Howdy everyone!! I'm back with yet another offering of male/male action [Run homophobes!! Flee in terror!!....and take that 16 year old who refuses to take a hint with you.]  It involves the vastly underapprecitated, completely hot-headed, and totally adorable Zell Dincht.  It also contains drug use, and sex between consenting minors, now I know not everyone will agree with my opinions, but if you're smart enough to read this you should be intelligent enough to make wise decisions about those subjects. Anyway, please enjoy and tell me what you think. (If you're an artist, I wouldn't mind a visual *hint*hint*).   Okay, legal stuff....I don't Final Fantasy VIII or it's charcters, I didn't get paid to write this, I didn't ask permission to write this, and suing me would be pointless.  This story contains graphic depictions of sex [well duh!!] so no reading it if you aren't supposed to....okay?

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Casual Otaku


Zell Dincht was upset, no, better to say he was pissed. He'd gotten knocked out in his most recent battle and it was grating on his nerves. He absolutely hated loosing, it reminded him of all the times he was teased as a boy. As soon as Dr. Kadowaki had let him out of the Infirmary, he'd made a beeline for the Training Center. *Just need some more practice.* he thought, as he warmed up with a little shadow boxing before going inside. He was totally unaware that someone had followed him and was even now watching from the benches with cool blue eyes and a feral smile.

Deciding he'd warmed up enough Zell cracked his neck with one quick pop to each side and went through the heavy metal doors. "You never give up do you Zell?" whispered his observer, before they stood up and quietly followed the young man inside. "It should be fun to see if I can get you."  The person paused just inside the entrance, as the doors slammed shut behind him. *Now which way did you go?* A loud victorious cry of  "Booya!!" rang from the passageway to the right. *Heh, there you are. You're way too loud for your own good Zell.*

The hot-headed youth in question was currently crowing over his latest victory. It had taken him less than a minute to knock out the hapless monster and shove it's body off the path. "Yeah, that's it baby! I rock!" he laughed aloud.

"Now that's the overstatement of the year." called a voice. Zell spun around to the intruder, fists at the ready. "What'd you say?!?" then he noticed who had spoken. "SEIFER!! What the hell are you doin' here?" The swordsman shrugged, "The Training Center is open to everyone, especially future SeeDs." Zell gritted his teeth and bit out, "You're not a SeeD yet Seifer."

He just smiled at him, enjoying the look of frustrated anger on his face. "Not yet, but we all know I will be after next month's test." Zell dropped out of his fighting stance and crossed his arms, "Feh, cocky bastard." The smile didn't fade, "Now, now Dincht. That's no way to speak to the head of the diciplinary commitee, especially when you're roaming around after hours." Zell fought to keep from calling the guy every dirty name in the book. Seifer could be a real asshole, and he did have the power to make his life a lot more miserable than it need be, so he simply glared.

"I suppose, I could write you up...but I'm feeling generous. I know you need all the practice you can get, so I'm going to help you." Zell couldn't stand that, he wasn't about to owe this guy any favors. "I don't need any help from you Seifer." That annoying smile just grew larger. "Oh, but you do. Unless you want to fight that T-Rexaur all by yourself."

Zell froze and looked over his shoulder as the huge red beast shambled around the corner, sending shockwaves through the grass-covered floor. "SHIT, why the fuck do they let those things stay in here?!?" growled the fighter as he dodged the tail that swung towards his head. Seifer let out an annoyingly arrogant laugh and replied, "Not everyone's a weakling like you Zelly, some of us actually have talent and need a challenge."

Zell turned around with the intention of making a comeback, but the second he lowered his guard the dinosaur landed a blow that sent him flying into the wall. Seifer sent a worried glance at the fighter when he heard the metallic thump, but Zell was already shaking his head and wobbly getting back to his feet . *Good only stunned, I don't want you hurt too much for what I have planned.*  The swordman jumped in and blocked the creature's next attack, tempting it away from Zell. He began a series of dodges and slashes, grunting as the occasional blow grazed him. Then he noticed Zell charging up his ki and just managed to dive out of the way as the battle crazed fighter unleashed his limit break.

He truly was a marvel when he was like this. Seifer hadn't ever seen him at his best. The furious combo of punches and kicks was just as beautiful as it was deadly. The monster shook it's head slightly stunned from the attack, and Zell slumped with exhaustion. The swordman didn't waste any time, he tossed the fighter over his shoulder, ignoring the weak protest and ran. Despite his bravado, Seifer knew he wasn't really powerful enough to take out the creature on his own.

When he felt they were a safe distance away he found a secluded area of the forest-like setting and set the fighter down with a surprising amount of gentleness. Zell winced as he held his battered ribs, and wiped the blood off his brow, wishing he could wipe away his shame as easily. He'd come a hairsbreadth away from being knocked out yet again, and in front of Seifer no less.

