By: Roo

Fushigi Yuugi: NakagoxTamahome. Angst. Lemon. Not much sap. Gasp! Roo, how could you?
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Tamahome awoke to the icy fingers of his own sweat tickling down his brow. Sickness pulled at his limbs as sure as if the dirt floor had the angry hands of a mob. He tried to curl in upon the tight lump in his stomach, but iron shackles limited his range of movement. He only succeeded in making himself dizzy, bright spots dancing across his eyes as the tremors set in. Whatever Yui had made him swallow in the wake of her kiss began to unravel within his abdomen, making him whimper and shake.

"Oh. Awake, Tamahome?"

That voice. He knew that voice, and it made him wish for his own death. Tamahome turned to look his enemy in the eye, but the energy required to lift his head exhausted him. He panted slightly and swallowed the dryness back down his throat.

"Nakago, you bastard. Where’s Yui?"

A slight rustle of material told him that the Seiyuu General stood to his left.

"Still think you can save her, Tamahome? You should be more concerned for your own welfare..."

Like silk. Deep blue silk. His voice wrapped around Tamahome’s mind as gently as a noose made of the finest silk, its grasp both pleasant and painful.

"Where am I?" Tamahome’s question fell like a hoarse whisper.

"The finest dungeon in Kodou, Suzaku warrior. Does it not please you to have the best?"

Tamahome could hear the smile—the sneer—in that voice. He hated it. Snarling, he fought to sit up straight.

"Oh? Moving yet?"

He knew those sharp blonde eyebrows were raised in amusement. But just then, Tamahome’s vision waved like desert heat and he collapsed back to the cold earth floor.

He could hear the man crouch next to him and he tensed, expecting another kick or lick of the leather whip. Instead, large callused fingers cupped the back of his head and raised him to a glass of cool water.

It could be a trap. More poison. But he felt too thirsty to care.

The young senshi guzzled the refreshing liquid as quickly as he could, knowing Nakago would rip it away at any moment. He expected torture, aware that this Seiyuu warrior would be a master at cruelty.

He finished the glass and opened his eyes, dazed. Only water. And Nakago let him drink it all. Why?

He peered into the older man’s handsome face, searching into the cold depths of those crystal blue eyes. There were few men he could call beautiful, other than Hotohori. But Nakago had a kind of grace—a masculine perfection—that Tamahome never knew of until he met the man. It made him nervous.

"More?" Nakago indicated the empty glass and Tamahome shook his head, trying to hide his wince as he did so.

Nakago lowered him back to the floor and set the glass beside his head. "The water will only serve to speed up the process, but I presumed you’d appreciate it none the less."

"Wh-what process?" Tamahome’s eyes widened.

"The drug Yui gave you. It will soon consume your consciousness. And then you will belong to her..."

"Liar!" Tamahome whispered in horror.

"I have been on occasion, Ogre, but not today." Nakago smirked. "As I was saying, you will belong to her… and do her biding. But before that..." The blonde traced a slender hand down Tamahome’s left side with prideful ease, "You will belong to me."

A vice clamped around Tamahome’s heart, squeezing the terrified organ almost to arrest. "N... no... NEVER!"

He screamed silently, thrashing in panic, anything—anything to get that man’s claws off of him. The thought of being tortured this way—of losing his virginity to this man—sent Tamahome into a spiral of madness. Miaka...not like this...

"Still calling for your Miko, boy? I’ll have you scream my name before we’re through!" Nakago said calmly, pulling the chains tighter across Tamahome’s sleek chest and abdomen until his wrists and ankles chaffed blood. When Tamahome lay limp, Nakago relaxed his hold.

"There is much to teach you, young Suzaku senshi. I look forward to being your master..."

"Never. No no no no no no." Tamahome’s whispered litany brushed warm breath across his captor’s face. He took huge gulps of air, trying to weld together the steel walls of a soldier’s mind, the bravery to distance himself from his abused body.

The whip lashes across his back and legs still stung as he shifted away from Nakago, and his body felt as though buried under sacks of sand. Wetness welled at the corners of his eyes as he realized Nakago intended to kiss him.

