Hey there!!  I've finally gotten a storyline working for some of my originals that pleases both by muses.  It's got a really light touch of yaoi, that will increase to graphic as the plot unfolds. So if you don't like the idea of male homosexuality, you need to go back right now.

For all those who stayed:  This story was influenced in large part by a LARP from White Wolf. (I won't say which yet, it would ruin the story for anyone who hasn't met dear Timothy)  OH, and all the characters in this part of the fic are mine, all mine!!  No taking them without permission, or I send my bishies after you!  ^_^


Timothy Dorset groaned as a ray of sunlight began to shine insistently across his closed eyelids.  He absolutely hated mornings.  Grumbling slightly he rolled over in an attempt to get away from the brilliant illumination.  When it didn't go away he reluctantly opened his eyes, squinting at the unusually bright light.

At first he wondered if the heavy black curtains he used to block out the offending radiance had somehow fallen.  Then the he realized he was outdoors.  Not only that....he was stark naked as well.  He groaned some more and rubbed his face with his hands.  *Not again.....why is this happening to me?*  The young man stood up, and brushed the twigs and dirt off his skin and hair.  He took a look around and realized he was in the woods behind his house.  *At least I always end up near home when this happens.*

He made his way along the subtle path towards the building not too far in the distance.  He was thrilled when he'd inherited the simple abode from his eccentric uncle.  It was far enough away from civilization to give him privacy, but close enough to the highway to get him to the city whenever he felt the need to party.  That privacy was a godsend at the moment.

He chuckled ruefully at his reflection in the large glass doors on the back porch.  Aside from the mangled hair that was sticking up in random purple and black spikes, you wouldn't think he'd spent the night naked in the woods.  He wiped his feet off on a braided rug before stepping inside and making a beeline for the shower.

He sighed as he stepped under the warm spray, letting it beat the soreness out of his aching muscles.  *That's the third time this has happened...*  he thought to himself as he picked up a loofah and squirted it with a dark blue shower gel..  He set to work scrubbing the sleek planes of his body as he puzzled over the strange new developments in his life.

His life used to be fairly simple.  As a freelance artist he rarely had to leave his home, and didn't.  When he wasn't sculpting or drawing, he spent most of his time in the woods, swimming in the lake, or playing catch with his dog  Pepper.   He gasped when he thought of the little mutt that had shown up on his doorstep six months ago.  He was supposed to be getting him back from the vet today.  *Damn it!!  What time is it?  I'm going to be late...I just know I am!*   He slapped some shampoo on his dripping locks and gave them a quick scrub, not even bothering with conditioner.

He dashed out of the shower, almost forgetting to cut it off, and headed into the bedroom.  He started picking up clothes from the small piles on the floor, yanking on the first outfit that smelled clean.  He had some nice things hanging up in the closet, but they were for the few times he actually had to appear somewhat professional. He finished pulling his hair into a quick ponytail and took a cursory glance in the mirror.

The sleek black jeans were a little worn and the loose violet shirt could have used a quick hit of wrinkle releaser, but he didn't have the time to change into anything better.  If he wasn't at the vet's by noon, they'd charge an extra day and he didn't need any unnecessary expenses.  He grabbed his keys and ran outside, wincing as the screen door banged against the wall.  *I'm going to have to fix that one day.*  he thought to himself as he hopped into his little blue convertible.  This had been yet another gift from his deceased uncle and he smiled a little as it roared into life.  *Thank you for everything Uncle Rizer, wherever you are.*

He made it to the vet's office at 11:59 and zoomed up the stairs with his ponytail streaming behind him.  * I can make it...I can make it....*  It was precisely 12:01 when he came bursting into the waiting room.  "Damn!!"  He said looking at the clock. "I didn't make it!"

The receptionist chuckled and said, "Don't worry Timothy.  I'll let you slide this time."

Timothy gave the young man an infectious grin and leaned on the counter.  "Thanks Stace, you have no idea what that means to me."

