Twin Desires

By Amanda Barton and Sara Barton

Suboshi clutched his arms and legs around the thick branch of the sakura tree, and gazed down at the bathing pool below him, waiting anxiously. It was hard to keep a good grip on the tree -- his palms were slick with sweat, and he could feel his heart pounding frantically against the branch. But it was too late for him to change his mind now and flee his careful hiding place. He knew Yui would be there any second.

He heard the door slide open, and he could feel his heart tighten up in his chest. He saw Yui's slender body enter the bathing area, a purple towel wrapped tightly around her, accenting her small firm breasts and thin, supple waist. This is never going to work! Suboshi thought nervously, wrapping his sweaty palms tighter around the tree, until his knuckles turned white. She's going to find me! And then... and then... His thoughts broke off as he looked back to her again, his eyes following the motion of her delicate hand removing the towel and placing it aside, and then following up her long, graceful legs, to her hips, across her stomach, and up to her naked chest.

He let out a slight sigh, as he felt his heart throbbing even harder against his chest, and noticed the growing arousal he felt between his legs. He felt a warm drop of blood fall against the back of his hand, and realized he had gotten a nosebleed, but he didn't dare remove one of his hands from its tight grip to tend to it.

Nervously, he gazed back down to Yui, who was lowering her body into the warm water below him. She's so gorgeous, he thought as he watched her long arms reach for a soapy rag and begin to wash delicately down her neck and over her breasts, making her nipples turn a dark pink and very hard. This is... this is just too much! He could feel the fire within him becoming stronger, and was certain by this point that Yui must be able to hear the pounding in his chest, which seemed excrutiatingly loud in his ears.

How he longed to reach down, to touch her, to take her in his arms and tell her how much he loved her, but he just couldn't find the courage to do so. He had wanted to so many times before, but could never bring himself to do it, and had instead resorted to worshipping her from afar, like the coward he was.
His hands trembled slightly as his mind wandered into a multitude of fantasies, as he continued to stare at his angel in the shimmering pool. But the movement was just enough to cause a few loose sakura petals to begin a slow drift downwards into the waiting water.

His breath caught in his throat, and his whole body froze up. That's it, she's caught me for sure! I'm done for! he lamented, cursing to himself. Oh Seiryuu, please somehow get me out of this! he prayed silently, shutting his eyes for a moment. But when he opened them he just saw Yui delicately balancing the petal along her fingertip, completley oblivious to his presence.
Suboshi let out a deep sigh of relief. He was safe. She had no idea that he was there watching her, and seemed too preoccupied in her own secret thoughts to draw her attention to anything else. He allowed himself to relax against the branch slightly, and continued admiring his unspoken love bathing so innocently before him.

Amiboshi sat on the sill of his bedroom window, gazing out into the night sky as he played a long, drifting melody on his flute. The song drifted out on the wind and disappeared into the dark of night. Things were too peaceful.
Suddenly he stopped, ending on a screeching high note as his mouth and fingers lost their place on the instrument. He felt a sudden burning awareness within him, and he could feel a blush begin to color his face. What in the world is Otooto doing? he thought as he stood up from the window, becoming even more aware of the hardness of his sex. This is... how... how could he?!
Setting his flute aside, he moved over to seat himself on his bed, trying to stay calm. He took a few deep breaths, trying to concentrate on anything but his sexual desire. He knew it was his twin brother's doing, and cursed silently at the deep physical and mental link between the two of them. Whatever his brother was up to, it was certainly reflecting back on him. He sighed and tried clearing his mind once again.

