Welcome....here' part two of Timothy's story.  Once again it's based, mostly, on a White Wolf LARP.  The warnings are yaoi, anthromorphs, vampires, violence, and bondage.  All the characters (except one) and the storyline are my property so no taking off with them without my permission.

Timothy stared at the distinct red glow in his eyes as his scream stopped bouncing around the walls. He closed his eyes and rubbed them slightly, hoping it was a trick of the light. When he opened them again  the glow had only gotten brighter. The room seemed brighter as well, painfully bright. He reached over to cut off the light, stopping when a barely there sound began to fill the air.

Timothy covered his ears and screamed again as the high-pitched whine entered the room. He was dimly aware that Pepper was howling in pain as well. The sound of shattering glass was almost lost amid the cacophony. The sound abruptly ceased and he slumped to the floor in relief. He wasn’t aware of the fact he had an unwelcome guest until it was too late.

The intruder sighed in relief when he saw the one he’d been sent after hadn’t transformed as he’d feared. He slipped the small vial he’d been given out of his pouch and doused his soft black gloves. He tapped into his discipline to mask his appearance and slowly advanced on his victim.

The little dog at Timothy’s side began growling and got between him and the man in the doorway. Topaz smiled at the beast and leaned down.

Timothy glanced at Pepper as the ringing in his ears slowly died down. The shaggy gray hackles were raised and as far as he could see the dog was growling at empty air. He gasped when the canine suddenly keeled over in a boneless puddle. "Pepper?” He began to reach for his pet when something unseen clamped around his wrist and covered his mouth and nose with a soft,
damp object. He struggled against his invisible assailant even as the strong medicinal scent made his head swim.

Topaz was starting to worry, this was taking a lot longer than he’d anticipated and the man was very strong even without using his powers. He breathed a sigh of relief as the struggles began to slow and Timothy slumped to the floor unconscious.

The halfling grinned and began to transform. He’d need every bit of his limited strength to carry this one to the master’s palace. When he was done, large brown wings sprouted from his back, and his body had taken on distinctly cat-like features. He lifted Timothy into his lightly furred arms and spared the unconscious dog a cursory glance. *Well,  well…I wonder who you serve little familiar? Heh, whoever they are should have chosen a more hearty form.*

Topaz carried his large bundle outside and took to flight.

When Timothy finally came to, he found himself in a small jail cell.  He stared at the pure silver shackles that bound him at wrist and ankle. *What the fuck?!  Where am I?*

“Finally awake I see.”

Timothy looked through the bars and saw a young girl standing guard. She certainly didn’t seem like anybody’s idea of a guard.  Her long black hair and large aquamarine eyes made her look like an anime school girl more than anything.

“My name is Tisuna, but you can just call me Una. I’m supposed to take you to see Lord Raistlin now that you’re awake.”

Timothy blinked.  “Okay, Una, would you mind telling me just where the hell I am and why I’ve been chained up?”  He lifted his wrists to indicate the shackles

Una giggled, “Did you think they’d let a werewolf roam free?”

That comment set off another fit of blinking. “Say what!?”

 She sighed and pointed at him, then herself. “You werewolf, me changeling.  Make sense now?”

“Are you trying to say I’m a werewolf, as in big ugly beast, long claws, sharp fangs, full moon, and silver bullets!?” Timothy asked in disbelief.

Another giggle, “You got it bishie!!  Now, I’m going to let you out of there so we can go see Mr. Vampman.”

Timothy watched as she waved a small scepter in front of the lock. The bars glowed a bright green, before fading back to their normal color, and the girl entered the cell. “I thought I was going to see someone called Raistlin.”

“You are you baka, Raistlin is a vampire.”

“Werewolves, vampires, changlings … Tell me Una, has the whole world gone insane or is it just me?”

Una giggled again. “The world was always insane bishie… you’re just starting to see a little of the truth.” She gave him a wink, “Care for an example?”

Timothy stared at her a moment.  "Errr, I think I'll pass."

She gave him a small pout, then brightened up. "Oh well... it's probably best you see it from one more like you first.  Now are you ready to go?"

Timothy shook his head.  "Only if you're going to take me home."

Una gave him a sad little smile.  "This is your home now.   Nobody has ever escaped the master's reach.  Even if you managed to leave the stronghold, he has hunter's to track you down.  I know, I tried once long ago. He destroyed my old body as punishment, and starting using collars.  The other postulants hate me for it, that's why I'm down here. If it weren't for my brother...."  she gasped and put a hand to her mouth.  "OH!!  I'm  rambling again...  Come on, the vamp gets grouchy when I'm late."

Timothy stared  into the other cells as he was led down the walkway.  There was a hodgepodge of fantastic, and even mythical creatures.  A rare white tiger, an odd animal that looked like something between a dragon and a turtle, and even a unicorn.  He was the only humanoid however. *....could it be true? Am I really a werewolf?*   He thought to himself as they approached the large metal door at the end of the hall.

Una waved the scepter again and that green glow appeared once more before the small wand disintegrated.  "Quickly now, before it relocks." she whispered, as she threw it open, and grabbed Timothy's elbow. He stumbled slightly as he was yanked through the open door and towards a large freight elevator.

