Seiryuu Reincarnations 2: Part Four

     "So this is the big day!"  The twins' father patted Mark on the back and smiled.  "Are you looking forward to it?"
     "Of course!  I hope I'm good enough..." Mark trailed off.  Matthew grinned and slung his arm around his brother's shoulders.
     "Of course you're good enough! I hope they're good enough for you!" he answered cheerfully.  Mark smiled back at him gratefully.
     "Right.  Help me go get my bags?"
     The two brothers went back into the house together, passing their mother who was carrying out a couple of bags on her own.
     "Geez, Mom, give those here.  You're going to break your back!"  Mark tried to take the bags from her, but she pushed him away.
     "I'm fine!  You're eager to carry now, but when I bring in groceries you never help..." She winked at him to show she was kidding around.  "You get the rest! We've got to figure out how we're going to fit all of this into the car!"
     "Right! Right!"  The two finished their trip up the stairs to Mark's room.  The room was clean and empty, aside from four duffel bags and a suitcase on the bed.  Mark went to grab two of the bags, while Matthew stood in the door for a second to look around at the empty room.
     "Matthew?" Mark glanced at his brother.  "Are you okay?"
     "Yeah... yeah!" Matthew shook his head to clear it, and smiled. "Yeah! Just thinking about how I'm going to have to trash your room while you're gone."
     "You'd better not! Grab the suitcase and come on!  We're a little late already!"  Mark said, nudging his brother.
     "Okay! Geez, you're high strung today!"  Matthew took the suitcase and ran back downstairs after Mark.
     "The car is too small for all of this... how are we going to fit all of us in there too?"  their father worried, staring at the car with three duffel bags and a chair already beside it.
     "Well, a lot of them can go in the trunk... and we can stick my chair on the roof... and we can stick Matthew in the chair!"  Mark grinned.  "Don't worry, Dad.  We can put a couple of the bags in our laps, I guess.  Would Mom mind having something in the floorboard up there?"
     "I guess not, but you two had better be just as crunched up as I am!" their mother answered, walking up.  "I grabbed some snacks for you, for the trip and when you get there.  You'll want them.  You have the laptop?"
     "Really, Mom.  I'm not gonna forget something like that.  Matthew's carrying it."  Mark answered, sighing.  "Let's see what we can get in the trunk for now."
     As their father unlocked the car's trunk, Matthew shifted the suitcase in his hands from one arm to the other.  He glanced back, to the open window of his twin's near-empty bedroom.  Things were going to be quieter without Mark.  But it'd be okay.  They'd keep track of each other.  Matthew smiled to himself.  Things could be a lot worse.  He could visit his brother whenever he liked, if their parents would lend him the car.  And Mark had promised to e-mail him, although that wasn't the same...
     "Hello? Are you there?"  Their father snapped Matthew back to attention.  "Come on, see if that will fit in the crack here."
     "Huh?  Oh, right!"  Matthew blinked and grinned guiltily, holding the suitcase up for his father.  Yeah, things are gonna be okay....

     "So... where should we start?"
     Tetsuya and Keisuke were sitting in the library, a couple more cups of coffee betweent hem.
     "This isn't the same as looking for the others.  We don't have any images we can scan in to put up on the Internet from Miaka's photos.  We don't even have a positive birth date.  What if he's some 5 year old in Indonisia or something?" Keisuke continued.  Tetsuya shook his head.
     "No, we don't have an exact date.. but he's definitely going to be over 15.  Maybe somewhere around 18 or 19 years old.  Same for his brother."
     "Say, that's an idea.  You think we could get Amiboshi instead?  They're twins, so maybe she wouldn't know the difference.  Or maybe Amiboshi could just tell her that Suboshi's happy."  Keisuke suggested.
     "We could try.  But I think she'd know if it wasn't Suboshi anyway.  And if Suboshi is unhappy for some reason, who knows if Amiboshi would tell her?  He might try to get her for his brother's sake.  I think Suboshi would be more willing to lie to Yui if it would make her happy... or leave her if he sees she's happy."
     "If you say so..." Keisuke answered, unconvinced.  "So how should we look for him?"
     "Well... police officers find suspects when they don't have a picture.  We could put up a description on the Internet, and maybe a composite sketch or something.  It worked for Nuriko." Tetsuya said.  Keisuke shuddered.
     "That's right, it did.  I hope Suboshi doesn't come after us with a gun!" Keisuke said.  "We might wanna mention that he might have a twin.  That ought to narrow it down.  It's too bad we don't know what his name might be.  We could use some search engine to try to find him."
     "What stuck out about Suboshi? Hm..."  Tetsuya took out a piece of paper and a pencil.  "He had short brown hair... kinda parted on the side..."
     "He was scary."  Keisuke offered.
     "Um... he was about... how tall was he when we saw him?  About... what do you think?" Tetsuya looked up.
     "He had bluish purplish eyes.  Put that down." Keisuke said.
     "He used those spinny weapons.  Maybe he's still got them somewhere."
     "But he knew how to play the flute a little too."
     "He was kinda skinny."
     "Short fingernails."
     "Short fingernails?" Tetsuya gave Keisuke an odd look but jotted it down.  "What else?"
     "Hey, Tetsuya, I just had a better idea."  Keisuke suddenly said.  "When we found Nuriko, it was because Nuriko recognized us! So maybe... if we put up Yui on the page, he'll recognize her!"
     "If he's the one who finds the page.. then yeah! Okay, we'll try that, too."  Tetsuya nodded.  "What else can we do?"
     "We could try milk cartons. 'Have you seen this Seiryuu Shichisei?'"

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