"Tears so soon, Tamahome?" Nakago paused. "I’m disappointed."

Demanding lips encased his mouth, attacking without mercy. Tamahome’s trembling lips were parted to Nakago’s experienced invasion. He arched to get away, but succeeded only in plastering himself against the General’s hard torso. Strong arms came around his back, pressing on his opened wounds viciously.

He moaned in agony, giving in when Nakago’s moist tongue stroked his teeth and the corners of his cheeks. Focusing on keeping his breathing steady, Tamahome endured, until Nakago finally pulled away.

"Like that?" Nakago sneered.

Tamahome surged up and bit Nakago's chin, drawing a faint stream of blood before he reeled back to the ground.

Nakago neither flinched nor frowned. Smiling, his captor bent over him and bit his neck with sharp, white teeth.


Nakago sucked the crimson river that flowed from Tamahome’s neck, smearing the sticky essence over the hollow of Ogre’s throat.

He panted and stared hard at the Seiyuu warrior, amazed to find his groin responding to such harsh ministrations. Guilt and shame shot through him, and he lowered his gaze.

Nakago bent forward again to lap at the drying liquid, then lifted his head and to paint Tamahome’s lips with his own blood. Tamahome groaned, in supplication for cease or continuation, he remained unsure.

Nakago flicked the tip of his tongue across the shell of Tamahome’s ear, earning an unstoppable shudder.

"You know some part of you wants this, Suzaku senshi. You long for it... for me...hmmm." Nakago nipped at his ear, panting harsh air over the sensitive spots in his eagerness.

"No." Tamahome swallowed.

"Oh? Who’s lying now?" Nakago let his hands travel south, over the mountains of Tamahome’s rippling muscles, into the valley between the young soldier’s legs.

"Ughhh! Don’t! Stop!"

Nakago’s hand stroked over his mound slowly enough to make Tamahome arch in exquisite pain.

"Don’t worry," Nakago whispered. "I have no intention of stopping."

With that, Nakago knelt over Tamahome and gripped his tattered blue shirt with both hands. The blonde tore the material to shreds and discarded them without attention, his eyes focused on the chiseled perfection beneath him. The sight of such possessive lust made Tamahome’s jaw drop open.

Nakago began to rock supple thighs back against him, teasing Tamahome’s hardness into life. A dark smile danced over his captor’s features and Tamahome shuddered.

"You want this..."


"Yes." Nakago brushed his fingertips across his own musculature, drawing Tamahome’s stare downward, to the pale, toned body. Once Tamahome’s eyes were fixated on him, Nakago began to unravel his cumber-sash, revealing his chest. He lazily stroked his hand up and down his torso, rocking back and forth over Tamahome’s pulsing erection. "Oh, yessss," the General hissed.


Nakago let his shirt fall over his broad shoulders, and Tamahome’s manhood twitched in response. Pale light from the window above illuminated the creamy white skin of his captor’s corded neck and exquisite pectorals. Absolute perfection.

"Glad you think so." Nakago smiled.

When had he said that out loud? Did Nakago hear his thoughts? What would—


A hot hand found its way into his pants, pushing back the drawstring and delving deep inside.

"Ho. Impressive, Tamahome."

Tamahome bit his lower lip to keep from screaming as Nakago enclosed his thrumming member in an unforgiving fist. "Hmmm! NO!" Tamahome tried not to raise his hips to that hand, but the drug—or even his own sick lust—warred against him.

Nakago pushed his pants down over the crest of his hips before ripping the garment in two and flinging it across the room. "Most impressive."

"Nakago, stop." Tamahome pleaded now, his maleness exposed to the crisp prison air and the blonde’s relentless stare.

A sharp slap smashed his face to the dirty floor, sending peels of ringing through his ears. Tamahome peered at the General through squinted eyes.

"Bitches beg for what they want, boy."

Suddenly Nakago’s face contorted with rage and he landed another blow to Tamahome’s other cheek. There hovered the Nakago he remembered.

"Fuck you, kisama!"

Nakago laughed as he unlaced his trousers and stood to kick them off. Their clothes lay in a pile in the corner, greens and blues tangled together. Nakago kneeled over him again, twisting the chains around his fist.

