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Warning: Lemon ho! Sappy, a bit scary and such at first. Shoun-ai, yaoi, Daisuke x Takeru, ah maybe a bit of Hikari bashing, if you like Hikari, I wouldn’t read this, ah, it doesn’t really have much of a story line… no I mean it, its just an excuse to practice my lemon scene’s, seriously!
Soft lips.
Daisuke watched the blonde boy walk passed.
He couldn’t stand it! Way hadn’t the angel succumbed to him yet? Why did the other boy hold back so?
What was worse was that Bitch Hikari, always hanging onto him, always yelling at Daisuke when he came near enough.
The girl knew he wasn’t interested in her, and it probably grossed her out. But what did Daisuke care?
The angel turned and looked at him, his eyes held something they hadn’t held before. Daisuke found himself backing away a bit, not sure what to make of the strange light in those blue orbs.
The blonde was advancing on him. Daisuke found himself pushed up against a wall and Takeru pinning him there.
This was weird! What the hell was happening?
Takeru’s head was so close, his lips mere inches away. Those lips parted seductively and Daisuke licked his own lips nervously.
Takeru whispered to him.
“Hello, Daisuke. I’m having a sleep over tonight, would you like to come?” the words were innocent enough, but the eyes behind them, those blue eyes were suggesting things other then sleeping.
Did he want to go over to Takeru’s house? Of course. Did he want to sleep over at Takeru’s house? You bet. Did he want to do the things those eyes suggest? Hell yeah!
Daisuke breathed in air, fast and rapidly, what was going on? What was this sudden… event?
Takeru moved back, smiling innocently, his eyes normal again, as if for the entire world Daisuke had just been imagining it.
Daisuke hadn’t realised he’d actually said yes until Takeru walked off winking over his shoulder.
“See you there… Daisuke.”
The red head stood staring after the blonde for a few minutes.
Their position’s had been reversed, hadn’t they? Takeru was the hunter now. But… since when?
Shaking his head, Daisuke headed to school, it was Friday, and that meant he had a test.
Takeru bounced around the house, he’d purposely made sure that his mother would be out of town, only for one night of course, and Yamato wasn’t coming over. Of course, no one else was coming over either, except for Daisuke.
The red head, after all, was the whole meaning of this little ‘sleep over’ idea. He knew Daisuke wanted him, and to be honest, he wanted Daisuke, he’d just been waiting for the perfect time to trap the other guy. Which meant waiting for his mother to leave for a whole night, and making sure Yamato wasn’t coming over at the same time not to mention getting away from Hikari too.
The house was clean and spans everything in order. He’d taken the liberty to spike the soft drinks… in case the target for the night was a little tense.
But other then that, the night was all up to fate, and Takeru was as nervous as ever. It hadn’t been hard to get the red head over; he’d just put a little lust into his eyes, and acted naughty. But getting Daisuke into his bedroom alone…Well unless he could get to grope the red head before hand…that would be hard, without the influence of alcohol.
Takeru checked the clock, 5:54 p.m., still an hour till Daisuke came over.
The angel bit his lip nervously and ran around the house again, making sure all the lights were on dim and the food was ready.
After that he sat down again and started chewing on his lip, he got up to run around and check again, but sat back down, trying to relax.
Daisuke was slightly disturbed when he showed up at Takeru’s house and didn’t see anyone else there, not even Yamato’s van. Which was very odd because normally the older blonde would stay over when Takeru’s mother was out of town and Takeru had sleepovers, just to keep the kids out of trouble.
But there was no big brother, and no mother… and Daisuke had a sinking suspicion that he was the only one sleeping over.
When he got to the door of the apartment he hesitated then knocked on the door. It opened almost straight away and Daisuke felt his jaw drop at the sight that awaited him.
Wearing a tight black shirt tucked into a pair of black skintight jeans, was Takeru. Daisuke forcefully closed his mouth and managed to stutter out.
“Oh, uh, hi T.K. am I the first person here?” the blonde smiled seductively and pulled Daisuke inside.
“Yes.” It came out as a purr and Daisuke shivered.
“Would you like something to eat?” the blonde took the overnight bag from Daisuke’s hands and flowed into the kitchen, Daisuke followed behind him and managed a smile.