The swordman reached inside his coat and pulled out a small bottle filled with a dark blue liquid. He held Zell's neck and tilted the contents up to his lips. "Drink." he said giving the fighter a stern look. Zell fought down the urge to disobey out of pure stubborness, *Come on Zell. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face.* He opened his mouth and let the thick, bitter liquid flow down his throat. He hissed as the Potion sent flames of heat through his blood. The bleeding started to slow to a stop as the medicine did it's job. The wounds began to close and knit, until all that was left were pale bruises.

Seifer noted the process with satisfaction. It was a good thing the wounds were shallow, it would have been a shame to scar that beautiful face, and he'd always felt fond of this young man. Unfortunately, it had a habit of manifesting itself as an irresistable urge to tease the guy. He decided he would try to say something nice for a change...."I told you, you would need my help Zelly." *Damn, did it again!* he thought as Zell's eyes narrowed. "I didn't ask for your help Seifer, and don't call me Zelly!!" Seifer grinned, he just loved that stubborn streak, the guy had a lot of spirit.

"Oh? So, you wanted me to leave you nearly unconcious with a raging beast who was determined to have you for dinner?" Zell stiffened and turned his head away. He really hated having to accept assistance from this guy, but he knew Seifer was right. If he hadn't helped the dino would have eaten him, like he ate a hot dog. "Thanks." he mumbled, not meeting that ice blue gaze. Seifer's eyes softened slightly, he really did like this guy. It had been a bit of a shock when he'd realized, it was sexual attraction as well, but it hadn't distubed him as much as he thought it might. He only wished Zell could feel the same way.

The young fighter had never had a love interest, and all he ever seemed to do was eat, train, and read those muscle mags. Seifer had watched him transform himself from a chubby little kid to the buff young man before him. The pure determination behind that act alone was impressive. The fact that he was also a first class fighter was even more so. He'd spent the last few months looking for an opportunity just like this. Zell would never have let him get so close if he weren't hurt. Now all he had to do was figure out a way to see a little more skin, maybe even get a quick taste. His thoughts were intterrupted when the fighter stood up and began to stretch, working out the kinks and soreness.

Then he bent over to stretch his hamstrings, giving Seifer a very nice glimpse of his backside. He blushed a little as a few very vivid dreams about that butt floated to the surface of his mind. *Okay, down boy. We don't want to freak him out just yet.* The slowly stiffening erection didn't pay him a bit of attention and contiuned it's way to it's full 8 inch glory, straining against his zipper. He sent a silent thanks to the powers that be that he wore a long coat when Zell came up beside him and tapped his shoulder saying "I'm going to bed now Seifer, are you coming?" Seifer's mind went blank a moment as he thought he was being invited to Zell's bedroom. Zell noticed the odd look and thought about what he'd just said. *Ugh, talk about your Fruedian slips....* "The guards aren't likely to bug me if you escort me back."

Seifer suppressed the twinge of disappointment. "Sure, but you'll owe me Zelly." Zell stomped a foot and crossed his arms, "Should've know I couldn't expect you to be cool about it, and stop calling me Zelly." The swordsman let the insult slide, it would be nice to walk with the guy for a while. "Hey, I already saved your ass once, and those potions aren't all that easy to come by in this place." Zell flushed a bit at the reminder, he really did owe the guy. "How about you agree to spar with me tommorow? It's been a while since I've practiced with anyone other than Squall, and the guy is way too moody for my tastes." Zell grinned and gave the thumbs up. "You got a deal, say 2100, same place?" Seifer nodded. He'd had plans, but he would cancel them. "Fine, now come on. I'll get your sorry ass past the guards."

The next day Seifer went to the Training Center and found Zell was already there, shadow boxing as usual. The swordman did his best to stop the small smile that wanted to come to his lips. He didn't think he'd ever get tired of seeing him do that. The quick jabs, the bouncing gait, it was all so...cool. Zell stopped his warm up and slammed a fist into his palm as he cracked his neck with a quick tilt to both sides. "Yo, Seifer. Let's do this!!" *As eager as always, it's really too bad I can't let you win.* Seifer thought as he nodded and led the way inside.

Zell watched Seifer's back as he followed the swordman to the agreed upon location. He'd spent a good part of last night thinking about the guy. He was having trouble understanding why it was so important that this one person respect him. He could usually shrug off other people's insults with one of his own or a threat to rearrange certain body parts, but Seifer's insults truly bugged him. He really wanted to impress the man, he wanted to hear him say that.....*That what? That he thinks I'm cool? That he likes me?* The thoughts had stayed with him into sleep, and he'd woken up that morning to half-remembered dreams and wet underwear. *Do I...like him?* Zell shook his head, the tension of trying to work out the answers was giving him a headache. Besides, Seifer had stopped walking and was turning to face him.