Stacey Motavia chuckled and replied,  "An iron and a decent haircut?"  Timothy's grin didn't falter.  "With my income?? More likely some new paints and the phone bill."  He leaned forward a little more and took on a sober expression.  "Really though, I appreciate it.  Fifty dollars can make a huge difference on my budget."

Stacey waved a negligent hand and tucked an errant strand of light gold hair behind one pale ear.  "Think nothing of it, after all.  You introduced me to my Nicky."

Timothy smiled,  "You two are still getting along, I take it?"  Stacey eyes took on an embarrassed sort of glow as he nodded.  "You must be if he let's you call him Nicky."

 Stacey blushed and flicked a nervous glance at the other patrons.  "Timothy!!"

The brunette chuckled and winked at the elderly couple that sat holding a large gray tabby that looked big enough to take down a cow.  "He's in love."   he said nodding his head to indicate the man that was fast on his way to turning completely scarlet.  The pair smiled and clasped their wrinkled hands giving him a knowing nod.

Stacey let out a huff and shook his head.  Timothy just seemed to have a nose for the sexuality of others.  He always knew who would take flirtations well and who wouldn't.  At least, he did when it came to others.  Himself however.....that was a different story.  Despite his exasperating nature, Timothy Dorset was really a nice guy, and Stacey really wanted to see him happy.

"You have any plans this Saturday, Timothy?"

Timothy shook his head.  "Nope, maybe take in a movie or just hang out with Pep."

Stacey smiled,  "How about a date?"

Timothy bit his tongue.  "Isn't Nick enough for you?  I had no idea you were such a nym...."

Stacey whapped him in the head with a rolled up bill.  "Watch it pal!!  You know full well I wouldn't date you. Not with that atrocious fashion sense."

Timothy grinned again and replied.  "Well, apparently you like it well enough to wear the earring I gave you."

Stacey tapped the intricate silver hoop,  "You said they were among the things your uncle left in the house when he died.  So, it was him who had decent taste....and quit trying to change the subject."

Timothy's grin fell a little,  "I'm sorry Stace,  I'm still not ready to date again.  It's just dancing and small talk for me right now."

The blonde sighed,  "It's been two years Tim....he's not worth it."

Timothy visibly stiffened at the allusion to his ex-boyfriend, Dylan.  He was still smarting from the turmoil of that relationship,  he wasn't ready to chance being hurt again.  A loud panting and the click of claws on linoleum announced the arrival of Pepper, saving him from having to respond.  The little gray bundle of fur started to bark happily as he saw his friend waiting.  The intern that had brought him out handed Timothy the leash and smiled when the dog vaulted up into waiting arms despite having one paw in a bright blue cast.

Timothy grinned at the little dog and tucked him over his shoulder as he counted out the bills to pay for the emergency treatments.  He'd carefully combed the yard and removed all traces of the ancient barbed wire fence that Pepper had gotten caught on.  He still felt a little guilty that he hadn't seen to it sooner, but he had a definite streak of procrastination.

Man and dog voiced their good-byes and headed back down to his car.  Timothy spread Pepper's favorite blanket over the passenger seat and gently set him down on it, giggling slightly as his face was bathed in adoring licks.  "Cut that out Pep, your breath smells like dog food."  The dog ceased his kisses and just looked up at him with adoring eyes.  The brunette chuckled and ran a hand over the scruffy head.  "At least you love me Pepper."  he said a little wistfully as he remembered the look of happiness on Stacey's face.

He was glad he'd managed a successful pairing for his friend, even if he couldn't seem to find one for himself.  *Never again...I'll never let someone take advantage of me like that again.  It's better to remain alone.*

He didn't realized he'd drifted off until Pepper gave a small whine.  He blinked and looked down at the little dog.  "Well boy, what's say we go get a burger?  Does that sound good?"  Pepper gave him a doggie grin and barked the affirmative.


Timothy sighed as he plopped down in front of his computer.  He pulled a pattie out of his triple cheeseburger and tossed it to Pepper.  The dog took the offering and trotted off to the kitchen to place it in his bowl, before tearing into it.  The brunette chuckled and bit into his share, Pepper refused to eat anything that wasn't inside his bowl.