“Oh, yes please!” The red head said enthusiastically, anything to get his mind off the swaying hips infront of him.
Takeru smiled and gestured to the kitchen. The red head took a seat and watched the blonde walk into his room, putting Daisuke’s stuff close to his bed.
The blonde joins Daisuke at the table and sat down in the seat next to him, his leg somehow managing to brush against the red head’s.
Daisuke gulped and started eating as soon, as was possible.
Takeru watched Daisuke go through a third bowl and managed not to burst into giggling fits. The red head was acting as if Takeru was about to bite him or something far worse.
When the other boy reached for his fourth bowl Takeru decided it was time to relax the tense red head.
“Would you like something to drink?” He asked.
Daisuke raised his eyes up and smiled, nodding happily.
Takeru went and grabbed one of the sodas and handed it to the red head, which opened it and devoured a quarter of the liquid in one gulp.
Grinning as he sat down Takeru began to talk.
“You know, I’m so glade you came over, I was afraid you wouldn’t want to, and then I’d have nothing to do.” The last word was set in a seductive tone.
Daisuke turned crimson.
“Oh, that’s, uh, good.”
Takeru nodded.
“Very good.”
Daisuke made a sort of whimpering sound and then immersed himself in the food again. Takeru smiled but scolded himself on the inside.
(Gotta give the alcohol time to work.)
Smiling he ate a bit more of his own serving, not exactly hungry for the food.
Daisuke was feeling slightly dizzy, and a little light headed by the time he finished his drink. He stopped eating long enough to hold onto the table briefly so he didn’t fall over.
Takeru saw the red head steady himself and decided to lure the boy into his bedroom.
“Hmm, Daisuke, do you wanna go lie down somewhere, you look a little dizzy.”
The red head blinked then smiled lazily.
Takeru grinned and gently got Daisuke to his feet, leading the other boy into his room and sitting the red head on his bed.
Daisuke flopped backward, lying flat out on Takeru’s bed and closing his eyes.
Brown orbs opened slightly when Daisuke felt a tingling along his mouth, soft lips touching his own. He stared into the blue orbs of Takeru’s eyes, if he had of been completely sober have panicked, but the spiked soda’s had taken away his more responsible emotions and instead he succumbed to the lips, parting his mouth slightly. The invading tongue took the opening and slipped inside.
The Blonde’s tongue ran around the edges of Daisuke’s mouth, causing the digidestined of courage to moan, his own tongue flicking out and duelling with the blonde.
Takeru groaned and moved closer, grinding his knee against the red head’s groin.
Daisuke shivered and drew back for breath, his eyes heavy lidded, and his pants starting to become uncomfortable.
Rolling over so that he was on top, Daisuke ground his groin against Takeru’s, grinning seductively when the blonde gasped.
Daisuke’s fingers scrambled at His shirt, trying to get the confining clothing off. Takeru slipped his own shirt over his head and threw it onto the floor. He helped the red head get out of his own clothing then started unzipping Daisuke’s pants.
Daisuke leaned closer and nibbled at Takeru’s lips, they parted and the tongues duelled again. Hips ground together, causing both boys to moan, scrambling to get Daisuke’s pants off.
Finally Takeru pulled them down and off Daisuke’s legs, also throwing them to land somewhere on the floor.
He grinned at the exposed skin, extremely pleased.
Daisuke descend on Takeru’s neck, lapping and nipping at the skin. The blonde’s pants felt like fire against his skin, he wanted more contact, more flesh.
Takeru’s hands fumbled at his jeans, but it was Daisuke who took them off, unzipping and pulling them down Takeru’s legs, kicking them off the bed.
The red head rubbed his own erection against Takeru’s, the blonde groaned, and arched his back.
Daisuke had a wicked gleam in his eyes, still taking the lead. His fingers slid down and grasped the blonde’s erection, and petted him.
Takeru gasped and grabbed hold of Daisuke’s shoulders, trying to steady himself at the amount of pleasure the red head’s skilled fingers were inflicting on him.
Distantly Takeru’s mind noted that HE was meant to be taking control and Daisuke had been acting to innocent, but when those fingers slid over his length in a long sensuous stroke, he lost most higher brain functions and melted.