Seifer looked at Zell and puzzled over the sudden blush. He'd never seen him blush before, it was quite attractive, but so very odd. He couldn't think of anything or anyone that could shake that unflappable attitude. As far as he knew Zell operated on two emotions, insanely cheerful, or throuroughly pissed. *Oh well, might as well get this over with.* "Okay Zelly, I'm ready, give me everything you got." Zell didn't even bother to chew him out over the pet name, he just jumped at the swordman and put all of his frustration into his fists.

His opponent staggered a little at the unexpected ferocity. He just barely blocked a solid blow to his throat, and grunted at the force of the impact. *Damn it, that could have killed me if it connected.* "Holy shit Zell, what, the fuck, is, your, problem?" grunted Seifer as he contiuned to fend off the attack. Zell gritted his teeth and growled, "I'm just doin' what you asked, Seifer. I'm not holding back." The next few blows got through and the swordsman fell to the ground watching blood drip from a split lip onto his black gloves. Seifer eyes glinted dangerously as he got back to his feet, "Fine! Then I won't either." The swordman pulled back his hand and called on his favorite spell, Zell's breath whooshed out as the fireball stuck him in the belly. Then Seifer's gunblade was swinging towards him and all he knew was darkness.

Seifer stared at the unconciouss fighter, and tried to rein in his warring emotions. He'd wanted to punish the guy for hurting him, but at the same time he regretted having hurt him this badly. The fire spell had singed away most of his clothes and the gunblade had ripped away a good bit of what was left. The few remaining scraps still smoked slightly, barely keeping the fighter decent. Seifer laughed self-conciously as desire rose to the forefront and drowned out the anger. *Damn it Zell, even when you piss me off you turn me on.*

He slumped down next to the unconscious fighter and looked at that gorgeous body. It was amazing he hadn't burned any skin. *I guess the clothes took all the damage.* He did however have a rather nasty slice across his left shoulder from the gunblade. Zell was in no shape to drink a potion right now, so he'd have to treat this the old fashioned way. He tore away the remaining scraps of cloth and used them to mop up the blood, before forming a rough bandage that left the young man completely naked. Seifer shrugged off his coat and covered Zell up, as much as he wanted to explore, this really wasn't the place.

Seifer went over to the wall and activated a secret panel. One good thing about being on the disceplenary committee, he knew all the hidden passageways students used to sneak into this area at night, and a few they didn't. He used one of these now, cradling Zell in his arms like a man carries his bride. It was a surreal scene as he walked along the dimly lit corridor with the object of his affection curled against him. He wouldn't have beleived it was really happening if he didn't feel Zell's soft even breath flowing along his throat.

He managed to make it to his room without incident, breathing a sigh of releif that Raijin had been sent elsewhere on assignment. He set Zell down on his bed, covered him with the sheets, and removed the coat. The lining was slightly stained near the shoulders but he didn't mind, even if it never washed out it wouldn't be visible on the outside. He went back to the door and locked it before opening the nightstand and pulling out first aid supplies. He sat down beside his paitent and began to clean the wound as best he could. He really didn't want to explain to Dr. Kadowaki why he was walking around with a butt naked Zell well past curfew.

Thankfully the wound didn't seem to be as bad as he first suspected. There was just an unusually large amount of blood. He'd probably have a scar though. *One of these days I'm going to need to draw the full life spell.* Seifer thought as he gently cleaned the injuries. He gave Zell a new bandage and sat back to admire his handiwork. The pristine white gauze was a sharp contrast to the warm tan skin. He ran a hand along the muscular chest and over one nipple. It immediately grew hard, pebbling against his palm. "Hmm, responsive aren't you Zell?" Seifer looked up at his face a moment, tracing the jet black tatoo that flowed like wings from eyebrow to chin.

He'd always admired this piece of body art. Tatoos were rare amongst those in garden, and Zell was the only person with one so visible. It was like a brand in some ways, anytime someone mentioned 'the guy with the tattoo', it could only mean Zell.  A soft grunt escaped his lips and Seifer froze a moment. It appeared Zell was waking up. *Damn* thought Seifer as he moved over to Raijin's bed *I didn't even get a peek!*

Zell sat up and rubbed his jaw, *Hey, this isn't my room.* he thought  *and it sure as hell isn't the infirmary.* he finished as he noticed the gunblade case propped against the wall at the foot of the bed. He looked to his right and saw  "Seifer!" The swordsman smiled, "So, you finally woke up Zelly. Took you long enough." Zell growled as memory kicked back in. "Quit calling me that!! You're the one who busted out a limit break!" Seifer shrugged, "And who went beserk and gave me no choice but to use it?" Zell stopped seething as he realized Seifer was right, he had gone a little too far. It was just that...he was so angry, angry at the confusing jumble of emotions that flowed through him every time he saw this guy, angry that he couldn't act on them, angry that they could never be reciprocated.

