Seiryuu Reincarnations 2: Part 9
Internal Dialogue

    Since part of your page was in English, I hope that you can read th"
    Mark looked at the message, then shook his head and deleted it.
    I found your page recently, and"
    No.  Mark deleted it again.
    My brother has recently been having dreams of a girl who fits the description of the girl on your page, along with dreams of a past life in"
    Mark deleted it.  They'd think he was nuts.  Then again, what else could he say?
    The woman on your page looks similar to a woman my brother...."

    "Please don't leave me alone."
    Yui shook her head.  "I can't find you... I don't know where you are.  How can I leave you alone if I'm not with you?"
    "Please don't abandon me."
    Yui stepped into the mists of darkness again, all hope of finding the mysterious voice long ago abandoned.  "I don't understand... please, help me find you.  I'll help you if I can."
    Echos of loneliness filled the space between Yui and the mysterious speaker.  She somehow knew that, if she could only find the end of this maze, she would be able to escape this darkness.  But the voice continued to remain just out of reach, like a half-forgotten memory.
    Running blindly into darkness led into despair.  "Somebody... somebody help me.  Help me find my way out of here.   Tetsuya..."  A gentle smile, gentle hands, gentle eyes hidden behind a pair of slightly tilted sunglasses.  "Suboshi..."  Passionate eyes, wild moods of depression and hope, clumsy words stumbling over each other as he searched her eyes desperately.  "Nakago..."  Pale blue eyes, calm smiles, pulling her from herself and into herself.  "Tamahome..."  Talking, laughing, fighting, smiling at... "Miaka..."
    Arms outstreched,  green eyes sparkling with innocence, forgiveness, love...
    Love for Tamahome.
    The darkness vanished.  Yui's eyes widened as she stared at her own face, only younger, with short hair and hard, angry, desperate eyes.
    "You abandoned me!" the younger girl screamed.  Yui looked around, confused.  The girl didn't seem to be speaking to her directly.
    "What are you saying?"  Yui asked, trying to sound soothing.
    "You abandoned me!  I thought we were friends forever!  I thought I was everything to you!  But you... you chose him!  I've known you forever!  You just knew him for a few months, and then... and then..."
    "No!"  Yui shouted at herself.  "What are you saying?"
    "I love you!  Why did you abandon me for him?!"
    "Be... be quiet!"  Yui tried to grab the younger version of herself, but her hands just went through her.  "I don't feel like that!"
    "I'll never forgive you.  I'll never, never, never forgive you."
    "I'm happy for Miaka!"
    "I hate you!"
    "I don't hate her anymore!  It was Nakago, lying to me, that made me..."
    "Why did you leave me?  If you leave me I'll be alone..."
    "We have Tetsuya, and..."
    "I'll do anything."
    "That isn't true..."
    "I don't care who gets hurt, you just can't leave me!"
    "That isn't true!"  Yui screamed.  "I didn't want to hurt anybody, I just..."
    "I just don't want to be alone!"

    "I love you."
    Matthew stared at the white ceiling, imagining his brother's face.  "I love you."  He wasn't exactly sure why he was saying that in particular.  It just seemed to suit the occasion.
    The face of the girl in his dreams superimposed itself onto his brother's face.  "I love you." he tried again.  The words were strange.  He thought about them.  I, being himself.  You, being his brother.  Being the girl.  Love.  What was love?  What the hell was he saying, anyway?
    "I love you."
    Sighing, Matthew rolled over onto his side.  He noticed his reflection in the mirror.  There were bags under his eyes, and he looked thinner than usual.
    "I hate you."