Blood Kisses
by Dark Ki (

Chapter 5: Eyes Awakened

Warning! This story contains language, violence and GRAPHIC descriptions of yaoi (sexual acts between two men), as well as some bondage and non-consensual stuff. If you are not 18 or if you are offended easily, please do not read this! If you chose to ignore this warning, I will not be held responsible for any psychiatric care you require. ^_^ I will also ignore any flames that you send because you feel that Squall and Zell do not make a cute couple or because you hate yaoi. (Face it: there's a LOT of us yaoi fic-writers out there who do what we like, and this IS on a yaoi site, after all! At least, it SHOULD be, unless someone else put it where it doesn't belong.) This fic is a MAJOR what-if; don't be surprised if almost nothing in here fits into the FFVIII storyline. Thanks to Miracle Shining for her inspiration on this one, too. You just rock, Miracle-san! Thanks also to Serdar for his inspiration; a little of the blackness of Dark Age got in here, I think! ^_^ (Note for this chapter: you find out this Squall's real name, which I got from an excellent baby-naming site online. I won't tell you what it is, but it's Celtic for "like a lion.")

"You mean we're under the liquor store?!"

Squall smiled. "What better place for it?"

"Why do I get the feeling that red wine I was servin' to the regs wasn't wine?"

"Probably because it's not. It's animal blood, distilled with wine and herbs to kill the smell. It doesn't do anything for us nutrition-wise, but it provides a mildly intoxicating feeling."

Zell swore he was turning green. "That's... that's...."

"You'd better get used to it. You're gonna be drinking my blood soon, even though it only happens once. And as my Chalice, you'll have me drinking from you constantly."

"I'm scared, Squall."

Squall held him close and kissed him gently on the forehead. "It'll be okay, I promise. I hold a lot of influence in both groups, even though I'm not a Vintner."


"They're a council of former Claret Chalices that maintain order in the Chalice group. they also admit and train new Chalices. Normally, I'd act as a sponsor to anyone I bring to them, but they'd have the final say of whether or not that person would be admitted. I had to call in a few favors in your case, since normally getting permission to create a Absinthe Chalice is almost impossible because the risks are so high."


Squall sighed. This was the question he'd been dreading. "If we go through with this, I'll be altered by what they do to both of us. That means that I won't be able to feed off anyone else. If I try, I'll just vomit up the blood. But I'll get more energy from you than I can get from anyone else right now."

"What about me? Somehow, I know there's somethin' you're leavin' out."

"Please believe me... the only reason I didn't tell you this is because I didn't want you to worry...."

"Spill it! It's not fair for you to keep me in the dark and you know it!"

"You're right... I'm sorry."

Zell's eyes softened. "It's okay. Just tell me."

"Well... the telepathic bond we'd share is very strong. We'll be able to read each other's minds, feel each other's emotions, even share physical sensations. It's so intense that it's like sharing one mind and one soul, like our bodies are just extensions of the same entity."

"Man... is that dangerous?"

"It can be, but I've been told it can also be the most intensely pleasurable thing you'll ever know."

"What if one of us... dies?"

Zell felt Squall tense immediately, his breath catching in his throat. It was all the answer he needed.

"The other one would die, too, wouldn't he?"

Squall nodded. "It'd be hard to kill you and even harder to kill me, but if one does die, the other follows. It's even possible for both of us to die if we're not right for each other, since our minds would clash to the point of damage. But it's not gonna happen. I promise."

Zell leaned against Squall, feeling like a child in the arms of the older man. Hell, he was a child compared to this nightwalking being.

But if I do this, I'll be immortal, too. Someday, I'll be his age and I won't look any different than I do now.

Suddenly, a young woman with a honey-blond hair that hung to her waist walked up to them, her hips swaying gracefully. She wore a short silk dress the color of red grapes, and a black leather belt shaped like tiny overlapping grape leaves cinched the material at her slender waist. Her green eyes sparkled merrily at the sight of the two boys.

