Author’s notes: well this just kinda came to me, I guess it might be okay, some of my sudden rush ideas are readable.
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Warning: Shoun-ai, yaoi, lime, Daisuke x Ken x Takeru * drool*, Threesome, humour, mild language, not much of a plot.
The bouncy ball.
Bong! Bong! Thump! Thump!

Takeru hopped off Daisuke and looked at the ceiling, frowning in annoyance.
The red head also looks upward in annoyance for having the blonde stop what he’d been doing.
“I swear, if Ken does that one more time I’m going to go up there and take the fucking ball from him.”
Takeru nodded then waited, there was silence.
Smiling he returned to his business, sinking down into Daisuke’s lap and letting his fingers run over the red head’s chest.
Daisuke purred, almost completely forgetting about the person upstairs.

THUMP! “Opps.”

Takeru paused before his lips met Daisuke’s, the mood almost going straight out the window, along with the bouncy ball, which had collided with said window and caused several cracks to appear.
Daisuke growled, he really, really wanted to make out, and if Ken was going to be in the same house, and ruining the mood… well then the red head had a plan.
Stopping Takeru from getting off his lap again Daisuke started whispering into the blonde’s ear.
“… And then we…” Heat raced up the angel’s face while Daisuke went on.
When the red head had finished, his lover was quite scarlet.
“D-Daisuke, don’t you think that’s a bit much?”
“I give in, I want him away from that thing, weather it means sharing you or not.”
Daisuke grinned and they set out with their plan.
Ken sighed and chucked the large bouncy ball into the air, bored.
There was no math homework, there was no English homework, there was no science homework, there was no SOSE homework, and there was no sports homework there wasn’t even art homework. Why? Because he’d done it all.
It was Sunday, he’d done everything on Saturday so he could play sports with Daisuke, unfortunately the red head was downstairs, on the couch making out with T.K. not that Ken wouldn’t mind joining them, at this point in time, he really was bored out of his brain.
The bouncy ball hit the floor and came hurtling back up into his waiting hand.
He sighed again.
Even going online on a computer would be more interesting, but the computer was downstairs, and well… although he personally wouldn’t mind going down there, it would be uncomfortable with the two people probably still making out just a few metre’s away.
He caught the ball and nearly dropped it again when there was a knock on his door. Scrambling a tad hastily over to the door, hoping for any kind of distraction or even, god forbid problem, to take his mind off his boredom.
((Unbidden to Ken, God had a funny way of granting wishes, and was, at the moment pounding his fist and laughing so hard that heaven was shaking. luckily no angels were hurt or sent crashing down to earth, Saint Peter, who was also watching the same thing as God, was rolling around on the ground, gasping for breath. Not that us mere mortal’s would know this, so back to the story))
Ken opened the door and blinked at Takeru, the blonde was missing his shirt, but didn’t seem to have noticed. Takeru smiled, though his teeth looked suspiciously pointed.
Grabbing hold of Ken and pulling him out of the room and downstairs Takeru chattered away.
“Daisuke is making some lunch, then he says we can go and… ‘Play’” the blonde stated dragging Ken into the kitchen.
“Okay.” Was all Ken said, silently in his head he was doing backflips at the thought of actually doing something.
Ken, in his happiness at the thought of doing something, had entirely missed the naughty spark in Takeru’s eyes and the tone in his voice when he’d said the word ‘play.’
Takeru marched Ken into the kitchen, still not letting go of the black haired boy’s hand. That alone was unusual, but Ken over looked it as simply his own overactive imagination.
As he took a seat at the table he tried to shake Takeru’s head free lightly. But found that the hand didn’t come free.
Frowning he looked up at the blonde whose eyes were sparkling with obvious intent.
Slightly scared now Ken scooted his chair back, as much as he could.
Daisuke made eye contact with his lover and they both grinned mischievously.
Ken didn’t miss this and was suddenly extremely scared, not even sure why.
“Uh, guys?” he asked.
Takeru came closer and Ken shot out of the chair backing up till he hit the kitchen wall. He whimpered and tried to make a break for it, unfortunately Daisuke caught him and the two digidestined cornered him against the countertop.
Ken’s eyes widened when Takeru ducked down to the ground, he would have kept an eye on the blonde but was distracted when Daisuke captured his lips.
The kiss was light and inviting. However the hands that brushed over Ken’s stomach were a more open example of what the two had planned.
Ken’s eyes fluttered when the blonde lifted his shirt and licked his stomach, causing his muscles to react and pleasure senses go straight through his body.
He never even stood a chance when Daisuke seized his lip’s again nibbling and asking for entrance, Takeru’s swift and skilled hands made him gasp, allowing Daisuke to invade his mouth.
When the two finally pulled back Ken’s upper body felt like it was on fire, his legs were shaky and he leaned against the cabinet for support. Closing his eyes and trying to breathe again.

Takeru was thoroughly enjoying himself now and took hold of Daisuke, who was not the only one, good with his mouth. The two shared a deep and probing kiss before drawing back, eyes lidded with lust and love.
Takeru had an evil tint to his eyes that made him seem slightly… sinister.
Daisuke simply looked like a content puppy.