It didn't help. He could feel the desire within him getting stronger, until he was so painfully aroused he couldn't stand it any longer. Sighing, he loosened the tie around his thin waist, and let the thin piece of silk slide from his graceful fingers to the floor. His shirt fell open down the center, revealing his chest. Relaxing against the back of the bed, he ran his long skillful fingers across his flat stomach, tracing delicately up his ribcage and gently over his nipples. He shivered slightly at the unfamiliar touch, and drew his fingers there again, pulling on them gently, turning them hard under his touch. He moaned quietly and sat up for a moment, letting the silk shirt slide off his shoulders. He fell back against the bed again, tracing his hands vigorously up and down his chest, feeling the fire of pleasure heating up inside him, becoming unbearable. His erection throbbed painfully, and he couldn't take it any longer. Letting his fingers fall to his waist, he hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his pants and underwear, and in one swift motion removed both and tossed them aside.
Su-- Suboshi...

Suboshi walked swiftly down the hall, his face turning redder with every step. Just /what/ was his aniki doing? At this rate, if Yui had left that bath one second later, he probably wouldn't have been able to contain himself, and would've left the safety of his hiding place and ended up raping the poor girl. Thankfully she had left when she did.
Finding himself in front of the door to the room he and his brother shared, he threw it open violently and let it slam behind him with a loud crash as he entered. "ANIKI! Just what are you--"
His words cut off as he saw his brother stretched out naked on their bed, his hands working steadily over his penis. Realizing his brother was in their room, Amiboshi suddenly froze and sat up, pulling his knees up to hide his nakedness and blushing furiously.
"O-- O-- Otooto! I... uhhh..." he stammered, completely at a loss for words in his embarrassment. "It's just... that... you..." He finally calmed down a bit, and then turned slightly angry toward his brother. "What were /you/ doing?!" "M-- Me?!" Suboshi inquired nervously, his face becoming even more flushed. "I was... uhh... see, Yui-sama always takes a bath at this time of night, and... and..." He gazed at the floor and pushed his two index fingers together in nervous embarrassment.
Amiboshi gasped at his brother. "You snuck into Yui's bath?! How could you, Otooto? Do you have any idea... don't you know this is /your/ fault?!" he said, waving a hand over the clothes that laid scattered over the floor.
Suboshi looked up at his brother. "Sumimasen, Aniki... I didn't think... but... thanks to /you/, I nearly ended up jumping her!" he accused.
"But it was your fault in the first place!" Amiboshi accused back. "For just once, couldn't you /think/ before you acted?"
"I said I'm sorry!" Suboshi yelled back angrily. "How... can I make it up to you?"
Amiboshi felt himself turn even redder. "M-- Make it up to me? What do you mean?" he questioned naÔvely.

Suboshi headed across the floor of the room, removing the band around his waist and his bright orange outer tunic, and dropped them thoughtlessly to the ground. "I've caused you unneeded pain, Aniki. And for that, I'm sorry. So... please... let me release you from that pain." He sat on the edge of the bed, and leaning over his brother, brought his lips down to touch his brother's in a deep kiss. Amiboshi froze at his brother's touch -- his muscles became tense and his eyes grew wide in a shocked and fearful expression. He moved his hands to Suboshi's chest and tried to push him away, but Suboshi only leaned in closer, wrapping his arms tightly around his brother's back.

Amiboshi shivered slightly, but let himself surrender to the embrace. He knew that his younger brother's sexual need was just as bad as his own, and he was only trying to relieve that pain as well as his brother's. He sighed gently against his brother's mouth, and felt Suboshi's tongue slowly move across his lower lip and into his mouth. He let his eyelids drop as he gave in to the contact, and allowed his tongue to match his brother's.

Suboshi suddenly let out a sharp groan and broke the contact, pulling away. He felt a sharp jolt of energy flow through his body, adding fuel to the fire of his arousal. It was as if his entire life force had been enhanced to a level he'd never felt before, and it wasn't just from his lust. I had forgotten that Aniki controls chi levels through his mouth! he thought, the realization hitting him.

"Amiboshi..." he murmered, dropping his head to his brother's shoulder and running his hands up and down his back. Amiboshi allowed his fingers to do the same, feeling the hard muscles of Suboshi's back through his thin blue silk undershirt. Realizing his brother's eagerness, he pushed him away slightly, and moved his hands underneath the shirt and lifted it away over his head. Suboshi sighed as he felt his twin's fingers at his waist as he removed the remaining unwanted articles of clothing, freeing his brother's erection, a mirror image of his own.