Daisuke wasn’t thinking, it was as simple as that, after all, he’d dreamt about doing this, and his body knew exactly what to do, so things like thought weren’t required.
Takeru moaned, stopping a scream as he came, coating both their abdomens. Daisuke didn’t seem to notice and took Takeru’s lips again.
It was a feverish kiss, tongues slipping and touching, fingers slipping into hair and grabbing hold.
Takeru closed his eyes, trying to think.
He reached out to the dresser, fumbling for the small container sitting there.
He almost dropped the lube too, Daisuke’s tongue swirled around his nipple and his teeth grazed gently, sending jolts up Takeru’s spine.
Managing not to actually drop the container Takeru pulled it back to his bed and pushed it into Daisuke’s hand.
“Oh, god… Daisuke!” His eyes closed and he almost yelled when the red head ran his fingers over Takeru’s length. Arching his body into the touch.
Daisuke’s brain registered the container in its hand, somehow knowing what to do with it. He stopped playing with the blonde’s erection and unscrewed the lube lid, smothering his fingers with the ointment.
Takeru moaned as a finger gently nudged into his opening, ignoring the pain that it caused. The finger moved inside of him, suddenly hitting that magical spot and making the blonde withe.
Daisuke licked a long line up Takeru’s neck and inserted another finger, pushing down on the spot gently, which incited several moans and a wither.
A third finger went in and Daisuke felt his control slipping, he wanted to plunge his erection into Takeru, make the blonde scream his name.
He all but punched the spot, causing Takeru to groan and pull him closer, as if trying to crawl through the red head.
A few seconds later Daisuke withdraw the invading fingers. Takeru moaned at the loss, then swallowed hard with excitement when Daisuke’s erection rubbed against his opening.
“God, Takeru, do you know how long I’ve wanted to do this?” Daisuke asked, positioning the back of Takeru’s knees on his shoulders.
Takeru gave a shaky laugh.
“You’re not the only one. Oh god!” this last statement was brought out when Daisuke pushed slowly into him.
The blonde clawed at the sheets desperately trying to find something to hold him down to earth with. There was pain, but the blonde hardly noticed it, compared to the feel of Daisuke inside of him.
Daisuke paused when he was all the way in, waiting for Takeru to adjust.
The blonde all but pulled him into a rhythm.
It was slow at first then Daisuke speed up, loving the feel that surrounded his erection, the ache and the pounding, the small moans that echoed out of Takeru’s mouth with every thrust.
But still, it wasn’t enough, he needed more, he wanted so much more!
Their lips found each other, invading, probing clashing.
Daisuke pounded faster, and harder, trying to slam that spot as hard as he could.
Takeru yelled out, his mind flying out the window.
Daisuke was getting closer; he could feel his body verging on the edge of an orgasm. His hands slid down those narrow hips and encircled Takeru’s own erection.
Their bodies moved in sync, Daisuke’s hand keeping pace with his pounding hips.
Takeru screamed, his body shuddering as he came a second time, coating their stomachs.
“DAISUKE!” He flopped back down, breathing heavily, still ridding the orgasm.
Daisuke’s face consorted in a wave of mind-blowing ecstasy with a few more pumps. He shuddered and came inside the tight walls.
Withdrawing from Takeru’s body he slumped down totally exhausted.
The blonde smiled and placed little kisses all over Daisuke’s face.
He curled into Daisuke’s open arms and they both fell into a deep-exhausted sleep.
Daisuke woke slightly stiff; he had a slight headache. Frowning he tried to recall what he’d done that night.
(I was invited over to sleep over at T.H’s house… was nervous, ate lots of food… had drink… then… then… then… HOLY SHIT!)
He startled fully awake, finally realising EXACTLY where he was. Takeru had opted to use his arm as a pillow and had one leg draped on his lower body possessively.
As if feeling the sudden tension coming from his pillow Takeru blinked open his eyes sleepily and smiled.
“G’morning. Sleep well?”
He stifled a yawn and snuggled closer.
Daisuke turned red.
“Oh fuck.”
“Aw, but I’m still sleepy.”
~ End.

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