Sweet Dreams


    He stared up at the ceiling in silence. Sighing, he cast a glance at the clock. 11:45 at night. Almost time. He turned back to the ceiling to think.
    His brother didn't fall asleep until late. Usually before 12:00, which was why 12 was when he entered his brother's room. He didn't want to wake him up, and he couldn't explain it to him. He couldn't explain this to anybody.
    When he was very young, he remembered having dreams. Wonderful dreams, about his brother and himself. Living together. Sometimes as little children, sometimes as teenagers. They weren't always comfortable. He remembered crying sometimes, being cold, being hungry. But his brother was there, and he always made everything okay. And in turn, he made sure his brother was always safe, protecting him from the people who would have no problems with hurting a young child living on the streets. They were twins back then, too. His brother looked a little different now, but was still the same person. Or close enough.
    They had parents now, though. And his brother didn't really need him or take care of him. They were just... brothers. The same as any brothers. It wasn't like in his dreams, when they had such a close connection. Now they were regular people, instead of... whatever they were before. But he remembered before. He remembered a LOT of before.
    He was 17 now. He had finally come to the conclusion that either he had some sort of unnatural obsession with his brother resulting in these dreams, or... they were memories of a past life. He preferred the latter idea. A past life. How exotic. But his brother didn't seem to remember any of that. That was fine, as long as one of them remembered.
    He glanced back at the clock. 11:59. That was close enough. He slid out of bed quietly. He and his brother had stopped sleeping in the same bed years ago, and ever since then he had followed this ritual in secret. He snuck past their parents' bedroom with ease, then slipped through the cracked door into his brother's room.
    The room was silent, aside from the soft breathing from his brother. His feet padded quietly across a carpeted floor to bring him to the side of the bed where his brother slept peacefully and obliviously. He smiled, and brushed his brother's bangs off of his forehead. Then, bending down, he kissed him lightly on the forehead, before pulling away carefully.
    "Sayonara, Onii-san." He had heard those words at the end of many of his dreams, and for some reason they seemed fitting now. Having ensured to himself that his brother was safe and sleeping well, he turned to walk back to his room and join his twin in rest.
    In his dreams, his brother remembered him. That was enough.

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