He grunted and looked down at his chest, gingerly touching the bandages. Then he realized he wasn't wearing anything under the dark blue sheets. "Hey, what'd you do with my clothes?" Seifer held up the ball of charred, bloody cloth, "The fireball toasted them, this is all that's left. I was about to toss them, but if you're that attached..." Zell gaped a bit at the rags, amazed at the amount of damage. "Forget it, I can't wear that." he said blushing a little as he realized Seifer must have seen him naked. Seifer turned his head before he truly started to stare at all that exposed skin. Despite what Zell was thinking, he really hadn't taken a look. He was too worried about the injuries at the time.

He slipped the remains of Zell's outfit into a trash bag and shoved them to the bottom of the can. He'd take care of their disposal in the morning. Then he picked up a vial he'd been saving for the longest time and walked over to the bed. Zell stiffened a little as he sat down beside him, but didn't move away. "Now that you're awake you can take this." he said handing the vial to Zell. The fighter took the vial, this time the contents were a bright shade of clear purple. He pulled the cork with his teeth and drank down the vaguely lemony fluid. Once again heat spread through his body, but it was different than that of the earlier potion, it was languid, almost pleasant.

In fact it left him feeling a little high, he didn't even protest when Seifer began to cut away the bandage to look at the injury. It had healed completely, only a barely noticeable hairline scar was left, and that would most likely fade given time. "That was an elixir I just gave you Zelly." he said as he checked for any other damage. "It took forever to make, and I was saving it for a desperate situation. Now I only have one left." Satisfied that the medicine had done it's job and completely restored his patient, Seifer sat back and met Zell's gaze. "Huh, what's with you?" he asked noting the slightly drunken expression.

Zell grinned and shrugged. "Nothin' just feeling really nice right now." Seifer frowned and picked up the vial, he took a tiny whiff and gagged. Elixir wasn't supposed to smell like that! The strong scent of a popular recreational drug drifted from the vial, along with the distinct undercurrent of a hi-potion. *Ugh, Raijin's been playing with my vials again. I'm going to kill him.*  Seifer didn't approve the use of the drug, but Raijin only used it after Fujin had one of her nastier temper tantrums. He'd rather have the man high, than try to convince her to be gentle, that girl could be downright scary at times. Besides, he had a sneaking suspicion Raijin enjoyed the abuse.

Seifer sighed and resigned himself to the next few hours, luckily the painkiller wouldn't last too long, and had about the same side effects as alcohol. If he just kept him busy, Zell wouldn't cause too much damage. He dug through his drawers and yanked out a new pair of boxers, he wasn't about to spend the rest of the night thinking about what was hidden under that sheet. He tossed them at Zell, "Look Zelly, it turns out that vial wasn't an Elixir after all. You're going to be buzzed for a while, so you're going to have to stay put longer than I intended." Zell just grinned and nodded happily. Seifer shook his head and went to get into his own nightclothes. A private bathroom was one of the better perks of being on the disiplenary commitee. He came back out a few minutes later in a pair of pajama pants in a pale shade of gray and sat down on Raijin's bed. Zell had donned the black satin boxers and was fingering the material curiously.

"I always figured you were a briefs man Seif." he said still looking at the soft and shiny material. Seifer tore his gaze away from the large lump at the front of those boxers and coughed. Unsure if the spreading blush was because Zell had called him by a pet name, or because he'd almost caught him staring. "Yeah, well. I find boxers less....restraining." Zell chuckled, "Oh, I see. Well I prefer the support, boxers would just give me one hell of wedgie everytime I do a Heel Drop." Seifer put a hand to his forehead, unable to believe he was having this conversation.

"So, I guess this means I'm spending the night." Zell said as he sat down on Seifer's bed. "Yeah, I guess it does. Raijin isn't due back 'til nine, so I'll take you back to your room in the morning." he replied staring out the window. Zell looked over at him, Seifer had a real nice profile, then his eyes wandered lower. He'd never seen the guy's chest before, since he kept himself pretty well covered most of the time. *Hmph, not bad, not bad at all.* thought Zell as he took in the muscular physique. He had the strongest urge to reach over and lick one of the caramel-colored nipples, wondering if they'd taste as good as they looked.

Seifer sensed Zell's gaze and glanced at him from the corner of his eye, only to turn around fully when he realized where the fighter was looking. *Is he checking me out?* Zell's eyes went a little lower, *He IS checking me out.* The knowledge had the expected reaction and Seifer felt himself hardening under the heated gaze.

Zell licked his lips as he noticed the stiffening erection. *Not totally cold are you Seif?*  He felt the heat in his blood grow, and his thoughts grew a little fuzzy as he was inundated with images of what was hidden under that plain gray cotton. Not really thinking about what he was doing he stood up and leaned over his fellow warrior.