"There. There’s some fight in you yet, Tamahome. It makes breaking you so much more fun!" Wrapping the chains tighter around his fist, Nakago pulled Tamahome flush against him, until their bodies pressed fully upon each other.

Tamahome felt another molten kiss envelope him, and he moaned as Nakago bit and licked at his lips. He struggled, but the other’s hold crushed his strength, and his burning need crushed his resolve. He let Nakago kiss him, let Nakago’s hands roam the length and breadth of his body, teasing and stroking him to insanity.

Nakago unhooked the chain across his belly, and now Tamahome’s arms were bound only to each other, and his legs free to move about. Shock coursed through the Suzaku senshi when he wrapped his own limbs around his most hated foe, and rocked his hips up against the robust thigh between his legs.

"Ah. You do want this, you little whore." Nakago chuckled, then brought his weight down to Tamahome’s weeping ache.

"I hate you!" Tamahome glared up at the water-dragon warrior.

"Yes!" Nakago spread his legs and nestled between them, pressing their lengths together in a seasoned grind of their hips.

Tamahome arched up again, mashing his want into the other’s arousal, desperate for more pressure. He detested himself, his weakness. But his heady lust drowned out all thoughts of his mission, of the others, of sweet Miaka. Right now, he wanted Nakago there, humping between his legs, driving everything of himself away with each thrust, claiming him totally.


Nakago increased his pace, rolling his hips in generous circles until Tamahome began to clutch handfuls of that golden hair.

Suddenly Nakago stopped, a devious smile lurking just below the surface of his lips. The blonde man slid down his body, now slick with sweat, and rested his chin just above Tamahome’s purple shaft.

The water-dragon soldier inhaled deeply, then flicked his tongue over the fleshy head of Tamahome’s penis with obscene precision.

Tamahome screamed as he shot precum into Nakago’s awaiting mouth. He writhed as that expert tongue coated his shaft in hot saliva and stabbed at his sensitive slit. He leaked clear precum continuously now. Threading his hands through Nakago’s hair, he lifted his hips and whimpered.

"Bitches beg, Tamahome. Beg me."

"Mmm! Please," Tamahome whispered.

Nakago laughed before taking the entirety of Tamahome’s lust in his mouth, letting the thick head brush against his soft palate.

Tamahome had never experienced such tight heat, such wet warmth. He came, copious ejaculate streaming down Nakago’s throat. Nakago seemed to relish the pungent flow, savoring every drop. The Seiyuu soldier leaned over Tamahome and kissed him, spreading his spending around his mouth, forcing him to swallow his own sticky seed.

He lay there, panting, waiting to fall back to earth. His soul crashed back into his body and shook like a newborn deer.

"Hmmm." Nakago swallowed sharply. "Like that?"

Tamahome glared, trying to school his breathing back to normal. He could feel himself harden once more, and he cried out. "You bastard! You drugged me!"

Nakago’s eyes flashed. "*Yui* drugged you. I am helping you deal with that. It’s part of your training."

Tamahome gulped. "Training?"

"You belong to Seiyuu now." Nakago pushed him back to the floor, claiming his mouth again in a fiery kiss. "You taste like salt, young senshi. Salt and something else. Something I don’t like."

Tamahome shivered, uncertain as to the penalty for such a crime.

Nakago cocked his head to the side, pondering. "You smell like that girl—your damned Miko." Harsh fingers wound around his hair, snapping his head back. "I want you to taste of me!"

Suddenly Tamahome found his face thrust towards Nakago’s engorged length, the sheer volume alone intimidating. He could smell the musk and arousal emanating from Nakago’s silky groin, and his mouth watered. Damned either way, Tamahome opened his mouth and prayed Nakago would not gag him too badly.

"That’s it. Take it all, bitch." Nakago’s words stung, but his push forward into Tamahome’s mouth began slowly and gently. He eased his cock past Tamahome’s lips, delving softly into the damp cavern, and groaned. "Even better than I’d thought it’d be," Tamahome heard him murmur.

