Heh, yet another installment.  Warnings for this part will be shounen-ai, implied sex, bondage and anthromorphs  (Do I really need to tell you about the 18+ age limit?).  I'll finally tell you that the LARP I borrowed my inspiration from is Werewolf: The Apocalypse from White Wolf,  I may have messed up a few details, but hey!  I'm not perfect.  The story is still mine, but Donnie is still Mish-chan's.  *sighs*  Oh well, I still own everybody else....


Time passed surprisingly quickly for Timothy, despite the fact he spent almost all of his time in a dungeon.  Una was a kind person, and she often sneaked him and the other prisoners extra bits of food, such as a slice of cake or other such treat.  She'd even managed to get a set of oil pastels to keep him occupied.  His walls were covered in pictures of his home, and Pepper, and all the things he'd left behind.

He'd asked her why she was down here, when she didn't seem at all cut out for it.  She'd responded "It's a long story bishie.  Let's just say I'm a lot stronger than I look, and I'm good with animals. That's what's mainly housed down here. Not that you're an animal bishie.  You just need space if you change on us."

Timothy had asked her about that as well.  "I can change, huh?  Why hasn't it happened yet?"

She'd given him another of those giggles.  "Everybody is different bishie, just like some humans grow faster than others, some weres change earlier than others. Although, you are an exceptionally late bloomer.  Most weres change when they hit puberty."

One week into his stay, he changed for the first time.  It wasn't what he'd expected, no pain, no bones snapping.  He was a man one moment, and a crinos the next, a large powerful form that looked exactly like the wolf-man of legend.  He'd tossed himself against the bars trying to call for help, giving himself a good shock.  His pained howls had scared the wits out of his closest cell-mate the tiger.

By the time Una had come barreling into the room, he was back to normal, if a little shaken. He spent the next few days exploring his various forms, from partial transformations, to a true wolf.  His control was shaky, especially when he experienced an intense emotion.  If he failed to concentrate, it would invariably cause his senses to become almost painfully heightened and his werewolf features to sprout up at random.

After two weeks, a man he hadn't seen before came to his cell.  He realized right away this had to be Una's brother, Anusit.  He had the same long black hair, the same deep tan skin, and even the same aquamarine eyes peeking out from his slim silver-rimmed glasses.  His body was well-defined, making it obvious he worked-out often, but not to extremes.

His attire was similar to Una's, dyed to match his eyes and hair. However, instead of the long knotted scarves of her outfit.  The brother's outfit consisted of set of loose drawstring pants, with a translucent vest made of some soft, silken material.

"Hello Timothy... I'm Ano, it's time for your training to start."

Timothy bit his lip. He knew Azriel had mentioned training, but he wasn't certain what it would entail.  Una had blushed furiously when he'd asked about it, saying that she wasn't allowed to participate, but it was common for all new acquisitions to go through the training.

"Can you tell me what this training thing is all about Ano?"

The man smiled, and opened the cell.  "Don't worry about it too much.  Our master has certain....appetites, and he wants to be certain you can appease them with a decent amount of skill.  That's why you're going to be trained."

Timothy froze,  "Appetites?"

Ano nodded and pulled him to his feet, before removing the shackles.  "I'm going to take you to get a little cleaned-up now, please follow me."

Timothy fell into step behind him and followed without protest.  Ano led him to the ground floor, two stories above, and headed towards the bathing area.  The people they passed along the way were dressed in a rainbow of colors, no two entirely alike.  The only unifying theme were the types of material,  and the presence of some silver item on almost all of them.  Collars were the most common, but there were also circlets, and bracers.

Ano opened a set of large double doors and they entered a large communal bathhouse.  Timothy blushed when he saw many of  the couples,  and even a few trios, were tangled together in ways that clearly gave away what was going on under the water.  *Oh my God!!  Am I expected to join in?*

To his great relief Ano continued through the area, ignoring the occasional catcall.

"Hey Anusit, that's a cute one you got there. When do we get to share?"

"Who's the lucky trainer?  I hope it's me!"

"Come on Ano, we won't tell.... let us get a quick taste!"

Timothy's ears began to burn from the implications and he breathed a sigh of relief when he was shown into a private room.  There was a shelf set into the opposite wall with four bottles, and a small stack of washcloths set within.  To the left of the shelf was a single knob, made of polished chrome, and above it was a long flat rectangle of the same metal with a beveled edge.  A set of large fluffy towels was on the rack beside him, along with an outfit similar to all the others he'd seen, only covered in purple and black swirls.

He yanked off his ragged clothes, they hadn't survived his transformations well at all, eager for a chance to wash up.  He puzzled over the odd showerhead a moment, before he turned the shiny fixture underneath it.  *Cool!  A waterfall...*  He adjusted the temperature, and stepped under the water with a sigh.  *Man, this feels great!*  he thought as he ran his fingers through his hair.