Seifer fell back, trying his best not to reach out and touch. "Zell, you don't know what you're doing." One strong hand dropped down and massaged his thigh. "Shut up Seif." he said before ducking his head and catching Seifer's lips in a hot and hungry kiss.

Seifer moaned and ripped his mouth away. Unpertubed, Zell just switched his attack to the exposed throat. Seifer gritted his teeth, "Damn it Zell, you're high as fucking kite. Stop..." he cut off with a hiss as the hand on his thigh slid over and began to rub his groin through the thin cloth. *Oh God, not like this. I don't want him like....* the thought dissolved as he felt Zell's fingers curl around him. Apparantly he'd decided the pajamas were a hinderance and had slipped the waistband down to stroke him.

Seifer groaned, and tried again. "Zell, we can't do this. Not right now." The fighter didn't pay him a bit of attention and moved his lips from throat to chest. Seifer watched the pink tounge slip out and lap at his nipples. "Mmm, they are as good as they look." Zell whispered before taking one into his mouth. Seifer panted, it was getting harder and harder not to give in and let the guy have his way. He wanted this continue so badly, but it wasn't right to take advantage of his innebriated state.

He grabbed the spiky part of Zell's hairdo and yanked, wincing as his nipple popped out from between Zell's teeth. "Look Zelly, as good as that feels I'm not going to do this with you high." Zell blinked a moment and grinned, "You touched while I was unconscious." Seifer grunted, "That was to treat your injury, I didn't get a chance to touch....I mean..." Zell grinned at the slip. "So you wanted to touch, didn't you?" Seifer shoved him off. "I only wanted to look." he lied as he stood up and straightened his pants.

Zell's grin grew wider and he stood up as well. "You're lying your ass off Seif. You wanted to, and I want you to, so why are you being so stubborn?" Seifer growled and met his gaze, "Because I want you sober, I want to know it wasn't the drugs." Zell shrugged, "Fine, then we wait for it to wear off. I'm not going to change my mind." Seifer slumped in relief and ignored his body's loud protests. They would wait, and they would see, that way he wouldn't have any regrets.

"So, what do we do to pass the time?" asked Zell. Seifer chuckled and sat down on his bed. "Raijin and I usually talk or play a game..." Zell's grin took on a decidedly naughty glint "and no not that kind of game." Seifer finished guessing where the fighter's thoughts were heading. He reached into his buerau and yanked out a large box. "Tell me Zell, do you know how to play Triple Triad?"  He shook his head. Seifer patted the place beside him. "Well, come on then, I'll teach you. I have more than enough cards for two decks."

The pair spent the next two hours playing the immensely addictive game. Eventually the drug worked it's way out of Zell's system and he felt extremely tired. Seifer noticed the drooping eyelids and smiled. The guy would be out like a light in a few minutes. He put up his deck, shaking his head as Zell held out the cards he'd captured. "Keep 'em, you won them after all. Consider it a gift." Zell smiled and yawned a thank you. "Don't drop off just yet Zelly, I need you to do something first."

He grinned seductively hoping Seifer had changed his mind, he was too tired to be of much use, but it would be nice to get a quick taste. Unfortunately, the swordsman just put up his box of cards and disappeared into the bathroom. Zell sighed and fell back onto Seifer's bed, curling into a ball. He grunted a little when Seifer returned and lifted him up. "Come on Zell, you need to take these before you go to sleep." Zell glanced down at the three pills. "What are they?" he asked gulping them down one at a time. Seifer shrugged and handed him a glass of water. "Two asprin and a multivitamin, it'll keep the edge off if you get a hangover." Zell nodded, fighting to stay awake just a little longer.

Seifer smiled and pulled down the covers, debating only a moment before he joined Zell on the bed. He tucked the blankets around them and pulled the fighter into his arms. "Sweet dreams Zell." he whispered before kissing his temple and following him to the land of Nod.

When he woke up the next morning, the bed was empty. He sighed and sat up, trying not to feel too disappointed. *I did the right thing. He would have been upset if we'd gone through with it.* He got up and headed into the bathroom, hoping Zell would still talk to him when they met again. Cutting the shower on full blast he stepped into the frigid water and shivered. When he got out, he felt a little better, but the desire was still there. He heard the door open as he dried off and assumed Raijin had come back from assignment.

"Yo Seifer!" came the familiar voice, "That loudmouth with the tattoo came by and left a message for you!" Seifer paused, *Zell? He came back?* He quickly wrapped a towel around his waist and opened the door. Raijin grinned and gave him a cocky salute. Seifer shook his head a little, the guy would never learn to be serious, it was a good thing he could fight with the best of them. Raijin held up a sealed envelope and handed it to him. "I'm going to go meet Fujin for breakfast before we head out for some wilderness training, you know. So like, you want to come?" Seifer shook his head, "Go without me. I have other plans." Raijin shrugged, "Whatever, drop in if you change your mind." Seifer gave an absent wave as Raijin exited the room.