"My, my," she purred, and her voice was as smooth as the honey of her hair. "You two do make a cute couple."

Squall smiled. "Angelique, this is Zell Dincht. Zell, this is Angelique... my mother."

Zell's mouth dropped open. "M-- mother?! She doesn't look a day over twenty-five!"

Angelique laughed. "Flatterer! I was almost forty when I was changed. Now I'm pushing one-fifty."

"You... you mean you're...."

"What, did you think this strapping young man was my real son? Oh, he could've been, but no, I just changed him. My pride and joy." She beamed, and Squall blushed.

"Angelique is the one who pulled most of the strings with the Vintners. You're the first Absinthe Chalice candidate in my lifetime, and the first of any Chalice candidates to be initiated without training from the council."

"He's the first in my lifetime, too. I still can't believe they're letting you initiate him right away, but I guess it's because of all the favors they owe you." She leaned forward a little, speaking to Zell with a conspiratorial stage whisper. "Your lover here saved our butts more times than we can count."

Zell blushed. "Lover? But we haven't...."

Angelique winked. "Maybe not yet, but you will." She turned to Squall, who was also rather red. "Take it easy with the poor boy. Wouldn't want to break him the first night. I'll see you two in the council chambers!" With that, she sauntered off.

"Nice lady," Zell commented, still flushed.

Squall covered his eyes with a hand in exasperation. "And you thought I was kinky. She's a hundred times worse. But she's a good person, and the first woman I ever loved."

"You mean you two were...?!"

Squall dropped his hand. "Why do you think she changed me? We were lovers for the last year I was human, and the first twelve I spent as a vampire. Now we're just friends and family to each other, and that's satisfaction enough for both of us. She'll like having you in the family."

"She seems cool." Zell instinctively took Squall's hand, and Squall could feel him shaking. "Squall, what if they say no? What if somethin' goes wrong?"

"It won't. They owe me. Besides, you and I already have a bond that goes beyond the blood we shared, and they'll see it immediately." He gave Zell's hand a gentle squeeze. "Come on, let's go get this over with."


Zell swallowed and shifted his weight nervously. He could feel the scrutinizing stares of six pairs of eyes burning through him. Three men and three women... all of them appeared young, but there was great age and great wisdom in their noble but cold eyes.

"And this is the young man you wish to bond yourself to, Llewellyn?" one of the men asked.

Zell blinked and looked at Squall, who nodded. There was a faint hint of color in his cheeks; Zell sensed that he wasn't used to being called by his real name.

How did I know that... oh man, the link! If it's this strong already....

"What do you base your claim to this human on?" A dark-haired woman spoke this time, resting her chin on her folded hands and looking not at Squall, but at Zell.

Squall cleared his throat. "I know this hasn't been done in centuries, but I'm invoking soulbond."

That sent the six into a flurry of conversation.

"Soulbond? There's never been any basis of proof for such a thing!"

"It's been tossed around casually before, and look what happened!"

".. enough deaths a millennium ago from mismatched pairs who thought they were soulmates...."

"Please!" Squall begged. "I know it sounds utterly ridiculous to you, but this is not a game. It's very real, and I plead with you to sanction it!"

Another of the men raised his voice. "Llewellyn, you know what happens when if a mismatched pair attempts a bonding. To lose you in such a tragedy would be a serious blow to both circles."

"I know the risks, and I'm prepared to face them."

"What about your partner?"

All six pairs of eyes focused back onto Zell, and he felt himself break into a cold sweat.

"I... I want to do this as much as he does. He told me about the risks, but I don't care."

"You sound anxious, boy. Perhaps you've been coerced into this with promises of immortality and luxury?"

Something flared in Zell's chest, making him tremble. His hands curled into fists as he realized that it was his own rage, spurred on by the fear and despair he felt from Squall.

I won't let them separate us, Squall....