"Oh, Otooto..." Amiboshi sighed as he placed his hands on his brother's shoulders and pushed him down against the soft bed, allowing his body to follow and settle on top of him. He could feel his hardness pressed against his twin's, and he moaned softly, moving his lips to kiss his brother once again. Suboshi wrapped his arms tightly around Amiboshi, sucking on his lips and tongue, trying to draw it in as much as he could, to feel as much of that warm chi build throughout his body as possible. It was driving him insane. He pressed himself harder against Amiboshi, working his fingers into his back, not willing to break the contact.

He gasped when he felt Amiboshi pull away from the kiss, gasping for breath. He reached for his chin to try to force his face back into another kiss, but his aniki had already planted his lips firmly against his neck, kissing in the sensitive area under his ear, sending a shiver through his body. He could feel his brother's warm breath stirring the long strands of hair on his neck, as his lips worked up his neck to his ear, and his tongue licked delicately down the inner curve of it.

"Aniki!" he gasped, clenching his hands tighter to his brother's back. He moaned, his arousal becoming more and more painful within him. It was driving him crazy, and he didn't think he could stand it much longer. "Aniki, please!" he demanded, trying to push his brother down to where he needed the most attention.

Amiboshi brought his head up for a moment, aware that his power was driving his younger twin's chi beyond its limits. But he wasn't ready to give in to his demands so easily. His brother deserved a little torment for what he had put him through.

He let his lips move lower, kissing down his neck and across his chest, tracing his collarbone delicately with his tongue. Suboshi groaned and stirred under him, driving his fingers into his brother's shoulders, one finger tracing the glowing blue symbol that was blazing brightly against the skin of his right shoulder. Amused, Amiboshi let his lips close around one of Suboshi's nipples, sucking it gently, feeling it grow warm and hard under his tongue's touch. Suboshi moaned again as another hot flash of energy burst through his body. "Dammit, Aniki!" he said, coiling his fingers in Amiboshi's hair, trying to pull his head down lower. He was growing impatient, fast.
"You've always been the impatient one," Amiboshi said, laying small kisses down Suboshi's stomach to his naval. He drew his tongue out and gently traced around the naval, licking down inside it, causing yet another gasp from his brother, before he led his tongue in a wet path down from his naval to the bottom of his abdomen.

Suboshi gasped as he felt his aniki's lips kiss ever so slightly against his erection. He felt his brother's lips and tongue massage him gently, and became even more painfully aware of his need when he felt his chi build within him once again. Why in the world was his usually passive brother using his powers on him like this, driving him so crazy?

Amiboshi ran his hands gently against his otooto's inner thighs, spreading his legs slightly, before he bent down and lashed the end of his tongue against the head of his brother's penis. Suboshi screamed at the touch, and grabbing his brother's head, thrust it down to him violently, pushing his way into Amiboshi's mouth.

Amiboshi worked his lips and tongue over Suboshi's length in a rythmic motion, and Suboshi relaxed against the touch, letting out a deep, thankful sigh. He pressed himself further into his brother's mouth, feeling the chi building in his penis, driving him closer and closer to the edge. He wasn't going to last much longer. With this in mind, he thrust himself forcefully against his brother, gaining momentum, until the height of his passion and chi could be contained no longer, and he had to allow the release he so longed for.
Relaxing his sweaty body against the bed, he shut his eyes and breathed deeply, and felt his brother's warm hand brush his long sweaty bangs away from his face and rest gently on his cheek. He looked up into his brother's deep blue eyes, and wrapped his arm around his neck, pulling him down into a gentle embrace. He had told Amiboshi that he would make it up to him, to release him from the burning desire that he had thrust him into, but Amiboshi, always so sacrificing, had instead done so for him. He couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt as he stared into his aniki's face.