Nakago lowered himself over Tamahome’s trepid face, gradually burying himself to the root. He moaned.

"Now, suck," Nakago commanded.

Tamahome greedily did so, using powerful jaws to clamp around Nakago’s thick cock. He stopped when fingers tugged frantically at his hair.

"Gently, boy! Keep your precious Miko in mind as you work me." Nakago warned. "Anything unpleasant you do to me, I’ll do tenfold to her!"

Tears threatened to spring again, and Tamahome closed his eyes. How had he gotten here? On the dirt floor of a cell in Kodou, sucking off the leader of their greatest enemy? Worse, why did he crave it so? It isn’t just his dick that begged for Nakago’s attention... he wanted the humiliation, the abuse, the pain, the being used like a cheap whore. He supposed he deserved it. And he got what he deserved.

Nakago started fucking his face in earnest now, thrusting his manhood as far as it would go, causing Tamahome to hold his breath and fight his gag reflex. He wanted to die. Perhaps Nakago would let him die...whenever he finished...

Nakago pulled out and peered down at him wantonly. "Tamahome."

Tamahome fully opened his eyes.

"Come here."

With much effort, Tamahome lifted himself to sit in front of the Seiyuu senshi. Nakago opened his arms, and although Tamahome felt unsure as to the sudden gesture, he welcomed it nonetheless. He flew into the general’s arms and sobbed.

Nakago held him, encouraging Tamahome to straddle his waist and curl around him. Tamahome clung to his enemy, lost in a tempest of emotion.

"It hurts, doesn’t it?" Nakago asked softly.

"So much..." Tamahome buried his face into Nakago’s neck.

"I know. I know. You want it to stop but you don’t think you deserve it." Nakago ran his fingers through Tamahome’s long blue braid, working the silken strands out of their simple pattern. "I know. But you need it."

"Yes." Tamahome hiccuped. "Yes, I need it."

"And you want it."

"And I want it."

"And I am your master, and you will serve me."

"And I will serve you!" Tamahome felt the fire burn along his veins, the ice form in his heart. He did not know what he repeated, what he promised. He only new that Nakago’s timbering voice cradled him away from painful memory, gave him a direction and a purpose—to please.

"How, master? How can I please you?" Tamahome whispered.

Nakago laughed softly to himself and wrapped his arms tighter around the Suzaku soldier. "You wish to please me?"

"Oh yes, master! More than anything in the world!"


To show his devotion, Tamahome leaned up and licked at the corners of his master’s lips like a dog.

"Mmmm." Nakago groaned. "Then get on all fours, my faithful slave."

Tamahome bounded out of Nakago’s strong hold, forgetting his dizziness and weakness. He faced away from the blonde General and knelt on all fours, offering himself completely. Wiggling his hips, he moaned for Nakago to join him.

The sharp tip of Nakago’s tongue stabbed his virgin entrance, making him shout. Rough hands parted his smooth buttocks to gain better purchase. Long fingers stretched and pinched his firm globes, making him spread his legs more. Nakago slid his moist tongue up and down the cleft, pausing often to bite at the robust muscles of his bottom. Then Nakago plunged into Tamahome’s hole, wetting it with long, slow stokes.

"Ahh! Ughhh! Na...Nakago!"

"Bitches always beg, Tamahome." Nakago reminded.

Tamahome whined as the last of his dignity scampered away. "Please."

Nakago straightened up and leaned over his back. "Please what?" came the whisper in his ear.

"Please, do it to me. Make me come."

Nakago brought a fierce hand down to smack the twitching mounds so recently bathed in adoration. Blow after blow landed on Tamahome’s sweet round ass, slapping it pink. "Only when I decide you’re ready, bitch! Wakatta?"

Another rain of smacks and Tamahome jerked away. "Yes, master, yes! I understand, Nakago!"

The beating ceased as quickly as it began, and Nakago fondled his sore behind with care. "I should like to use you, little slave. I should like to fuck you until I come deep within you...Tamahome..." Strong hands brushed down his sides, petting him like a dog, and Tamahome could not resist a sigh.

"Yes, master, please. I want it so bad."

