Visions of Sugarplums

I guess we could say a teeny little bit of angst, yaoi, and very strong innuendo will serve as warnings. Once again, I don't own Final Fantasy 7 or it's characters. This fic is not for kids, homophobes, or those living in a repressed society that bans that sort of stuff.

Cloud laughed a little breathlessly as Sephiroth led him from the dance floor. He was sweating slightly, and had the urge to peel off his sweater and fan himself, but he knew the party wasn't that relaxed. It took a moment to sink in that Sephiroth wasn't leading him back to the table.

He blinked in confusion as he was led towards the stairs and lifted his gaze to the man at his side. "Sephy?"

Sephiroth smiled and deftly grabbed two flutes of sparkling cider from the closest attendant as he continued his trek to the upper rooms. "Come Cloud, I need a rest from the crowd. I feel like I haven't been with you in ages."

Cloud giggled, and leaned against the tall frame. "Sephy...we've been together all day."

The general chuckled, and brushed back the blonde spikes so he could kiss Cloud's forehead. He just adored that innocence. He would miss that quality as the life of a solider inevitably tarnished it. "Not that type of togetherness Cloud."

The youth blushed as his meaning sank in. "Oh."

Sephiroth laughed lightly, then released his hold on Cloud's hips long enough to open the library door. They got a few feet into the room before they realized someone else was already using it.

Cloud shook his head in disbelief as he took in the scene in front of him. *Oh my....*

The teen he'd met earlier was sitting on the edge of a large mahogany desk, legs spread wide with that disheveled Turk, of the 'I couldn't care less' attitude, between them. Although, the man's wild hair was blocking the view, Cloud could still tell what was happening and it made the soldier blush as red as those flame-red locks.

Reno was the first to realize they had an audience. He slid his tongue out of Rufus' body and gave the pair a roguish grin. "I didn't know you were into group sex Sephiroth."

Sephiroth gave him a glare that could level an entire battalion of soldiers. "I'm not."

Reno chuckled. "Yeah, yeah...that's what they all--OW!!"

Rufus rubbed his knuckles, they'd turned slightly red from the force of his fist meeting Reno's head, and snapped his legs shut. "Uhh! I can't believe I thought you might actually like me!! I should have known you weren't any better than the others. You're just out to use me in a different way!"

Cloud grimaced at the pained betrayal in Rufus' voice and left Sephiroth's side in an instinctual desire to help. Those beautiful blue eyes, so similar to his own and yet so different, narrowed at his approach. He didn't let it deter him. Swallowing his nervousness Cloud sidestepped Reno (who was nursing a growing lump.) "Rufus? Right? " the soldier asked.

Feeling shy suddenly, the young Shinra grabbed the closest available piece of clothing. "Why? Trying to think of a way to blackmail me? I could stop you , you know..."

Sephiroth's eyes narrowed at the veiled threat and he moved to pull Cloud back, but a stubborn frown on the youthful face made him pause. *I hope you know what you're doing Cloud.*

Cloud smiled when Sephiroth retreated and turned back to Rufus, who was trying to figure out why his shirt had gotten so big and the material so cheap. Cloud did his best to keep his voice soothing and friendly. "Hey, calm down. I don't know anything about you other than your first name and how you look naked. Why would I blackmail you?"

Rufus gave the young soldier a dubious look, but he couldn't sense any subterfuge. He wasn't worried about Sephiroth or Reno, but this one was an unknown factor. Deciding it was better to err on the side of caution, he put as much authority into his voice as he could sitting mostly naked on a desk with his body still primed for pleasure. "I'm the President's son...everybody knows that so don't lie to me!"

Cloud blinked. "Really? You don't look a thing like him. I thought his son would be as ugly as he--oops!"

Rufus smiled, this kid really was clueless. He flipped back his hair and began laughing, and suddenly sobbing. He covered his mouth and shook slightly as he tried to cover the sounds. When he found himself in someone's arms he didn't question it, he simply leaned into the comforting embrace and let the tears flow.

Sephiroth sensed how easily the moment could be broken. So he moved beside Cloud and held a finger to his lips. Cloud nodded, picking up on the vibe, and decided to make his apologies later. He glanced back at the other couple and silently wished them luck. Rufus may not have seen it, but Cloud could tell that the Turk really did care about him. The red-head's eyes glowed when he looked at Rufus and they held the same affection he often saw in his Sephy's.

Reno sighed and continued to cradle the youth against him. Turning back to the other couple, he gave them a weak smile. "I'll take care of him. You two can find a nice room three doors down on the right. I don't think we'll be using it after all." That said, he picked Rufus up and carried him over to a couch. He heard the door close behind him and leaned down to kiss his companion's forehead. "I guess I screwed up, huh Ruffie?"

Rufus sniffed and rubbed his nose on his sleeve, or rather Reno's sleeve. It had finally sunk in he'd grabbed the Turk's shirt by mistake. "Yes, you did you idiot! ...I'll replace the shirt."

Reno shook his head and set his chin on the shiny blonde hair. "Don't sweat it kid, it's had a lot worse done to it."