Author’s notes: I actually got the inspiration for this fic from a conversation my boyfriend and I had about a year ago online. If he reads this I’m sure he’ll remember it too.
Warnings: Shoun-ai, yaoi, threesome, Takeru x Ken x Daisuke, humour, evil author stuff, implied sex.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Digimon, I don’t make any money out of this, I mean seriously, if I did it would take most of the fun out of writing fanfics.

Chocolate factory = Food fight!

Daisuke’s eyes widened as he stepped out of the car, gazing up at the huge factory. Drool collected in his mouth and he visibly fought not to slobber.
Takeru and Ken grinned over his shoulders at each other.
“I think he likes it.” Ken said, suppressing a snigger.
Takeru also suppressed a snigger and slung an arm around their lover whose eyes had gone big as dinner plates.
“Yep, say Daisuke, wanna go and play inside the factory?”
There was some incoherent mumble, which caused Ken to giggle.
“I think that’s a yes.” Ken said.
Takeru grinned and the two boys half dragged half carried Daisuke into the factory.
A few minutes later a loud yelp was heard and the two boys were thrown back as Daisuke ran over and started going hysterical as he peered at all the lollies and chocolate and candy and sugars and fudges and caramels and etc.
Daisuke started stuffing his face while Ken and Takeru stood back and watched their hands linked and eye’s resting on their lover.
Takeru smiled and lifted his eyes from Daisuke.
“I think you did a good job getting us in here.” Takeru smiled and placed a small kiss on Ken’s cheek.
Ken blushed and mumbled something that sounded like thanks.
Takeru laughed then turned his head back to look at Daisuke, just in time to yelp before both he and Ken were hit square in the face with cream pie.
Ken spluttered and wiped his eyes licking the cream off and glaring daggers at Daisuke who was laughing so hard tears ran down his face.
“Y-you… he, he, should see your faces…”Daisuke managed to get out between breaths.
Takeru finally managed to get the cream off his eyes and joined Ken in glaring.
“Ken? Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Takeru asked, eyeing off the big vat of chocolate fudge behind Daisuke.
Ken followed his lover’s gaze and grinned evilly.
The unsuspecting Daisuke wiped the tears from his eyes and chuckled.
Nodding to each other Ken and Takeru marched forward, picked Daisuke up, kept marching and then dumped Daisuke into the huge vat.
Daisuke’s eyes widened and he latched onto Takeru’s arm, dragging the blond in after him, Takeru’s eyes widened as well and he reached out desperately for something to stop him from falling in, the only thing his fingers found was Ken’s shirt.
Ken who was completely unprepared for the sudden grab was pulled in head first after Takeru and Daisuke.
Daisuke went under at least a meter into the thick chocolate fudge, kicking his legs wildly until he finally broke through the surface again, he came up sputtering. Takeru jumped out of the chocolate next to him and latched onto the side.
The two of them looked around for Ken then Daisuke was pulled back under and Ken clambered over to the side, dragging the red head with him.
The three of them hauled themselves out and stood panting, Daisuke licked his lips and grinned.
“Cool.” Daisuke said.
Ken groaned and Takeru licked his fingers.
“Sorry Ken, I thought you were the railing.” Takeru said.
Ken groaned in response then his head shot up as he saw the approaching security.
“Ah, we better get out of here before we get in trouble.” He commented.
Daisuke grinned and started running, pulling his lovers along with him.
“I have a plan!”