Nakago scooped the Ogre up and spooned against him, cupping the boy’s staff with both hands. "Tell your master what you would like. He wants to hear you say it."

Humping into the makeshift tunnel, Tamahome began to pant. He draped his hands up over his head, twining his fingers in Nakago’s blonde mane.

"I want your cock... fucking me... endlessly. Please, please make it stop. Ugh! I need it so bad..."

"Hmmm." Nakago groaned his approval and lowered Tamahome back to his previous position. "Since you asked so nicely..."

Nakago spread the Suzaku warrior’s legs with an impatient thigh and took hold of his own burning erection. Gripping Tamahome’s slender hip, he nudged his cockhead past the virgin gate.

"Oh! Oh!" Tamahome gasped.

Nakago stilled, pausing to widen Tamahome’s asscheeks with his hand. Then he leisurely surged forward until all of him became encapsulated.

Shivers ripped down Tamahome’s spine; his only comfort rested in Nakago’s soothing hands, stroking his sides in a mock compassion.

Nakago pulled out and slid back in, not quite as slow this time, but just as careful. The hands worked his muscles, forcing him to relax. Nakago’s head stretched Tamahome’s virginal ring, forcing him to receive more of his enemy’s meaty tool.

With great care, Nakago propelled upwards, scraping against Tamahome’s pleasure center.

"AHHHHHH!" Tamahome lunged back, impaling himself on Nakago’s girth.

Nakago sighed, apparently satisfied with finding Tamahome’s weak node. The water-dragon’s servant branded his ass with merciless thrusts. He pounded deeply into the quaking boy beneath him, making sure to hit that spongy nub every time.

Every gasp from Tamahome seemed to encourage more rigorous fucking from Nakago, so Tamahome sputtered and cried out in abandon. To be taken this way, like a bitch in heat, thoroughly fucked without any consideration... the desire consumed Tamahome wholly.

"Yes! Harder! Harder, master!"

Nakago sat back on his knees and grasped a chunk of wavy blue hair, twisting Tamahome’s spine to arch like a bow. The General tattooed that big prick into his wanton little ass, thrusting so sharply that Tamahome’s knees began to bleed. He didn’t care. He liked the pain. Pain meant he pleased his master. Oh! Oh! To please his master, he would do anything.

"Anything....anything you want, Nakago..." He panted.

"Yes!" Nakago pushed him to the floor, until his entire body lay flat upon the earthy ground. He spread his legs and lifted his rump, helping Nakago hump into him with short, empty thrusts. Squeezing the inner walls of his cheeks, Tamahome smiled at Nakago’s startled cry.

Nakago lowered his frame, sinking his teeth into Tamahome’s shoulder. The boy cried out and raked his nails through the dust and dirt. Writhing, twisting, bucking to feel it more, Tamahome lifted both of their bodies and thrust back to meet his master’s pulsing cock.

"Don’t stop, master. Don’t let me come! I want more...more of you!"

Nakago moaned low in his throat and deliberated his slamming hips. "You want more of it, bitch?"


Tamahome sobbed in frustration when his master pulled out, flipping him over unto his raw and bleeding back. But his cries were soon answered, and his precious Seiyuu warrior covered him with his warm, throbbing flesh. Tamahome ground their manhoods together, whimpering in supplication. "Want to...want to please you..."

"Lift your legs," Nakago whispered.

Unsure, Tamahome raised his long slender limbs. Nakago pushed the backs of his thighs up to his heaving chest and then draped them over broad, marble shoulders.

Again, the cock he worshipped pushed at his opening, and Tamahome bucked up to aid its encasement. The thick, dripping penis resumed its heady cadence of dominance and desire, splitting the Ogre into a thousand pieces, and reforming him into a new creature altogether.

"Yes, yes, darling...mmmm...."

Nakago smiled at the endearment and bent to kiss him. The water-dragon warrior’s hand went to task, stroking Tamahome closer to ecstasy. His sweet master huddled over him, pounding into his chasm, pleasuring his flesh, driving him towards a plane of fulfillment. His loyalty would never waiver, from this day on.

"Oh! Master! I’m going to come."

