Author’s notes: it’s late, and I just finished writing a 22 page story, reading a dozen fics and am still chatting with a friend, this is gonna be insane! Anyway, Takeru and Daisuke decide that they’re gonna put an end to these little weekend flings, and take this seriously, of course, who better to help them then Yamato and Taichi? Another part to my Bouncy ball series, it’s a series now? Wow…

Disclaimer I don’t own digimon, and I don’t make any money out of this.

Warning: Shoun-ai, yaoi, lemon (Yay!), lime, Daisuke x Takeru x Ken, Yamato x Taichi reference, threesome, pity the bouncy ball! Humour, language.


One more time… I swear!



Daisuke slowly drew his nails down the wall, creating scratch marks. Takeru glared up at the ceiling.

"Hmph! Mmph! Mph! Mlph!" (Juess Christ! Not again). Daisuke gasped at the movement of Takeru’s mouth and threw his head back, his brain going off to la, la land.

The blonde pulled back, much to the annoyance of Daisuke and stood.



They both growled. "He is doing this just to get laid isn’t he?"

"Knowing Kenny babe’s mind… he probably doesn’t know why he’s doing it."

"For someone as good a kisser as he is, he can sure be naive at times." Takeru smiled and helped zip Daisuke’s pants up, the red head was having trouble.

"Hey! He isn’t better then me is he?"

"Daisuke. No one is better then you." this statement was rewarded with a quick brush of lips.

Daisuke drew back and grinned. "C’mon we’ve got a warm body upstairs to take care of koi."

And with that they bounced up the stairs to go and teach Ken a ‘lesson’.


Yamato leaned back into Taichi’s chest listening to his younger brother explain their problem.

Takeru was mimicking his brother and sitting in Daisuke’s lap; the two blondes talking while Daisuke and Taichi were used as furniture.

"Its just that so far every weekend he’s done this, and well so we went up and ah…. Yeah, and that’s fun but then the next weekend comes around and he’s doing it again. Either he admits he wants to be with us or stops this insanity."

Yamato nodded and sat thinking while idling running his hands through Taichi’s hair.

"Hmm… I have a plan." The blonde said, grinning a tad on the insane side. Taichi visibly paled and Daisuke hugged Takeru closer, while the two blondes grinned.















Daisuke grated his nails down the wall creating more marks. His head thrown back, one hand digging into Takeru’s hair as he whispered.

The blonde was looking annoyed but continued his job.


Daisuke moaned loudly and Takeru stood up moments later, grinning. They waited.


"If I kill him, we won’t have to worry." Daisuke offered. Takeru laughed but shook his head. "If you kill Ken darling then we wont be able to do…" His voice trailed off into whispers and Daisuke blushed.

"Oh." The red head said finally. Takeru grinned and licked his lips before pouncing on Daisuke.


"Okay, let’s just make him stop then we can try the plan again later." Takeru said pulling away from their heated kiss.

Before Daisuke could reply the doorbell rang. They went to get up off the floor when heavy foot falls and someone running down the stairs was heard. Mere seconds later Ken had flung open the door open, excited for anything that might interest him.

Everyone inside the house blinked at their two guests.

"Hi Yamato! Taichi! Did you bring a soccer ball! Great! Let’s play!" Ken said, grabbing hold of the slightly stunned Taichi and dragging him off.

Yamato chuckled and walked over to the couple still on the floor. "Hi guys, Taichi and I decided to make sure you carried out your plan and didn’t get side tracked, from the looks of it things were working out?" he said.

Daisuke blushed but Takeru shrugged.

"Well… we were thinking about going up there and stopping him, that damned ball is annoying the hell out of us." Takeru admitted.

Yamato nodded his understanding and stepped back allowing them to get to their feet.

"Taichi will keep him busy while we make dinner."

Daisuke groaned.

"WE have to make dinner? I thought we were getting take out!" he complained.

The two blondes laughed and dragged him into the kitchen.


Ken kicked the ball straight at the small plastic goal, it didn’t make it very far before Taichi had sent it soaring back down Ken’s direction.