"Are you all really that jaded?!" he cried, actually making a few of the council members jump. "You guys can't see how we feel about each other, can you?! People didn't trust me because they only saw me get pissed and fight back, but they never asked for my side of the story! Squall gave me a job when no one else would. He was nice to me... treated me like a person instead of a monster!" Angry tears rolled down his face, but he didn't even notice. "After all the years my dad beat me up for likin' guys, Squall was the first guy who touched me that didn't make me feel dirty! And now you wanna keep us apart... how cruel can you be?!"

By this time, he was sobbing so hard that he could barely talk, and the entire council looked worried. Zell didn't care one bit. "I don't care what you try, but you're not separatin' us... not now, not ever! I love him!"

With that, he flung himself against Squall and wept uncontrollably. Squall hugged him tightly and rested his cheek on top of Zell's head, not giving a damn that it was highly against protocol. The council sat in dead silence for several minutes.

Then the dark-haired woman got to her feet.

"Llewellyn... no, Squall... please be careful. This is a rare young man you've found, and you'd do well to treat him with honor."

"I'd never do anything less than that," Squall's voice quavered with emotion and he swayed slightly with Zell as if rocking a child to sleep.

"Then go in peace. We wish you both well."

Again, it was breaking protocol, but Squall was too stunned and joyous to care. He swept Zell into his arms and carried him from the chambers toward the room they'd been assigned.


Zell sighed as Squall laid him on the softest bed he'd ever been in, sitting on the edge beside him. The sheets were cool, wine-colored silk, but they were nothing compared to the feeling of Squall's hands sliding under his shirt to massage his chest. Zell gasped, shivering a little.

"Nervous?" Squall asked softly.

"Yeah, a little." Zell closed his eyes. "Okay, a lot. Squall, I'm... I've never done it with a guy before."

"I know, but remember how easily you moved with me on the dance floor? You just let your instincts take over, and you did very well. That's why I think this is right for both of us."

"Do we have to... you know...?"

"The bond needs a lot of power to open all the way... raw, unfiltered emotions. This is the only way we know that works, and it also shows that we trust each other. This kind of pairing takes a great deal of trust." Squall ran his fingertips over Zell's nipples, making the boy gasp louder, his slim body twitching. "It's the most intense feeling you'll ever have, and when it's over, we'll be together."

"Promise not... to hurt me...," Zell whimpered, unable to keep himself from arching up a little into Squall's hands.

"I'd never hurt you, Zell." Squall kept playing with Zell's nipples as he reached over to retrieve a small glass of greenish-black liquid from the nightstand. He tossed it back in one swallow, making a horrible face as he set the empty glass down. "God, that crap is awful."

"What is it?"

"It's the stuff that'll alter my blood once it gets into your body, though it won't affect the blood I drink from you. It's bitter to me, but you wouldn't taste it at all if you kissed me." Squall stood up and stripped off his leather vest, tossing it over one of the bedroom's overstuffed chairs, then started unlacing the front of his pants. "Do you want to take off your own clothes, or...?"

"I... I'll do it...." Zell sat up and pulled off his boots, socks, and tank top. But when he went to unbutton his shorts, his hands were shaking too badly to do it. "Squall... I... I...."

"I know," Squall whispered, sitting on the bed. With a start, Zell realized the man was completely nude. "I can feel it. You want me to help you?"

Zell nodded and laid back, closing his eyes. He could still see the afterimage of Squall's slender, powerful, pale-skinned form in the darkness behind his eyelids. He took slow, deep breaths, squeaking only a little as he felt Squall open his pants and lift his hips off the bed enough to pull them down off his legs, along with his boxers. He shivered. "Why is it so cold in here?"

"Because our body temperatures are going to go higher than they normally would during sex. This way we won't get sick from the heat. Don't worry, you won't be cold in a few minutes."

Zell's heart started beating faster than ever; he was surprised that Squall couldn't hear it.

"I can. Just relax."

Zell took a few more deep breaths. Man, are my senses gonna be that strong after this?