He shoved a few fries into his mouth as he pulled up his e-mail.  He noticed another one from someone called Garou Sensei,  whose message was simply  'Has it started?'  followed by some garbled code.  Timothy licked the salt off his fingers and deleted the message.  He'd gotten six of those so far, but he didn't know the sender, and it wasn't sent under his working name, so he assumed it was a prank or something.  The other two were from his newsletter and his latest client, asking if he could possibly get his painting done a couple days earlier.

Timothy shook his head and headed towards the area he kept his easel.  The entire house was mostly three large rooms, a bedroom, a bathroom, and a living room.  He used curtains and screens to create the illusion of walls. He uncovered his canvas, glad he was in the habit of asking for more time than he actually needed to complete a project.

He stared at the moonlit beach in the process of being filled in.  He couldn't afford to disappoint, his bank account was starting to run dangerously low.  He picked up his palatte and began to mix his colors.  He used several subtly different shades to insure the finished product would blend together realistically.  He'd been told before that nobody could tell the difference between all the colors, but to him they were obvious.  It would take the better part of the day, but he could finish this by tonight.

He grinned slightly as realized it really was the full moon and his favorite bar wouldn't charge a cover.  It would be great to go dancing tonight and forget his troubles for a little while.  He enjoyed the feel of pressing his body against a willing partner, of running his hands over a well toned body.  He just kept it confined to the dance floor.  He'd learned the hard way what could happen when you began to sleep with people and gave them too much trust.  His only consolation was that he'd never let that prick enter him.

*I hope you're rotting in a jail cell somewhere Dylan....*  he thought, before he forced all thoughts of his ex-boyfriend away and concentrated on the canvas.

Time passed quickly and crickets were chirping by the time he took a break.  He went over to the sink and washed the paint off his hands, before he filled a kettle and looked over his selection of teas.   He decided to use the jasmine his uncle had favored.  He hadn't had any of that since the his uncle was still alive.  He opened the jar and scooped out a spoonful for his tea ball.  He was about to screw the top back on when he noticed a small roll of paper hidden in the leaves.  He frowned and pulled it out.

He unrolled the little scroll, wondering if it was one of Uncle Rizer's horoscopes.  It was covered in odd little runes. He started at them....they seemed familiar somehow.  *They can't be, I've never seen anything like this before.*

The kettle started whistling and he cut it off, before absently splashing the water into his mug, still staring at the scroll.  The longer he looked at it, the more he felt he should understand what it said.  He set the kettle back down and picked up his mug, as he walked over to the sofa.  He set the steeping tea on the coffee table and flopped onto the puffy cushions.

He ran his finger over the first set of symbols.  *T...I....M......this is my name.*   He frowned slightly and continued to stare at the little scrap of paper.   *How do I know that?  I shouldn't know that!*  He sat back up and grabbed his head, it was starting to throb.  He stood up, and stumbled towards the bathroom, hoping to get an aspirin.  The room began to spin and he was dimly aware he was falling before his world went black.

When he came to a moment later, he was on the bathroom floor, and Pepper was licking his face whining in fright.  He slowly got up and sat on the edge of the tub.  His headache had disappeared as suddenly as it had come, but the blackout scared him.  It was bad enough that  he'd started sleepwalking, things like this just weren't normal.  *Damn, this can't go on!  I'm making an appointment at the clinic first thing in the morning.*  He turned on the cold water at the sink and splashed his face, wondering just what could be wrong with him.  He grabbed a towel and began to dry off, glancing at himself in the mirror.  The towel dropped from hands gone numb.  His eyes were glowing.


Outside the small cabin a slim man sighed as he heard a loud scream pierce the air.  He leapt from the treetops and began to run towards Timothy's home, traveling faster than any human eye could see. *Shit, I'm too late!* he thought as he prepared to crash through the glass doors.

At the same moment, a few miles away, another man yanked his hands away from a computer keyboard long enough to clap his hands over his ears as he thought the exact same thing.

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