"So what do you think?" the brown haired boy asked, deflecting another shot.

"Huh? Think about what?" the black haired boy asked, dealing out a high kick.

Taichi hit the ball with his head and sent it rolling back to the other boy. "About Takeru and Daisuke."

Ken paused after kicking it in Taichi’s general direction.

"Oh, um, they’re nice…"

"And?" Taichi prompted, the ball sat under his foot.

"Um… very kind." Ken was blushing now.

"Do you wish you had more of them?"

"Uh… sort of." Was the timid response. "But…"

"But what?"

"They wouldn’t want me! I’d just get in their way!" Ken exploded

Taichi started laughing uncontrollably. He lost his footing on the ball and fell to the ground, giggling insanely.

Finally able to breathe he managed to wheeze out. "And… What… makes you think that?" the giggling subsided and he wiped tears from his eyes.

Ken was scarlet now. "Because they love each other so much."

Taichi swallowed another laugh and grinned. "I think you’ll find they like someone else too."

Ken blinked. "Huh?"

Taichi shook his head. "Don’t worry you’ll see soon enough. Oh, have you got any questions of your own?"

Ken was crimson now. "Yeah…"


"Umm, where did Takeru… get…"

"Get what?"

Ken fidgeted, then still blushing crimson he spoke very fast. "Gethisfetishforhandcuffs!"

Taichi smiled sympathetically. "It runs in the family."

Ken’s face outdid that of a tomato.



Five boys sat down for dinner that night, a hour later only three of them were still sitting at the table. One was blushing quite badly at what the other two were doing, and silently cursing the two that had left. Well more like in his mind he was screaming, he would have been screaming out loud… but there were complications to doing that.

Daisuke pulled back from the blonde, licking his lips. His knee shifted and rubbed against the skin in between the blonde’s thighs. This was rewarded was an earthy moan.

Takeru laid back on the table closing his eyes while Daisuke continued his assault, both of them ignoring the red faced, bound and tied, gagged, Ken who was trying to move his chair back, or somehow run.

Ken’s mind was on a two-part mind set.

(OH MY GOD! They are not going to do this infront of me! They are not going to do this infront of me! Juess Christ how does he manage to do that?)

(I am going to kill Yamato and Taichi! I am going to kill Yamato and Taichi! OH MY GOD!)

His mind was not feeling its best at that moment, maybe it was the show going on before his eyes, and maybe it was that his pants were a tad tight, maybe it was because he was still in shock? The events of the evening played back to him like a taunting movie:

Yamato had called he and Taichi in for dinner, and the two of them had come in, HE at least had suspected anything. They’d seated everyone and Taichi and Yamato had sat on one side while Ken had sat at another end of the table and Daisuke and Takeru were on his sides. He remembered when he was sitting he’d brushed someone’s thigh. He’d ignored it as simple paranoia and begun to eat. Of course the meal had been really delicious and they’d finished it all in no time flat! Then the conversation had started up, and he’d zoned out, staring off into space, until Yamato had started the game. "Truth or dare Ken?" the older blonde had asked. Ken blinked, wasn’t it obvious. "Dare." Taichi snickered and Yamato elbowed him in the side. "Okay, I dare you to let us tie you up." Ken blinked but went along with it, and soon they’d tied and gagged him to his chair…. Weird sense of humour ne? He should have suspected when they’d giggled insanely while they were doing it. Then of course Taichi and Yamato had dared Daisuke to make out with Takeru on the table, which had been cleared. And so he had and just about everyone had been surprised. So that was all well and… safe, but then the evil part had started. Yamato and Taichi had left the room to go to the guest room, claiming to be tired… sure, like they weren’t going to go and… *cough* yeah, anyway. So that had left Ken, still tied up and Takeru and Daisuke. A blessing and a cruse with Daisuke, most things he started, he had to finish.

And so this was where they were now. Daisuke and Takeru finishing what they’d started and infront of Ken no less. If he could have screamed to get their attention he would have, well maybe not, he didn’t think he wanted their attention right now.

Takeru moaned again. Definitely not right now. Ken turned another shade of red when he saw what Daisuke was doing.

