Seiryuu Reincarnations 2 - 8

    "All right, Matthew. Go on.  I'm listening."
    Matthew paced back and forth in his room, cradling the phone against his shoulder.  "Well.... everything was dark.  And there was this girl.  And I had this feeling she needed me, but I couldn't get to her.  And she'd turn and walk away and then I'd be alone."
    "Mmmm... was I in the dream?"
    "No, it was just me and the girl."
    "Do you remember any other details?"  Mark pressed.
    "Yes."  Matthew said after a minute.  "She said something to me."
    "What did she say?"
    "It... It didn't make any sense.  Something like 'sueboshi.'  I couldn't really hear her clearly, though."  Matthew sighed.
    "That's all right.   Thank you, Matthew.  Have you eaten today?" Mark asked.
    "No..." Matthew confessed.
    "Well, you'd better go eat something, okay?  I'll call you again tomorrow.  If you have the dream again, or if you have a different dream, be sure to write it down! Okay?"
    "I love you.  Take care of yourself."  Mark hung up. Matthew held onto the phone for a few minutes, listening to the dial tone, before returning the phone to its cradle.  His frayed nerves felt somewhat soothed by his distant brother's voice.  He considered going back to bed, but then remembered his brother's words, and headed for their kitchen.  He could hang on for a while. Especially with his brother's help. His mother had backed off a little from her initial panic, and was letting Matthew try to work it out on his own for now.   His father hadn't said anything to him about it.  Matthew was sure his brother would find some way to help him.  After all, he was Matthew's older brother.  Now all that Matthew had to do was decide on what to eat....

    "Thanks, Keisuke." Tetsuya said distantly, watching Yui's face closely.
    "So now all we have to do is wait and see if anybody recognizes it.  Or him."  Keisuke sat down beside his friend.  "Do you think it'll work?  What if he shows up here, and 'Yui-sama' is in a coma?  He didn't seem like someone who'd sit around and listen to explainations."
    "Mm-hmm." Tetsuya muttered back. Keisuke sighed.
    "You aren't hearing a word I'm saying, are you?"  Keisuke asked.  "I put up that page like you suggested.  For when she wakes up, I guess."
    "What?"  Tetsuya finally turned.  "You mean, the Suboshi one?"
    "What else?"
    "Oh."  Tetsuya turned back to Yui.  "It won't do much good if she's in a coma at the time."
    "That's what I was just saying..." Keisuke began, but broke off with another sigh.  "Don't worry about it.  We'll just wait for Yui-chan to get better before thinking about that anymore."
    "Mm-hmm." Tetsuya leaned back in his chair.  "It's funny."
    "What is?"
    "She's Seiryuu no Miko.  She summoned a god.  She could have owned the world.  And she ends up with nothing but nightmares and now a concussion." Tetsuya shook his head. "She has to get better."
    "She will."  Keisuke patted his friend on the back.  "Look, I have to go.  Be sure to call me if anything happens.  Right after you call Miaka."
    "I will." Tetsuya nodded.
    "Later."  Keisuke walked out.

    "Yui-chan, I love Tamahome."
    "Yui-chan, this is Taka."
    "Yui-chan, I'm getting married!"
    "Yui-chan, I'm pregnant!"
    "I'm happy for you, Miaka."  Yui smiled weakly.
    "Yui-chan, let's go to high school together!"
    "I'd like that, Miaka.  I would."  
    "Yui-chan.... I'm sorry, Taka and I are going out tonight.  Maybe tomorrow?"
    "That's okay.  I understand.  You two have fun."
    "Yui-chan?  How long were you standing there?"
    "Not too long, Miaka."
    "Hello, Sukinami. ... Yui-chan?! Hi! Oh, wow! I haven't talked to you in a while!  I'm sorry! Ever since we got married, though, I've been working trying to help take care of the house for Taka, and I'm kinda having to... oh, no.  The rice is burning! I have to go, I'll call you back, bye!"
    Yui stood, staring at the phone in her hands, listening to the dial tone.  Suddenly, a new voice came through.
    "Su... suboshi." Yui picked the phone up to her ears again.
    "Yui-sama! I've been trying to call, but the line's been busy... I'm sorry."
    "It's... it's all right.  I had been trying to call Miaka."  Yui said.
    "I don't see why." Suboshi muttered darkly.  "Listen, Yui-sama.  I think they're going to cut my phone service soon.  So we need to make the most we can out of this conversation."
    "I'm sorry, Suboshi.  But... I don't really have anything to say."  Yui confessed.
    "Are you sure?  Because I have lots I can say, and..."
    "I'm sorry."  Yui hung up quickly, then stared at the phone for a few minutes.  A slow panic began to rise in her.  She picked the phone back up and dialed blindly. She hoped she had guessed his number right.  The phone began ringing, and then someone picked up.
    "Tetsuya!" Yui sighed in relief at hearing someone's voice.  "Tetsuya... hello."
    "Hi, Yui-chan.  Do you want to talk about something?  Because I've got all the time in the world."  Tetsuya said cheerfully.
    "All right.  Um..... let's talk."  Yui said, clutching the phone to her ear.  "I would love to talk to you...."

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