Suddenly, Squall's hands ran slowly up Zell's legs and over his stomach to his chest as the man settled himself carefully over the young blond. Zell gasped, his eyes snapping open, and he found himself staring into a pair of eyes that were more violet than blue, then more crimson than violet. Squall's pale lips parted, and Zell saw a flash of sharp, pearly fangs.

"Oh god...," he whimpered fearfully.

Squall licked his lips and began to mutter a string of liquid-sounding syllables under his breath, and Zell found he could understand them.

"Ii'thai marlil kea vassia...."

He's prayin' for us...! 'Seal us together for all time....'

Squall brought his mouth closer to Zell's throat, until the blond felt his cool breath against his skin as he whispered the last words.

"... makati delial svasatta illoria...."

'... protect us and keep us as a joined whole, one body, mind, and soul....' Oh god please let me be strong enough...!

Then Squall's fangs swiftly pierced the soft flesh of his throat and he screamed, arching up off the bed as an unbearable heat swept through him like a wildfire, radiating in sharp spikes from the two needles of ivory in his artery, roaring through every nerve until they were burned raw, left bare and bleeding, and the blood only fed Squall's hunger and made him draw harder until he was sucking out Zell's soul....


And the pain was delicious as it took him in its talons and dragged him through a flaming night sky, a white-hot sun flaring in his belly and pale moonfire stabbing swords of inhuman ecstasy through his thundering heart until his screams were mingled with laughter and the eight alien words of Squall's prayer echoed over and over again from his own lips, and he became incapable of any thought but a silent plea for Squall to never stop, not even after he'd taken his entire soul because it was Squall's and always had been and always would be....

Squall's fangs slid free of his throat and he licked the wounds closed. The vampire gasped with fatigue as he clung to the hysterical blond. Zell stared up at him with sparkling eyes, still gasping with laughter. "Are you okay?"

"Oh man...," Zell panted. "I gotta major problem down south, and it's about to go off...!"

"Well...." Squall grinned mischievously. "While I'm waiting for that blood to settle, I think I can take care of that."

Zell groaned loudly as Squall slid back until his face was even with the blond's crotch. The vampire purred, smiling as he let his lover's shaft brush against the silky skin of his cheek. Zell shivered and bit his lip, seizing the sheets in one hand and Squall's thick hair in the other.

"Oh god... don't tease me...!"

"Alright, then...."

Zell felt his head press against Squall's lips for a moment, and then his length was enveloped by hot, tight wetness, caught between two sharp fangs, caressed by a warm tongue and a cold piercing. He cursed loudly, his hips thrusting up against the vampire's face as Squall worked him with all of his skill. He didn't care that it was a man swallowing his shaft. All that mattered was that he loved Squall with a depth that defied words, and that this act felt more right than anything he'd ever done. His curses became pleading moans as he continued to buck up into Squall's wonderful mouth, feeling the man's hands slide under him to cup his ass as he arched in a quivering bow above the bed. Over and over again, Squall brought him to the brink and slammed him down again, until finally he was pleading for mercy. Then and only then did his lover hold his hips up and suckle hard at him until Zell wailed and spilled his heat into Squall's waiting mouth.

Zell collapsed back with a sigh, his chest heaving with exertion. "Damn...."

Squall laid him back on the bed, licking his lips. "Just as good as I remember you." He pulled himself back up, tucking his lean form along Zell's side. His fingertips traced lazy, swirling patterns over the boy's chest and stomach, around his nipples and dipping into his navel. "Enjoying yourself yet?"

"Hell yeah...," Zell whispered, his eyelids drooping and a silly grin on his face.

"Hey now... don't go to sleep on me!" Squall laughed. "We're not done yet."

"We're not?"

"No." Squall smiled as he nudged Zell's legs apart. "The best is yet to come."