Inadvertedly the black head made a sort of strangling sound, which got Takeru’s attention; the blonde opened up a crystal eye and peered at Ken’s red face.

"Hello lovely… uh, want to play?" he gasped and threw his head into the table.

Ken shook his head vigorously and tugged on his bonds.

Daisuke chuckled and leaned over Takeru’s head while the blonde made himself busy with playing with Daisuke’s pants.

"You sure Ken? You look a little flushed and we could get you out of those ropes."

Violet eyes widened to the size of dinner plates at the thought of getting out of the ropes. Without realising the full impact of his decision he nodded.

Daisuke grinned and reached his hands up, pulling Ken’s chair closer. When he was close enough the red head removed the gag. Ken took a big gasp of air.

"Thanks Dais- mph!" The red head had continued to move forward and pressed his lips to Ken’s. Two arms wrapped around Ken’s shoulder and someone’s lips brushed against his ear at the same time. A tongue flicked out and licked his ear, causing him to shiver.

The black haired boy relaxed and responded to the kiss. He parted his lips and allowed Daisuke to explore.

The hands on his shoulders were kneading his muscles. They paused after a while and went to his shirt, unbuttoning the clothing.

Daisuke broke the kiss and moved those last few inches till he was sitting on Ken’s lap, he rubbed against the black haired boy and was rewarded with a rich moan.

Ken’s shirt came open and Daisuke leaned forward and started licking one of his nipples. Ken rolled his head back, little jolts of pleasure shooting through his limbs.

Takeru tipped the black haired boy’s chin up and stole his lips. The pleasure was doubled and intensified with the two mouths sucking on him.

He strained against he bonding, his erection painful.

As if sensing his need Takeru’s hands wandered down between him and Daisuke and rubbed at the cloth, teasing him.

Ken groaned, wanting more of that.

Daisuke nipped at the nipple and kissed it gently, moving to the other one.

Takeru’s hand stopped its teasing and went to Ken’s zipper.

The blonde broke the kiss allowing Ken air the breath while he used his other hand to help get the pants off.

Ken’s lips were swollen and ultra sensitive. He opened dazed eyes and caught Daisuke’s gaze. The red head grinned and nicked his nipple, this made Ken moan louder.

Ken realised something right about then, they were both naked and the kitchen door was closed. They’d been planning this!

So what? His mind said, something’s required a bit of planning, like… sex?

His train of thought was interrupted when Takeru finally got his pants undone and delved his hands inside. Ken gasped and threw his head back. Takeru could do some amazing things with his hands.

The blonde’s lips sought out his and he responded hungrily. Daisuke’s weight left his lap. Ken couldn’t be bothered seeing where the red head had gone, his world had narrowed done to the lips on his and the two hands gently pumping him.

His body spasmed, he was about to come. As if sensing this Takeru withdrew his hands at the last minute, breaking the kiss as well.

Ken whimpered at the loss and opened his eyes. Takeru had somehow manoeuvred himself so he was sitting infront of Ken, a leg on either side of the black haired boy.

"Do you want me to continue?" The blonde asked.

It took a moment to sink into Ken’s pleasure filled brain but when it did he nodded. "Yes."

Takeru grinned, Daisuke coming back and sitting down next to him. They looked utterly calm and in control.

"Well then we want something from you." Daisuke said, he had a blue container in one hand and was helping Takeru dip his fingers into the substance.

Ken blinked; this was an odd conversation to be having at that precise moment.

"Uh… what do you want?" it sounded like something out of a movie; ‘fuck me silly and we will meet your demands.’

Takeru grinned. "Isn’t it obvious? We want you to join us."

Ken chocked. "J-join you?"

They both nodded.

Ken blinked, he’d never really thought about that before. I mean, join them, not just sex on occasion, but sex whenever he felt like it… not that he felt like sex a lot but the offer was worthy of consideration. Be able to kiss them whenever they walked past, exchange glances….
(Holy mother of Juess!)