Three hours later, when Yamato comes to pick his brother and friends up from their tour:

Yamato paused at the front gate, listening to the yelling and shouts coming from inside the chocolate factory.
(I’m just being paranoid, Takeru and Ken are in there, they’d stop Daisuke from getting into any trouble, besides, its probably just some over excited girls.)
Nodding to the guard he parked his van and slid the doors open, looking toward the front gate.
As if on cue the gate opened suddenly and the yells were clearer now, things like:
‘Get him!’ ‘Look out the black haired one has got cream!’ ‘Dammit he just broke the skittles globe, don’t step on them!’ ‘Shit, the blonde is about to release the caramel vat!’
Yamato frowned; it sounded suspiciously like…
Three figures came running out of the factory at full sped, a few figures behind them fell down before they could make it out the door.
“DAISUKE! I SWEAR THAT IS THE LAST TIME WE’RE TAKING YOU TO A CHOCLATE FACTORY!” the blonde yelled at his lover across his shoulder.
“Hey! Its not my fault Ken released the cream tub.” The red head in the middle yelled back.
“Oh yes it is! You told me to pull that damn leaver!”
“Well you didn’t have to!” the running paused long enough for Ken to swat Daisuke’s head.
“Who cares! Hey look safety! Its Yamato!” Daisuke pointed ahead at the stunned boy who was gapping at the food-covered trio who rushed toward him.
When they reached him they all bent over and panted heavily.
“H-hey big brother.” Takeru said between pants.
Yamato blinked.
“Why are you all covered in food?” he asked finally.
Daisuke grinned evilly.
“Because they tried to throw me into a chocolate fudge vat! Serves them right!”
Ken huffed and shook an M and M out of his hair.
“Because Daisuke tried to push ME into an M and M mixer.
Takeru groaned and shook his own head, several M and M’s falling out followed by gummy bears.
“And then he tried to throw me into the gummy bear barrel, but we got him back!”
Ken and Takeru exchanged grins and said in union.
“Ice cream!” Daisuke groaned and wriggled his hips a bit.
“Well the sugar valve was my vengeance for that.”
Yamato blinked again.
“So why were all those guards chasing you?”
Daisuke looked sheepish.
Ken growled and patted his lover on the head, none to gentle.
“Because genius here decided to throw cream pie in their faces, as well I might add.” Takeru injected pointing at the red head.
Daisuke brightened up suddenly.
“But we lost them when Ken sprayed them with cream and Takeru broke the skittles container, I did the bubble gum machine myself.”
He beamed, looking quite proud of himself.
Takeru hid a smile and Ken blushed.
“Speaking of which, we should probably get going before they decide to come after us again.” Ken glanced back and noticed something on his back.
“Daisuke! That’s it! You DID throw jelly at me! You’re getting punishment tonight!” Ken roared.
Takeru glanced at Ken’s back and snickered.
“That wasn’t Daisuke’s doing.” He clamped his hands over his mouth when he realised he’d let that slip.
Ken glared at his lover, muttering something unmentionable under his breath.
Then as they heard yells start up again they clambered into the van.
“I don’t think the caramel will hold them off forever.” Takeru said, blushing suddenly.
The three of them sat down and Yamato took the hint and drove off, not wishing to explain to the authorities.
Meanwhile in the back seat Daisuke was assaulting Ken.
Daisuke lunged at Ken seizing his mouth for his own and kissing him passionately.
When Daisuke finally drew back for breath he grinned.
Ken blinked.
“What was that for?”
Takeru took the opening and attacked Ken’s mouth with his own, tongues sliding and lips clashing. When the blonde drew back again he grinned as well.
“Same thing that was for, thanks for that. It was great, and you my dear kio are going to enjoy yourself tonight.”
Daisuke nodded and the blonde and red head teamed up.

In the front seat Yamato pointedly ignore the moans coming from the back seat.
(Hmm, I wonder what Taichi would think about that position? Oh damn! Not meant to by peeping!)
Yamato blushed when he caught sight of the action in the back seat.
Ken was being assaulted by two mouths and four hands, which were wondering all over his body and lower still. Takeru paused to lick up a chocolate drop, which had stuck the Ken’s chest. Daisuke was busy licking the taste in Ken’s mouth, which was something between chocolate fudge and candy apple.
Authors notes: I am SO hungry now! Anyway, was it good? Bad? Could have done better? Should have had a more detailing scene? Anyway, I’d like to thank another author whose Gundam Wing fic I read, which gave me certain ideas for this story, but mainly the conversation with my boyfriend was the inspiration.