He sat up, pressing his hands against Amiboshi's chest, never letting his eyes break away from the twin eyes that stared back at him. "Otooto, what is it?" Amiboshi asked, a little worry coloring his voice. "You feel better now, don't you-- Eh?" He was suddenly pushed down against the mattress, pinned under his brother's body, his arms trapped at the wrists by Suboshi's tight grip.
"I told you that I would make it up to you, Aniki, but you always take everything upon yourself! For once, /I/ want to be the one to take care of /you/," he said with a slightly wicked grin on his face.
"Otooto--" He was cut off by Suboshi's mouth against his before he could say anymore.

Suboshi pulled back from the kiss, rubbing one hand gently down his brother's side and across his stomach. Amiboshi shivered at the feathery touch, and felt his arms be released to fall to his sides as Suboshi's other hand came to join the first.

Amiboshi gasped as he felt his brother's fingers move gently over his sex in a ghost of a touch. He moaned as once again he felt his brother's fingers move over him, and slowly curl around his length. His hands clenched tightly into the bed as he involuntarily pressed himself against that touch, wanting more. He felt the hand start to slowly move up and down him, gently caressing his flesh, as his other hand moved gently against the inside of his thighs and down against his ass, rubbing the flesh there as well. Amiboshi let out another moan and pressed his erection fiercely into Suboshi's touch, moving his hips in time with Suboshi's hand. He was almost given to the feeling completely when he felt a finger from Suboshi's other hand gently press into him.
Amiboshi let out a little wail, completely taken by surprise from the unfamiliar touch. "O-- Otooto..."

Suboshi released him, bringing his arms up to frame Amiboshi's face as he leaned down and kissed his older twin a bit aggressively. With Amiboshi slightly distracted, he took the opportunity to slowly push the head of his penis into his brother, still wet from Amiboshi's earlier actions.
Amiboshi broke the kiss at once and groaned sharply, pushing his hands against his otooto's shoulders. "Otooto, please... I..."

Although Suboshi knew what his brother really meant, he pressed into him further, letting a deep moan escape him. "Oh, Aniki..." He pressed in a bit further still, ignoring Amiboshi's pleas, his stomach brushing gently against Amiboshi's arousal with the movement.

Amiboshi shivered, and tried to relax against the uncomfortable touch, allowing his pleasure to overcome the initial discomfort. He felt Suboshi slowly start to move against him, his stomach pressing harder against his erection with every thrust, his brother moving deeper and deeper within him. He moaned and gently placed his hands to his brother's shoulders, thrusting his own body against the touch.

He could feel the pleasure building within their bodies, and his brother drove again and again into him, filling him, his body pressing harder against him, until he couldn't withstand it any longer. "Otooto!" he gasped as his hands grasped deeply against his twin, and he felt his passion release, leaving his sticky wetness against his brother's stomach, which stimulated Suboshi into his own orgasm.

Amiboshi sighed as he felt his brother's hot semen released within his body, freeing them both from the painful arousal that had been previously linked between the two twins. Suboshi let out a deep shudder as he removed himself from his brother, and collapsed beside him.

Amiboshi rolled over to his side and wrapped his arms around his brother, stroking his sweaty hair with one hand. "Otooto... I... arigatoo." He blushed and turned his face away, slightly embarrassed.

"It's all right, Aniki... you're right, I started it in the first place anyway." Amiboshi sighed, rolling over and burying his face into his pillow. "So /now/ you admit it!"
Suboshi, not about to let his brother win completely, added, "But you /did/ make it worse!"
"Well, what else could I do?"
Suboshi considered for a moment. "Point taken."
"Just don't sneak into Yui's bath again, all right?"
Suboshi grinned slightly, turning Amiboshi's face back to look at him. "Are you so sure of that?" he asked a little smartly.

Catching the blush that colored his twin's face, he pulled his arms around him and sealed his lips against him in a lingering embrace.

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