He sat down on his bed and fingered the cream colored envelope. He was a little afraid to open it, unsure of what the message would contain. Finally deciding he was being a coward he ripped it open, and unfolded the letter within.

Yo Seifer,

Sorry I wasn't there when you woke up,
but I had some things to do.

Anyway, we've been given the rest
of the day off,  and I'm goin' to Balamb
to visit Ma'

Why don't you come by?
Here's the address.....

Oh, and I haven't changed my mind.

Seifer let out a releived little laugh and folded the letter back up. He smiled as he got dressed, the day suddenly seemed a lot brighter.

Seifer looked up at the Dincht household, suddenly feeling apprehensive. He'd never met Zell's mother and he wasn't sure how she'd feel about him. He jerked back a bit as the door opened and a large muscular woman came through. She looked him over and smiled broadly, "You must be Seifer, Zell said he was expecting you." Seifer blinked a bit, still recovering from the fact that she was taller than him. "I'm off to the market to get some groceries for dinner. You will be joining us won't you?" Seifer nodded, not sure what else to do. "Good, good. I hope you like fried fish, because that's what we're having. Well that's enough of my jawing. You go on in and make yourself at home." she said before slapping him across the back hard enough to make him stagger. Seifer watched her walk off, amused by the fact that all the young people bowed respectfully before quickly getting out of her path. Zell's mother was one hell of a woman.

He was still shaking his head as he walked into the house. "Hey Zell!" he called from the foyer, "Where you at man?" A muffled response came from upstairs. "I'll be down in a minute, why don't you go into the living room?" Seifer shrugged and entered the room to his right. He sat down on the futon and reached for the old magazine on the table. The cover said "Timber Maniacs" but when he opened it, it turned out to be a rather lurid collection of romance stories. He blushed when he heard Zell greet him from the door, and guiltily slammed the thick magazine shut. "Heh, found Mom's mags huh?" Seifer didn't meet his gaze. "She hides the stuff she's embarassed about reading in there. Shocked the hell out of me when I found out she was into tattoos." Seifer coughed and didn't mention that the tattoo magazine had been replaced.

Zell came over and sat down beside him. "I'm glad you came. I was worried you might have a change of heart." The swordsman shook his head. "No, I haven't." Zell grinned and leaned back into the cushion. "So where's Ma' gone?" Seifer shook his head a little. "To the store, we're having fish." Zell laughed, "Only if I manage to catch some. I'm just glad it wasn't dragon steak." The fighter stood up and held out a hand to pull Seifer to his feet. He continued to hold his gloved hand a moment before placing a quick kiss to the palm. Seifer froze a moment as he felt those lips through the thin leather. Zell grinned and dropped his hand. "Come on Seif, let's go fishing."

Seifer held on for dear life as Zell zoomed along the beach on his T-board. The floating surfboard wasn't meant for two passengers and everytime he made a turn Seifer was certain they were going to go flying into the ocean. "Zell, this is insane! We're gonna crash!!" The fighter grinned and looked over his shoulder. "Come on Seif, don't you trust me?" Seifer watched a huge pile of rocks grow in his field of vision and bit out, "Forget that, watch where you're going!!" Zell turned back around and pulled off a stop that made Seifer's heart and stomach switch locations.

"Cool, this is the spot." grinned Zell hopping off the T-board and looking around the isolated area. Seifer shakily got off the board and onto the sand, fighting the urge to drop down and kiss the earth. Zell adjusted the bag on his shoulders and smiled. "Did you enjoy the ride?" Seifer glared at him, "You did that on purpose?!?" The fighter shrugged and chuckled. Seifer scowled, "You asshole, you just wait, I'm going to make you pay for that!"  Zell grinned even wider, "I'm counting on it."

Before Seifer could come up with a decent response, Zell grabbed the T-board and starting climbing up the hill. Seifer growled and followed. After several minutes of going over and around rocks, they came upon a small pool of water surrounded by flat smooth stone. "It's low tide right now, so we should be able to get in a few hours before the water comes in." said Zell as he slung the bag off his back and began to put together the fishing pole inside. Seifer walked to the edge of the pool and noticed it was actually a bowl shaped indentation in the rock. He looked over at Zell just as the fighter tossed a line into the ocean below.

Seifer came up beside him and began to ask a question, only to gasp as the fighter grabbed a fistfull of coat and dragged him down to his knees for a rough kiss. He slipped a hand under Seifer's shirt and began to pull at the nipples. "Damn it Zell, slow...." too late, the shirt was ripped open with one swift tug and Zell's mouth was on him. The swordsman dimly noted the sound of his buttons pinging off the rocks, before he groaned and allowed himself to enjoy the feel of teeth and tongue moving along his chest.