Zell watched as Squall picked up a small glass bottle from the nightstand. He trapped the stopper between his teeth and pulled it free, tipping a little of the oil contained within the bottle into his left hand. The scent of sweet herbs tickled Zell's nose. Squall managed to get the stopper back in and set the bottle aside, holding the little puddle of oil in his cupped palm. With a wicked grin, he dipped two fingers on his right hand into the oil and rubbed them in little circles over Zell's virgin entry.

Zell gasped and wriggled, laughing softly even as he whimpered. "It tickles!"

"Feels good, too, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, it does... oh...!" Zell's hips left the bed again as Squall slowly pushed a slick finger into him, followed by the other. "Oh god, what're you doin'...?!"

"Just working this oil into you so this doesn't hurt."

Squall moved his fingers in and out, making sure the oil reached in deep enough. He smiled as he felt Zell clamp down rhythmically on his fingers, the blond's breath rough between his lips and getting faster with each thrust. The boy whimpered as Squall withdrew, his eyes closed from the sheer pleasure his lover was lavishing on him. Squall smoothed the rest of the oil onto his own length, tensing and sucking in a sharp breath as the touch on his hypersensitive nerves sent shivers through him. He settled himself over Zell, feeling the rise and fall of the body under him as Zell breathed and squirmed sensuously.


Zell nodded, and the hard column of flesh pressing against his entry suddenly pressed a little harder and slipped inside him. Zell rocked back, digging his nails into the sheets.

"Oh fuck...," he groaned.

It burned like crazy, but there was a sweetness to the burning that fired up his spine and into his head, making him dizzy. Squall pushed in deeper, until Zell felt his abdomen mold to the vampire's. When Squall began to move slowly, Zell's lips parted for another breathless curse, but Squall's mouth captured his and their tongues tangled together like vines. His own bitter saltiness on Squall's tongue was the most exquisite thing he'd ever tasted. Squall rocked against him with long, slow strokes, his stomach rubbing against Zell's still-hard length. Zell's arms wrapped around Squall, his nails curling into the pale, muscled back. Squall tore his mouth away and rolled them both over, his hands gripping Zell's slender hips. Zell braced his hands on Squall's shoulders and stared down at him with glazed, wide eyes.

"See the knife on the table?" Squall gasped.

Zell nodded.

"Make a small nick somewhere on me and start drinking."

Zell reached over and picked up the short blade, trying to ignore the feeling of Squall buried within him as he surveyed the vampire's pale chest. The tip of the knife settled over Squall's left nipple and made an inch-long slash in the skin. Garnet, almost black blood welled up. The blond tossed the knife aside and bent over his lover in a sharp arch, covering wound, nipple, and ring with his mouth as his hips began to rock again. Squall moaned and thrust back against him, feeling the boy sucking at the cut as his tongue played with the piercing. The black-haired man just relaxed and closed his eyes, letting his hips and his lover's do all the work, the warmth of love for this boy washing over him.

Several minutes later, when Zell's nails dug into his shoulders, Squall opened his eyes, instantly matching the frantic pace of the blond's body. His fair skin had already taken on a strange pallor that was not quite vampiric, except for the band of aroused red across his cheeks and the bridge of his nose, and as he tore his lips away from the healed wound, Squall caught a glimpse of Zell's blue-gray eyes. Their color was almost metallic, the gray like a translucent film of silver over the intensified blue. Those eyes were haunted, mindless and tortured by passion as Zell flung back his head and pushed himself down one more time, his inner muscles coiling around Squall like a python as he cried out. Squall bit back a shriek as he thrust up, orgasming with such force that spots of light danced before his eyes. They hung there, suspended like a pair of conjoined angels, until Squall sagged back onto the bed and Zell collapsed atop him with a desperate, weary sigh.

Squall was the only one with any measure of strength left, and so he rolled them onto their sides, withdrawing slowly from the spasming body of his lover. Zell made a soft sound, his lashes fluttering delicately against his cheeks as Squall flipped him yet again so he could spoon up against Zell's back. His powerful arms held the sleeping boy close; he pressed his face into the sweet, golden hair and fell into a deep slumber awash with his lover's dreams.

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