"Not yet. You may not come yet." Nakago smacked his buttocks again to reinforce the order.

Tamahome licked his lips and nodded his understanding.

"What are you, Tamahome?" Nakago asked between thrusts.

"I’m your bitch. Your slave!"

Nakago stroked his dick more firmly. "And who do you belong to?"


A swift slap on his ass told him he had answered incorrectly.

"Yui sama?"

"Yes." Gentle kisses were planted on his brow as Nakago humped directly over his prostate.

"Oh...oh master! Please, please, please!"

"What do bitches like you do, Tamahome?"

"Beg!" Tamahome openly cried now, the flood of semen in his testicles aching for release.

"Yes! Beg me!"

"Please!" he wailed. "Please let me come, Nakago sama! Sweet, beautiful master, fuck me till I come!"

Nakago kissed him hard then, and gripped his ankles. Pulling his legs skyward until his tender rear raised off the floor, Nakago slammed his cock into Tamahome with strokes of lightning.

"Ahhh! Nakago!" Tamahome screamed, unloading his essence all over Nakago’s rippling chest and abdomen. His muscles clamped tightly around Nakago, making the man grit his teeth and moan.

"So fucking tight!" Nakago barked as he pulsed inside his slave, spurting his hot cream deep within Tamahome’s bowels. A great blue light engulfed the tiny cell, strobing as violently as the senshi released his ki.

They collapsed, Nakago tumbling unto Tamahome, breathing deeply of each other’s scent. Tamahome wrapped his arms around Nakago’s neck, nuzzling where he could.

Nakago kept his face buried in Tamahome’s shoulder for a long time, his breath coming in controlled gasps. Finally he lifted his face and stared at Tamahome.

Tamahome looked up at his beloved master, wondering what came next. Did he do well? More to be done?

Nakago straightened and got up off the floor. Without a word, he picked up his clothes and put them back on. When dressed, he turned his gaze on the huddling, naked form of the Suzaku senshi.


Tamahome’s head jerked up.

"You have pleased me well. Tonight I shall send you food and drink. And I will visit you tomorrow. You need to learn about enduring pain."

Tamahome slinked over to Nakago and rubbed his head against the man’s dampened crotch. "Yes, master, should it please you."

Nakago petted his hair, and Tamahome decided he loved the feel of his master’s rewards.

"Good little bitch. You serve me well. You must serve me in one more thing, Tamahome. But we will discuss that later. For now, there are only two rules."

Tamahome quit his nuzzling and gazed up at Nakago.

"You will obey me. And you will never tell Yui sama of this... arrangement. Is that clear?"

Tamahome leapt up to his knees and encircled Nakago’s waist with loving arms. "Yes, master!"


Tamahome obeyed, a slight shiver coursing through him in the aftermath of passion.

Nakago kissed him softly, tilting his head slightly. The General wrapped his arms about the peacock’s soldier for a long time, simply tasting the boy’s depths.

"Mmmm. You taste so good, master." Tamahome said as their lips separated.

"Yes. And now you taste like me." Nakago pressed his lips to Tamahome’s temple. "Rest. And eat when they bring you your dinner. I will come to you tomorrow."

"Yes, master." The dejection in the boy’s voice so transparent Nakago chuckled. "Desirous of me again so soon, slave?"

Tamahome brightened. "Oh yes, master. I do not like being left alone. Memories come... when I am alone."

Nakago frowned. "I see. Perhaps, if you think you can behave, you can sleep with me tonight?"

"Oh yes, master! Yes, yes, yes! I promise I can... behave..."

Nakago ran a hand down Ogre’s face, playfully brushing his thumb against his lower lip. "Yes, I think I’ll keep you with me, while you're mine. Come."

Tamahome dashed for his tattered clothing but Nakago stopped him with a sharp yank on his chain.

"You will not need them." The General detached the chains from the wall and lifted them casually over his shoulder. "Come."

Tamahome made to follow.

"On all fours, my pretty little bitch."

Tamahome lowered himself to the ground and sat at his master’s heel, pleased to see his master’s nod of approval. It felt so good to kneel.