Visons of Sugarplums

Still just shounen-ai. Fairly short, but they aren't done yet. If you don't like male/male romance, fluff, or sap. Move on. (Please don't hurt me oh mighty Squaresoft....I'm only borrowing your game Final Fantasy 7 and it's lovely bishonen for a little while.)

Sephiroth set aside the book he'd been flipping through and followed Cloud to the front door where he watched him pull on his coat and boots again. The younger man's breath puffed out in great white plumes as he did his best to slide a hook over the top of the door. He pouted as he realized it was just out of reach, but before he could go in search of a footstool, Sephiroth took it from him and dropped it over the top of the door. The blonde blushed a little at the fact he'd needed help, but whispered a thanks as he adjusted the silver and blue hoop.

"Good. Now we just hang one on the garage door as we go out and we can leave."

Sephiroth nodded. "Okay, you hang the wreath and I'll warm the car."

"Sounds like a plan." Cloud replied with a grin. There was a chair near the door that would allow him to accomplish the task without help. It didn't occur to him that Sephiroth had taken that into account.

Sephiroth watched Cloud fiddle with the wreath, this time more blue than silver, and decided it was rather pretty. *Even if those colors never existed in nature.* He smiled as Cloud skipped down the steps and onto the driveway, automatically sliding to the passenger side. He knew Cloud wouldn't get carsick if he had to drive.

The blonde slid behind the wheel and rubbed his hands together to warm them up, then he happened to glimpse what Sephiroth was wearing and turned to face him. "You know Sephy, it wouldn't hurt to wear something other than the uniform for once."

Sephiroth looked down at his trademark black clothes, and ran his fingers over one of the leather straps crossing his bare chest. "I'm used to it...I never really get out much aside from my duties as a general. So I tend to automatically put it on when I leave the house..." He lifted his head and smiled as he fingered the bright blue sweatshirt Cloud wore. "It's not as if you can really speak you know. I've seen you wear this same shirt at least 20 times since I bought it."

Cloud blushed a little, reluctant to admit the fact that Sephiroth had bought it was the only reason he wore it so often. In truth he found it rather plain, not to mention a bit thin from repeated washing. Still, it was warmer than his Shinra uniform, and it made him feel special each time he slid it on.

Sephiroth smiled at the pink glow that spread over the younger man's cheek and sat back to enjoy the ride to Midgar. *This might not be so bad after all.*

* * *
Sephiroth did his best to tune out the annoying canned music blaring from the store's speakers while Cloud sifted through the nearby clothes racks. *I was wrong. This is bad...very bad...and I'm getting frustrated. Why on earth do people put themselves through this?*

"How about this one?"

Sephiroth glanced at the sweater Cloud was dangling, then back to the teen holding it. "It's pink."

Cloud looked down at the sweater. "No it isn't. It's red."

Sephiroth shook his head. "'s pink. Dark pink, but pink nonetheless."

Cloud sighed and put the sweater back, then grabbed one that was a deep, dark purple. "This one?"

Sephiroth looked it over. *Hmm, chenile, and good workmanship too...I'm amazed it's among all these rejects.* "Very nice, but it'll be a bit too big on me."

Cloud pouted and began put it back. "There has to be a good one left!" I'm not giving up!!"

Sephiroth's eyes widened slightly as he realized Cloud meant that quite literally. *I am not going to spend any more time in this place than absolutely neccessary!* "That's okay Cloud. It's going to shrink a bit the first time I wash it. Let's just take it."

Cloud paused and clutched the sweater to his chest. "Are you sure?"

Sephiroth couldn't nod quickly enough. "Positive. Let's just pay for our things and move on."

Cloud grinned. "Cool! We can go get Zack some of that colonge he loves next. Too bad I don't remember the name...Oh well, I know the smell so we'll just sniff our way to it."

Sephiroth fought the urge to whimper as he thought of the perfume section. *All those conflicting scents. How can he expect too...I think I'm getting a headache.*