“Uh, what the hell are you two doing?” Ken asked when they started coming near him again.
Takeru grinned.
“We’re distracting you from that fucking bouncy ball, it was driving us insane.” The blonde said.
Daisuke frowned at him.
“T.L! This is a kid’s show, you shouldn’t be talking dirty like that… at least not while they’re watching.”
Takeru blushed.
“Ah sorry kiddies.”
Ken cleared his throat.
“Um, well that’s nice and all but I think I’ll be going… somewhere now.” Takeru smirked and shock his head.
“Too late now, Ken, don’t worry, we’re gentle… though Daisuke bites every now and then.”
“I do not!”
“Really? Then what do you call this?”
Takeru motioned to his collarbone where a proud pink hicky was displayed. Daisuke blushed.
“Sorry ‘bout that.”
“Oh, no trust me, I enjoyed it.”
“You are SO not an angel.”
Ken’s face was turning several shades of crimson at the display in front of him. Hoping he could just sneak of he made to move off. He didn’t really want to admit it, but he was getting an erection with certain visual images his mind was displaying.
Takeru paused and put a hand on the black head’s chest.
“Don’t even think it Ken.”
Daisuke grinned and the two begun their assault on Ken, Daisuke taking the mouth and Takeru pulling down the other boy’s pants. There was a muffled moan from Ken, but he couldn’t object much considering Daisuke was plundering his mouth.
Ken would have screamed if he could have when Takeru’s fingers circled his erection and petted him, but he couldn’t do much except bare this agonising torture.
Daisuke groaned, waking up in a heap of sheets and limbs. Takeru’s hand was held possessively over his waist and the blonde’s other hand was draped over Ken’s waist.
The blonde had the middle of the bed and somehow managed to be holding onto both boys.
Daisuke shifted a little, feeling his hands still up above his head, a slight tug told him why he’d slept with his hands in that position.
Of course, he wasn’t the only one. Takeru had somehow managed to tie both him and Ken up with handcuffs to the headboard.
Of course it was normal for Daisuke by now, he knew full well Takeru had a fetish for handcuffs.
Sighing in content and sleepiness Daisuke fell back asleep, Takeru pressed against his back and the sheet covering most of his body.
Ken opened up a hazy eye and nearly jumped out of his skin with the sight that greeted him.
Daisuke was cuddled up to Takeru, who not only had an arm around the red head’s waist but also one around his own.
Ken would have jumped off the bed and fled, but when he tried to move his hands he was unsuccessful. Almost panicked he looked up and felt his mouth fall open.
He was handcuffed to the bed, not that he was the only one, Daisuke was also handcuffed to the headboard.
Ken tugged on the cuffs a few more times before finally accepting defeat. He slumped wondering why he’d let Takeru tie him up, remembering what had happened exactly:
“Aw, c’mon Ken I swear it won’t hurt.”
“I don’t care, I don’t want to be helpless.”
Takeru’s hands had slipped down and started playing with Ken’s erection.
“Ah… uh… no…” Ken had closed his eyes and thrown back his head.
“If you don’t say yes I’ll do something naughty.”
The fingers disappeared only to be replaced with a mouth. Ken jerked his hips up and tried not to go rolling into the waves of pleasure when the blonde’s fingers had run over his nipples, pinching and toying with him.
“Oh… god… Takeru… please…” Ken had begged, becoming so close, just when he thought he would explode the blonde had pulled away.
“I won’t finish it unless you let me handcuff you.”
Ken had groaned but given in. smiling happily at having two people helpless Takeru had started to five hour long torture.

Ken blushed at the memory, his body was stiff and sore still from the recreational activities. Finally falling back into a sleep he unconsciously snuggled closer to the blonde haired boy.
Takeru woke up feeling great. He opened his eyes and drummed his fingers on the two waists at his side. This action incited two sleepy forms to groan and attempt to roll over.
Grinning like an idiot Takeru reached up and undid the handcuffs. He tossed the two items down to one side of the bed where several other things were.
Stretching like a cat he snuggled back down, basking in the warmth from the two bodies that slept next to him.

Violet eyes opened and met brown orbs from across the bed.
Daisuke curled up on his side, and placed a hand over Takeru’s stomach, reaching out for the black haired boy on the other side.
Ken mimicked the movement and met the fingertips. The two boys nuzzled Takeru’s side while looking at each other.
Ken whispered across to Daisuke, careful not to wake the sleeping angel.
“How long has he been using handcuffs?”
Daisuke grinned.
“Since he found them in a store, it’s a ah… fetish.”
Ken blew a piece of hair out of his eyes and burrowed further into the warm body.
“This wont happen again will it?” Ken made a sort of sweeping motion around the three of them.
Daisuke’s grin got bigger still.
“It will if you so much as throw that bouncy ball… or if you just want some company.”
Ken blinked, was that an invitation?
Before he could answer though, the middle boy woke up again and placed kisses on both their foreheads.
“Ah, now, what’s for breakfast?”
Ken and Daisuke groaned in union. And rolled over.
“Hey, guys?”
Takeru flopped down realising he probably wasn’t getting breakfast for a while. At least not the kind you cooked. Grinning like only a lovesick hormonal boy can, Takeru reached down with his hands.
Two startled yelps soon turned to purring and the three boys settled into a mass of blankets and moving bodies.


Author’s second notes: hmm… didn’t have much of a plot did it? I think my next story is gonna have a bit more action, something getting blown up and maybe a few destroyed buildings, what do you think?