Zell brushed the heavy silver cross with the wolf emblem out of his way and took a nipple between his lips, enjoying the taste of skin and sweat. He pulled back a bit and met Seifer's eyes as he continued to lap at the small nub. Seifer watched the fighter's tongue swirling around his nipple, then gazed into those brilliant aquamarine eyes hazed with desire. "Aaah, fuck it." he growled leaning forward and pinning Zell under him.

Seifer slid the t-shirt up to expose the chisled chest. He ran his gloved hands along the planes and valleys, pausing to pinch the nipples until they flushed from peach to coral. Zell hissed and ground his hips against Seifer's silently begging for more. The swordman ducked down and began to suck on his throat, earning a moan. Then he slipped his hands down and began to tug open Zell's pants. He freed his erection and began to lightly stroke him. Zell whimpered and bucked against his hand.  Seifer smiled and licked his way down to the throbbing member. He paused just above it and met Zell's gaze.

Zell looked into eyes turned a smoky gray with lust, "Why did you stop?" Seifer licked his lips, "I'm new at this, it might not be very good." Zell shrugged, "It's my first time too, I won't know the difference." Seifer grinned, "You're a virgin?" Zell blushed, "Aren't you?" The swordsman shook his head, "I've been with girls, but you're my first guy." Zell felt a little disappointed, he'd wanted to be the first ever. Then Seifer's mouth was on him and he forgot everything but the feel of being sucked off.

Seifer sighed and swirled his tongue around the head of Zell's prick. It felt oddly pleasant to have a cock in his mouth and his own erection began to throb as he did his best to take the fighter deeper. Zell groaned and slipped his hands into Seifer's short blond hair, fighting the urge to thrust. He didn't want a fit of gagging to ruin this. Finally finding a comfortable limit, the swordman began to bob his head, eliciting a series of low grunts from the youth under him.

Suddenly Zell's hands twisted in his hair and the fighter began to pant. "Seif, I'm gonna...." Seifer pulled back quickly but still caught a facefull of cum. He frowned slightly, sitting up as the sticky goo trailed down his cheeks. "Ummm, sorry about that." said Zell. Seifer was about to bite off a complaint when the fighter leaned up and began to lick him clean. He was so shocked he didn't pull away when Zell caught him in a kiss, making him taste it anyway.

"That was real good Seif, do you want me to do you now?" Seifer blinked a moment, then grinned. "No, I think I want to take your cherry now." Zell shivered a little, but nodded and began to remove his clothes. When he was naked, he stood before Seifer a little self-conciously, letting him look his fill. "Aren't you going to take your clothes off to?" Sefier shook his head and pulled Zell down onto the discarded clothes. "I'm not patient enough." he replied biting off a glove and sucking the fingers a moment before pressing them into Zell's entrance.

He stroked deeper, trying to prepare the tight hole for his length. Then he hit a small but special spot and Zell cried out. He smiled and pressed it again, getting another whimper of pleasure. He quickly undid his belt and freed himself, hissing a bit as he popped free. He couldn't wait any longer. Zell groaned as Seifer began to shove into him. He knew Seifer was well endowed, but he felt inhumanly large sliding into his virgin hole. The swordman leaned his chest against Zell's back as he buried the last of his length inside the fighter's clenching tunnel. Seifer's long coat fell forward covering them both, the cool sleek lining gently rubbing against heated skin. "Mmm, that's good." he growled as he pulled Zell hips against him, and began to pump.

Zell gritted his teeth and fisted the shirt beneath him. It hurt to have something that long and thick shoved inside him. He wasn't certain he could hold out, but then Seifer's gloved hand reached under him and began to fondle him. He quickly grew hard as the mix of pleasure and pain began to swirl through his veins. Seifer began to stroke him in time to his thrusts and the pain slowly evaporated. He started to rock backwards, matching the rhythm Seifer had started.

The sounds of pleasure began to fill the air. Low grunts and long moans slowly growing louder as they gradually increased the pace."Ungh, more Seif. I want more." groaned Zell as Seifer trailed his teeth along his shoulders. The swordman smiled and licked the base of his neck, before slipping his hands behind Zell's knees and leaning back. Seifer moaned as the new position forced him even deeper and looked down to where they were joined as Zell began to stroke himself. The heavy balls were jiggling slightly with the force of his thrusts and a wet slapping sound came forth every time their sacks met.

Zell gritted his teeth as he felt the inevitable approaching. His head fell back onto Seifer's shoulder and the fighter moaned as his cock began to fire thick spurts that slid down coating his hand. He brought the fingers up and Seifer licked them clean, too far gone to care about the strong flavor. Then the swordsman let out a low growl and finally let himself go, sending his load deep inside his partner.