He picked up one of the clear bottles from the recessed shelf and took a sniff.  He recognized the scent as the conditioner Stacey had given him as a gift on his last birthday.  He reached for another bottle filled with a dark black gel and took another sniff, as he'd expected it was the shampoo that had accompanied the conditioner.

Part of him wondered exactly why they'd go through the trouble of gaining such small details, but he set it aside, and simply enjoyed the rich earthy scent of the shampoo.   The other bottles turned out to be his favorite shower gel, and some sort of bath oil he wasn't familiar with.  He pulled out one of the washcloths off the shelf and set to work scrubbing his skin.

He hesitated when the time came to wash his throat, but the collar seemed to understand he wasn't trying to remove it, only trying to clean underneath it.  Wondering over that a moment, he made a deliberate tug, and was rewarded by a choking squeeze.  *Stupid, real stupid Timothy.*  he thought as he pulled his hands away.  The squeezing stopped and he decided his shower was done.

He crossed to the towels and dried off quickly.  Then he picked up the slinky little outfit and frowned.  It looked so very revealing.... it wouldn't cover much and what it didn't cover would be clearly defined by the shiny pants despite the loose fit.  He started to shiver slightly.  He'd never really gotten past some passionate kissing and the occasional dry sex session.  He doubted it was going to stop at that with this Donovan person.

A knock at the door startled him into letting out a small yip,  he reached up and realized he'd sprouted wolf ears and whiskers. *Damn, did it again!*

"Are you okay in there Timothy?  I'll be glad to assist you if you need it."  called Ano.

Timothy shook his head, then remembered the other couldn't see it.  "No, I'm fine, just give me a sec."  He yelled back as he yanked on the outfit.  He bit his lip and steeled himself before opening the door.  The wolf features faded as it swung out, so he was spared the embarrassment of having his partial transformation show.

Ano gave him a quick once-over and smiled.  "Hmm, you look good in it!  I'll bet Donnie will feel the same."

Timothy blinked,  "Donnie?"

Ano nodded,  "Yes, he's the one who was chosen to train you.  Most everybody calls him Donnie, not Donovan.  He's the master's personal favorite, and I hear he's quite good."

Timothy felt his ears trying to come back and clapped a hand over them to prevent them from doing so. The gesture didn't go unnoticed.

"I wish I could give you advice Timothy, but I've never been with him before." Ano whispered rubbing his shoulder soothingly.

Timothy nodded numbly, not willing to mention the reason he was feeling so nervous.  Flashes of memory came back to him, a dark alley, a loud snapping sound, the smell of blood, and Dylan's screams.  He shook away the thoughts and met Ano's gaze.  "I'm scared."

Ano nodded,  "I know, everyone is a little scared their first time. I fainted on my trainer.  He ended up having to put ice down my shorts to wake me up again."

The quip didn't help ease Timothy's anxiety.

Ano sighed and took his companion's hand.  It appeared his joke had been lost on the nervous bishonen.  He decided it would be best to make him just get it overwith.  "Come on Timothy, it would be rude to keep him waiting."

Timothy was led to a more secluded area of the stronghold.  He even got a glimpse of the vast gardens and the pale half moon as they stepped out onto an open walkway.  He paused a moment and gazed at the sky, letting the breeze flow through his still damp hair.  Seeing the moon comforted him somehow.

Ano smiled and moved behind him.  "It's lovely tonight isn't it?  Are you a Theruge?"

Timothy turned to meet his gaze.  "A what?"

Ano chuckled slightly,  "Werewolves are strongly influenced by what phase of the moon they're born under. Those born under the half-moon are called a Theruge.  They are the dreamers and the poets, of the werewolf clans."

Timothy turned back to the view,  "I see..."  he whispered, not really understanding,  but realizing it did seem familiar somehow.  He felt hands on his hair and fought the urge to jump.

"Would you like me to brush your hair out Timothy? It would look a little nicer."

Timothy nodded, and sighed when he felt some sort of cream being smoothed through his bi-colored locks.  The feel of a brush moving through his hair was extremely soothing. He let out another soft sigh when it was done and Ano slipped the brush and bottle back into the tiny pouch on his hip. Only a few of the others he'd glimpsed on the way here had them, and he assumed they were guards like Ano and Una.

"Are you ready to go now?" asked Ano.

Timothy nodded and followed him to Donov... Donnie's private suite.   He wished his transformations weren't so sporadic when he got nervous, if he could control them he'd cause a little damage to his would-be trainer. *Sorry Una, but I have to fight this.  I'd never forgive myself if I didn't at least try... I'll just leave your brother out of it.*


Heh, for all those who know Donnie, you know what sweet, little Timothy is in for.  Stay tuned for part four!!  Thanks go out to Mish-chan for letting me borrow her best bishie.

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