This last thought was brought on when Takeru slipped a finger into Ken’s entrance. He’d been so busy gazing off into space and thinking he hadn’t noticed the two of them moving around. The black haired boy gasped as the finger moved through the ring of muscles and sought out his spot. It wriggled around a bit, lubricated and not hurting much, then it hit the spot and Ken squirmed around, withering.

Takeru grinned his evil, sexy grin and inserted another finger. Ken bucked his hips, gasping.

"Well?" the blonde asked. He didn’t get a chance to say much more, as at that time Daisuke decided to join in. the red head gently pushed a finger into Takeru, who gasped and grabbed hold of Ken’s chair to steady himself.

A few seconds later Daisuke established a rhythm that went in time with Takeru’s own rhythm. Ken was in fucking heaven… literally. The black haired boy closed his eyes, feeling the sensations washing over him; Takeru was REALLY good with his fingers.

Then the blonde withdrew his fingers, taking a second to breathe heavily. Daisuke smiled and reached behind him, grabbing the lubricant and applying it to himself before handing the stuff to Takeru.

Once they were done Daisuke stood back, waiting for the blonde to get started before joining in.

Takeru pressed gently into Ken, bringing the black head face down to kiss him. The kiss served to distract the black haired boy from the pain of being entered.

Once he was at his sheath Takeru paused, waiting. Ken groaned and bucked his hips, indicating in no uncertain terms he wanted the blonde to continue. Takeru gasped at the muscles pressing around him and withdrew then slammed back in, punching that spot.

Ken gasped into the kiss, his hands straining against his bonds.

Daisuke gently pressed against Takeru’s back, asking a question the blonde nodded his head, not breaking the kiss. Which was all the invitation Daisuke needed, the red head pushed into Takeru, not being quite so gentle as the blonde was.

Takeru stilled when Daisuke was at his hilt, everyone breathing heavily. Then Daisuke pumped in once, the blonde bowed his back and broke the kiss with Ken. The black haired boy let his head loll back, as the rhythm started to establish itself.

Takeru pushed into the tight walls around his erection, feeling Daisuke doing the same to him, it was all he could do not to scream. All three boys were moaning in pleasure.

The pleasure surrounding Takeru was building to an unimaginable height, he could barely hold on any more, either he came or he passed out.

His fingers sought out Ken’s own throbbing erection, wrapping around the flesh and pumping it along with the rhythm.

The boy under him moaned and bucked up, his muscles clenching as he released. Takeru gasped, as the muscles around his own erection tightened, squeezing him. The waves of pleasure coming from Daisuke were too much and he managed to push in only once more before coming himself.

Daisuke couldn’t believe it! Those two were so fast! The muscles around Daisuke’s erection closed in on him, caressing him. The red head groaned. Maybe not that fast. He back bowed and he pushed in a few more times before yelling out.

The three of them collapsed into a heap of heavily breathing bodies, well two collapsed, one just slumped in his chair.

"Fine… I agree." Ken whispered.

Takeru grinned and wrapped an arm around him, searching for the ropes so he could untie him.

Daisuke was already asleep, splayed across the kitchen table.


Yamato and Taichi tiptoed down the hallway and opened the kitchen door. They made sure the moans had stopped when they got there and then peeked open the door.

Yamato sighed wistfully and Taichi smiled kissing the older blonde on the cheek.

"Isn’t that just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?" Yamato whispered.

They nodded to each other a walked off, leaving the door slightly ajar to the sight that had greeted them.

Three boys curled up on the kitchen tabletop, all snuggled close and hugging each other.

Taichi nodded. "Yes it is. Only one thing left to do and our plans are completed."


"Hey guys! Have you seen my bouncy ball around anywhere, its gone missing."


~ End.

Authors notes: FINISHED! All Yay for me, sorry it took so long, I do realise I was working on this for three days, but I just had trouble figuring out how on earth to do the lemon, I mean at one stage I was thinking about moving them to the tabletop, but it just didn’t fit into the story right, so I waited till after. Honestly I don’t know how I’m gonna write a sequel to that… but then god knows I’ll think of something. Anyway, how was it? That was my first threesome lemon…. How I managed to pull it off is a mystery to me, so uh go figure. ^^