The two teens collapsed into each other, panting with the aftermath, as they slowly slid to the ground. Zell curled against Seifer's chest and mananged to say. "Damn." The swordsman let out and tired chuckle and pulled him closer. "That was, exhausting, maybe you should be on top next time." Zell sighed and rubbed his cheek against the small patch of exposed skin. "Only if you take your damn clothes off. I still haven't seen you naked." Seifer smiled, "You'll get your chance. We need to wash off before we go back." Zell nodded, then tilted his head quizically. "Do you hear bells?" Seifer grinned thinking it was another compliment, but then realized he really did hear a bell.

The pair looked towards the fishing pole and saw it was bent at an impossible angle from the force of whatever was struggling at the end of the line. "I forgot about the damned fish!"  growled Zell as he got up and shakily walked towards the pole. Seifer noticed the odd gait and grinned some more. *Made you walk funny, eh? I think I like that.* He stood up and began to take off his clothes as Zell reeled in his catch.

Zell threaded the large brightly colored fish onto a holding line and tethered it near the edge of the water until they were ready to leave. He tossed the line back in just as Seifer's shadow fell across his back. He grinned as he started to turn around. "Hey Seif, I caught a Bala...."  The fighter's jaw dropped a bit as he took in the sight of a naked Seifer. "What's wrong Zelly? Don't you like what you see?" Zell frowned, "Do you have to keep calling me Zelly? It makes me feel like a kid." Seifer grinned and ran a finger along the fighter's lips. "You are a kid." Zell's eyes narrowed. Seifer chuckled and stroked his cheek, "You know, you're cute when you're angry." Then he leaned forward and kissed him deeply.

Zell moaned and returned the kiss, sucking on the invading tongue. Seifer sighed and let Zell take control, the fighter was a very good kisser. He let out a little gasp as Zell began to nibble on his ear and he felt the fighter's cock returning to life against his hip. "Uh Zell, do you always recharge so fast?" Zell licked an earlobe and shrugged, "Got me. This was a first for me, remember?" then his eyes took on a naughty glint "Speaking of which, you've still got a cherry of your own. Don't you?" Seifer swallowed a lump in his throat, knowing exactly what Zell was thinking, and nodded his head. Zell grinned, "Good, that means I still get to be a first."

Seifer began to make a low keening sound in his throat as pleasure coursed through him. Zell had been going at it for almost an hour now and showed no signs of slowing down. He'd already made him come once, and he was slowly getting hard again under those wonderfully skilled hands. Zell looked down at the young man under him. The look of mindless pleasure was a truly beautiful site and it turned him on immensely to know he was causing it. "Yeah, that's it, moan for me Seif." The swordsman took a few panting breaths and did just that.

It was late afternoon by the time Zell finished, and they'd slipped into the water to cool down. Seifer winced and tried to work the kinks out of his back. "Ungh, I don't think I'll ever be able to get it up again." Zell tried to laugh, but he was pretty tired himself. He slid over to the swordman and began to massage his shoulders. "Let's hope not. I know I'm going to want you again." Then he felt a twinge in his drained nuts. "Maybe later."

A large wave crashed against the edge of the pool, soaking them both with the salty water. Zell sputtered and coughed up a mouthful of ocean. "Damn, it's almost high tide. I didn't realize we'd been going at it so long." He stood up and flicked the hair out of his eyes. "We need to get going, this entire area is going to be underwater soon." Seifer nodded and stood up himself.

Seifer sighed as he laid back down in his dorm room. After all he'd done that day, he was amazed he'd managed to walk back to Garden. The dinner with Zell had been wonderful, but not as wonderful as the blow job he'd gotten after. He'd been terrified Ma Dincht would come walking into the living room and catch them, but he hadn't been able to refuse. He smiled at the memory as he shrugged off his coat and began taking off his clothes. He was chuckling over his ruined shirt when he heard a knock at the door.

He pulled on a new shirt and opened the door. "Zell?!?" The fighter grinned and shoved his way inside, locking the door behind him. "Hey Seif, still able to walk I see." Seifer didn't answer, too shocked the fighter was back again. He quickly found his voice though when Zell reached forward and ripped his shirt open, again. "Damn it Zell!! Are you trying to ruin my entire wardrobe?!?"  The grin grew even wider as he rubbed pale brown nipples. "You toasted my clothes, I figure a few lost buttons isn't too much as payback." he replied pulling at Seifer's pants and sending that button flying as well.

Seifer fell back as Zell began pushing him towards the bed. "What the hell are you doing?" growled the swordsman as his knees hit the mattress and Zell shoved him onto the sheets. "I told you I might want you again later, and it's later." Seifer's jaw dropped, "Are you insane?!?"  Zell shook his head, "Nope, just horny." The swordsman lifted his head and growled  "What about Raijin? He could walk in any moment." Zell shrugged, "I don't care. We'll give him a good show." Seifer tried to come up with another protest, but much to his surprise he was starting to stir to life once again as Zell's hands began to massage his groin. The fighter licked his lips, "See, I knew you weren't drained yet. Now let's see how long you can hold out."


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