Long minutes passed in silence as the lights ticked off their slow ascent.  There were six floors in all.  Timothy started to take a good look at his guard.  She couldn't be more than sixteen at best.  She had the lean build one would associate with a gymnast and the little outfit did little to hide the developing curves.  *What is that thing made out of, scarves?*  He turned his head away and blushed, it made him feel a little dirty to be looking at a teenager that way.  Twenty wasn't all that far from sixteen, but those four years made an amazing amount of difference to him.

The elevator rattled to a halt and Timothy wrinkled his nose at the odd scent that assaulted him as they stepped out, and headed towards a set of large black doors that had been polished to a mirror shine.  It was strange, all his senses seemed heightened for some reason.  He was even picking up hints of coffee in the room beyond.

Una paused in front of the doors.  "I've brought you the werewolf as you requested Lord Raistlin."  The doors opened and the pair made their way inside. The room seemed to be a large office, a man stood in front of a large window, staring at the night sky.

"So, you're Timothy Dorset, hmm?"  rumbled a soft baritone.  The man turned around and Timothy felt he'd never seen someone who looked so handsome, yet so evil all at once.  The short blonde hair, the ice blue eyes, the aristocratic features, and the perfectly tailored suit all pointed to a man of good taste and much wealth.  He certainly didn't fit his image of a vampire. The only flaw would be that bizarre scent that seemed to ooze from his pores and the bad vibes Timothy got from simply being near him.

Raistlin moved away from the window and set his cup of coffee on the rich cherrywood desk.   He couldn't drink it, but the heat and scent pleased him. He reached into a drawer and withdrew a slim silver hoop.  He walked over to Timothy with it and gave him an appraising look that made the purple-haired young man want to shudder.

"Leave us Una, go back to tending your charges."  he said not even glancing at the young girl as he pulled a new scepter from his jacket and tossed it at her.  Una bowed slightly and left without a sound.  Once they were alone, the vampire turned back to Timothy and began to circle him, continuing to look him up and down.  "You're certainly not what I was expecting Mr. Dorset.  I was anticipating one with more.....shall we say....presence?"

Timothy didn't respond, he simply glared at him.  Raistlin smiled, revealing slim needle-sharp fangs.  "You've caused us more trouble than you know my dear boy. I'm going to enjoy tasting you."  The vampire slid his fingers into Timothy's hair and pulled to expose the throat. Timothy gasped and tried to pull away. Raistlin yanked harder and forced him to meet his gaze.  "Be still!" he hissed.

Timothy stopped struggling, not at all certain why he'd obeyed the command.  He felt the cold tongue lap at the delicate skin above his pulse and fought the urge to shudder. He felt the fangs grazing his neck when the doors suddenly banged open behind them.

"RAISTLIN!!!  Did I not tell you he wasn't to be harmed!  He holds the keys to immortality, I will not chance his well-being to your hunger.  His kind don't take well to such things ."

Raistlin let out a small hiss, that was unheard by all but Timothy, before standing up with a look of perfect respect on his face.  "Yes, Master Azriel, please forgive me."  He flicked a look at Timothy who suddenly found himself able to move again.

The man who had spoken moved in front of Timothy, and the youth found himself in awe of the raw power that seemed to emanate from him.  Azriel was positively regal, everything about him seemed to command respect.

He was tall, and solidly built, with long ginger-colored hair and a well trimmed beard. He looked to be about forty, his rugged face lightly lined with wrinkles.  He was wearing a suit that was obviously tailored to fit him, and only him. His expression was formidable, indicating much displeasure with his advisor.  "I respect your opinions and insight Raistlin, but I will not tolerate such
disobedience, not even from you."

The vampire nodded as Azriel took the silver hoop from him and moved into the background.

Azriel ran his hands over the collar and pulled it open as he strode over to the purple-haired werewolf.  "Well, well, so you're Timothy 'eh?  I'm pleased to meet you my boy.  I know you're probably finding this entire situation hard to adjust to, but I promise you, given time you'll learn to enjoy being under my care." he said, the dark expression melting away under an engaging smile.

Timothy blinked a moment, part of him wanted to simply nod and agree.  He shook his head to clear it, then growled  "That sounds like a nice way of saying I'm a slave."

Azriel let out a booming chuckled that shook his frame as he grasped Timothy's shoulders.  "Ah, such a strong will.  I do like ones with gusto."  laughed the ginger-haired man.  Timothy's jaw dropped, he wasn't even aware of the fact the man was slipping the collar around his neck until it was clicked closed around him.  Timothy gasped and immediately tried to yank it off.  The collar constricted, cutting off his air, and he clawed even harder.

"Stop struggling little one, it will only get tighter." whispered Azriel, his expression suddenly cold and intimidating.  "You need to learn respect."

Timothy's vision was begining to gray out when he finally obeyed.  The collar immediately loosened and he took in great, gulping breaths of air.  He whimpered slightly, unable to believe this was happening to him.

"You'll have to stay in the cell a little longer I'm afraid, Una will care for you until you've had time to adjust to the collar."  Azriel said as he began to stride out the door.  He paused and called over his shoulder  "Have Donovan take care of his training,  I want him to have the best.", then continued on his way as the doors slowly slid shut behind him.

Raistlin glanced down at Timothy and whispered under his breath,  "Yes...I think I will.  I want him to be trained as well, even if it's by that boy-toy.  It'll make it all the more enjoyable when I take him."


Okay, here's where I tell you that Donovan (a.k.a. Donnie) is not my property.  He belongs to Mish-chan, and I make no claims on him.  Her website is in my links section.

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