Author’s Notes: I feel so proud! I finally figured out how to convert .Doc things to .Html things! Not that it was hard, but now that I know, everything will probably be better spaced out. ^^ Anyway, I’m taking a small creativity break from finishing writing the second part to my Weiss fic (yes I know I should have finished it by now, but my brain power is running on short) and writing a new Digimon fic. It corresponds with the ‘chocolate factory’ fic, but it’s not necessary to read the other one to understand this one. Anyway, Yamato and Taichi are at home, eating some candy and getting little ideas, whatever shall they do? *Cough* okay just read it! I swear it’s NOT corny… more like chocolaty… ah, anyway!

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Warnings: yaoi, Shoun-ai, citrus, lime (sorry, I would try a lemon, but I have other plans for the lemon…. Ah, don’t ask), Yamato x Taichi, humour, food talking, evil author humour (in almost every fic!), and naughty thoughts, Takeru x Daisuke x Ken reference.


Better then chocolate.


It was brown. It was tasty. It was perfectly bite sized. It was delicious. It was melt in your mouth. It was something that you slowly chewed, swirled around in your mouth and swallowed. Every piece.

Yamato purred as he popped another piece of delicious dark chocolate fudge into his mouth. It was so bad for him! And so tempting, and so good!

He opened his eyes trying to remember where he was; trying to regain control of his pleasure sedated limbs.

It was almost as good as sex! Well okay, bad comparison, Taichi would probably kill him if he found something better then sex.

(Kill me while trying to prove sex was better… mm, what a horrible way to die…)

Yamato swallowed the candy and grinned. He looked over at where Taichi was sitting. The brown haired boy was slowly swirling his tongue around a blue lollipop. Sucking gently then removing the candy from his mouth. It kind of reminded Yamato of something else.

The blonde blushed.

Obviously the candy was evil and was putting these little thoughts in his head.


Of course, you know where the candy probably picked it all up. Those three love birds! Knowing them while they were buying it they were doing other things too, and the candy was just trying to make him imagine it all.

With Taichi, his shirt pulled back exposing a shoulder of tanned skin, that smooth neck… and Yamato would run his hands over that flesh and they would eat at each other’s mouth and…

Yamato shook his head, trying to clear these betraying thoughts away. He moved the chocolate box so it was covering his all too happy lap.

Blushing still the blonde boy started on the sherbet suckers.


Taichi stuck the lollipop back in his mouth, crunching down on the hard sugar, feeling the delicious aroma and taste floating through his body. It almost compared to sex. But sex out did it.

Maybe sex with a lollipop? That delicious taste, while lapping at Yamato’s equally delicious, if not more so, mouth…

Taichi shivered and blushed, looking over at Yamato.

The blonde’s checks were slightly flushed as he moved to sherbet sucker in and out, pushing the sherbet to the top.

Taichi watched the sucker moving, it was almost like the movements in other places.

Like… pumping.

With Yamato under him, moving his hips gently in a rhythm flesh touching… those lips against his…

Taichi blushed deeper and thanked the heavens the lollipop bag was on his lap.

He looked around for a distraction and spotted the chocolate cookies.


The candy smirked; it was having the time of its life! The caramel fudge three houses away were utterly thrilled with its catch of three boys, or so it had told the chocolate fudge pieces.

But the chocolate figured this was better still. It was enjoying the little thoughts it was putting into the boy’s head, what an imagination!

The sherbet sucker had also been taking lessons and was supplying a train of very interesting positions to the blonde.

On the other armchair the poor brown head had opened to chocolate cookie box.

The chocolate cookies were renowned for their Hentai abilities. They were like cerlebraties! The fudge almost pitied the poor puffy haired boy… almost being the key word.


Yamato finished the sherbet sucker with an almost scarlet face.

(Oh my! I hope Taichi hasn’t noticed)

He glanced sideway’s at his lover. Taichi’s face was almost as red as his was as the brown haired boy worked through the chocolate cookies.

(Damn Takeru! This is all his fault! He shouldn’t have given us any candy! I’m never letting them near a candy or chocolate shop again. And I’m going to eat carrots from now on. Hmm, long pointy carrots… agh!)

Yamato blushed twice as deep and popped another chocolate fudge into his mouth, trying to distract himself.

It didn’t work.

Before he could stop himself the blonde was out of his chair and sitting in Taichi’s lap.

The startled boy blinked at him. Yamato didn’t explain, he plundered Taichi’s mouth with his own.

There was no reaction at first then Taichi parted his lips and Yamato slipped his tongue inside.

It was a hot and needy kiss, tongues duelling lips clashing.

Yamato slipped his hands into Taichi’s hair, massaging the scalp.

Taichi groaned and shifted closer, slipping his arms around Yamato’s neck.

When they parted for breath Yamato was crunching down on a chocolate chip and Taichi finished off the fudge.

"I’ve got something in mind. Let’s finish it in the bed room Koi."

Taichi nodded and grinned.

"Is it better then chocolate?"

Yamato replied with a fierce kiss.

"Mm, yep."

~ End.

Author’s notes: fairly short. How was it for a first try at Yamato and Taichi? Sucked? Should have made a lemon? Please tell me! Honestly, I should not be allowed to talk about food ever again, I’m sitting here drooling all over the keyboard. Mm, chocolate fudge…ah, anyway! Must get back to work, I have a Weiss fic to finish! Ha! *Wonders off* ^^