..."  He turned to the other and gave him a flirtatious wink. "Hey there, cutie."

"Raistlin is not the master."  Donnie bit out staying where he was, keeping Timothy behind him with one arm.  "I have the responsibility of this one, not Raistlin."

Topaz blinked, Donovan had never been so protective before.  He was about to comment when he realized the other was looking at him with open curiosity.  He'd almost forgotten Timothy never actually saw him before.

Timothy stared at the large brown wings, wondering what other surprises might be coming.  He leaned closer to Donnie and whispered  "Who is he Donnie?"

"Topaz - the master's prized thief."  He replied meeting Topaz's gaze unwaveringly.  "Timothy stays.  As the favored of the master's pets, I don't answer to you."

Topaz raised one golden eyebrow and gave them a grin that betrayed his Bastet heritage.  "My, my..... I've never seen you so very protective Donnie. "  He chuckled and crossed his arms, tilting his head arrogantly.  "I don't really care either way what you do...."

"If you really didn't, you'd come take him from me, Topaz."  Donnie smiled mischievously  "Or do you remember that pain doesn't bother me?"

Topaz chuckled again,  "I haven't forgotten.  I'm just doing what was asked of me, pretty boy. I'll let it slide for now though."  He walked back to the window and unfurled his wings, making certain to position them impressively.  "I just wouldn't want to be in your shoes when the leech gets wind of your.... reluctance."  He gave them both a small salute and hopped out the window, gliding away in the moonlight.

"The leech is lucky I haven't gone religious..."  Donnie grumbled as he stalked over and shut the window, re-locking it in the process.  "I can't stand that guy."

Timothy continued to stare at the window, half-expecting the Topaz to pop out of the curtains again.   "How did he just appear like that?"

Donnie shrugged, "He has the power to shield himself from most peoples’ minds.  It doesn't work on me, though, so he stays 'outside' my room and just watches from the window."  He ran a hand through his long blue hair and moved back to Timothy.  "He doesn't usually engage in actual fights."

Timothy blinked and turned a little red as he realized what Donnie was implying, "You mean he was watching us while we....?"

Donnie nodded,  "Don't let it bother you.  He's probably just jealous because he wasn't the one in my place."  He pulled Timothy closer.  "You can't stay here... Raistlin is bad news.  I don't want to see what would happen if he got his hands on you."

Timothy held onto Donnie tightly, seeking comfort in one of the few people to show him kindness in this place.  "But where could I go?  I don't even know where I am, and every time I wander too far, this damned collar starts cutting off my air."

*I know.*  thought Donnie as he sighed.  "There has to be a way.  I don't have one because, usually, I'm a good boy."  He rested his cheek on the crown of Timothy's head.  "I'll think of something."