Author’s notes: kind of a sequel too ‘the bouncy ball.’ It’s the next weekend and Ken has made the mistake of doing everything, and now he’s bored. Takeru and Daisuke have a way to fix that, but who gets to be on top this time? I decided that the little idea that popped into my had should not be ignored, as idea’s I do that too, tend to get out of control, kind of like me on a sugar high. Anyway! Thanks to the person who suggested I do a fic with Ken on top. ^^ Also, if anyone has anything they’d like me to write, I am in need of some kind of challage so go ahead!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Digimon, I don’t claim to own digimon, and I don’t make any money out of this. I don’t own the words to five’s song ‘if ya getting down’ either, this fic is for entertainment purposes only.

Warnings: Shoun-ai, yaoi, lime-ish, evil author humour, Ken x Daisuke x Takeru, pity the bouncy ball! Oh, and in case it’s escaped you, threesome! And naughty dancing. Yamato x Taichi reference.


Asking for it.







Takeru pulled his head away from Daisuke’s lips, pausing his hands that were halfway down the red haired boy’s pants. Daisuke protested with a groan of annoyance.


“Oh he’s asking for it.” The blonde said. Daisuke sighed.

It had been only last weekend that they’d ‘taught’ Ken a lesson about his bouncy ball… in more ways then one. Practically, the black haired boy was asking for IT this time.

Not that Daisuke or Takeru minded sharing one another with the digidestined of kindness. But unless he suddenly proclaimed that he wanted to join them, it was annoying because it meant that Ken was open to some of the other’s, and that was annoying because neither boy was big on sharing lovers… Ken was a lover, and no exception.

CRASH! “Ops.”

Takeru raised an eyebrow; Ken didn’t seem have all that much control over the bouncy ball.

The same window from the week before was chipped where the round plastic ball had dived headlong into it.

The two boy’s downstairs shared a look. They could always finish the make- out session with a third.


Ken winced as the bouncy ball hit the window, again. He was bored, again.

It was easy enough to go down and ask to join in Takeru and Daisuke’s ‘adventure’ but he didn’t feel in the mood.

It was sad, because all he ‘thought’ he wanted to do was play with the new bright orange bouncy ball. He’d pretty much forgotten WHY the other boy’s had ah… ‘Educated’ him the other weekend. Heck, he still remembered what they’d… ah, done just not why.


He caught the ball as it ricocheted off the floor.

He would have gone downstairs, but he’d probably ending up joining in with the ‘fun’ that the other two boys’ were having. He didn’t feel much like it… honestly.


The ball landed safely in his outstretched hand. He sighed again.


He missed the ball this time, startled by the knock on his door. Frowning, and wondering who it was, he opened the door.

And Ken gaped.

Takeru was wearing very little, scratch that, he was butt naked to be honest. He leaned casually against the doorjamb, as if for the entire world he was wearing jeans and a shirt… only, not.

On the other side of the doorjamb was Daisuke, wearing the same amount of clothing as Takeru… none.

Ken closed his mouth. His eyes strayed down toward their… ah, idea’s, and his mouth went suddenly dry.

“Ah… hi guys.” He squeaked finally.

Takeru smiled, innocently as he could, while still managing to have pointy teeth from ‘naughty’ thoughts.

Daisuke grinned smugly and leaned forward, trailing a hand down Ken’s shirt.

“Don’t be shy Ken, we know what you’re after.” Takeru said, walking into the room.

Ken backed up letting the two come in. Daisuke closed the door behind him.

The blonde backed the black haired boy up till he hit the bed.

Ken squeaked again.

Daisuke came up on Ken’s side and pulled him down the violet eyed boy was sitting on the red head’s lap.

Daisuke took hold of Ken’s chin and turned his face, gently pulling him into a passionate kiss.

/If ya getting down baby,

I want it now baby.

Come and get it on baby,

I want it now baby. /

Daisuke released Ken’s mouth and they both turned to the blonde haired boy, who had fiddled around with Ken’s CD player and was now dancing to Five. The music that pulsed forth at a loud enough volume that it was like someone talking to them all, not so loud that it was head banging, but loud enough that it would conceal a moan of pleasure or similar vocal expressions.

Takeru’s hips swayed back and forth, rocking in a motion not unlike that of sex, then he pivoted and ran his hands along his stomach, inviting Ken to join him.

The black haired boy was mesmerised by the movements, not surprising that he was getting excited when the blonde came stalking toward him and rubbed a knee against his crotch.

Ken’s breath left him in a hiss of pleasure.

Daisuke grinned and pushed Ken off his lap, sitting the boy done on the centre of the bed then joining Takeru in the dance.

The two of them ground their bodies together, almost as if having sex while dancing. Fingers tranced over each other’s chests.

/If ya getting down baby,

I want it now baby,

Come and get it on baby,

I want it now baby.

Move it all around baby,

I want it now baby. /

The aspect of breathing left Ken entirely.

The two dancing boys were moving in sync, hips rubbing fingers roaming, moaning softly when the other would touch something that felt good.

The two ended it with a kiss, biting and nipping at each other’s lips.

Then the music stopped.

Ken exhaled sharply. His pants were feeling twice as tight then before.

They shuffled over to him.

Before they could reach him however, the black head shot to his feet and pushed them both down onto the bed, under him.

He ravaged Takeru’s lips while his hands sought out Daisuke’s erection. The two of them moaned in pleasure and soon managed to get Ken’s clothing off, so he could continue his work.


Takeru woke up in a very strange position. Well it was normal in the aspect that he was curled up against a warm body. It was strange in the fact that it was Ken who he was curled against.

On Ken’s other side was Daisuke, also curled up.

The black haired boy and an arm and a leg across both of them, which left more, privet area’s open, as the blanket was wrapped around their legs.

The blonde sighed in contentment. This was how life should be. Only next time he suspected Daisuke would want to be on top, which meant no handcuffs.

The blonde pouted at his own train of thought, it was fun without handcuffs, but it meant you couldn’t torture you’re lovers as much.

Yamato always said that the best way to torture someone was while they were handcuffed, that way they couldn’t torture back, or so it always worked with Taichi. Takeru always wondered if it was his older brother who was tortured or if it was Taichi, but he wasn’t THAT curious, so he didn’t really want to find out.

Soon the blonde drifted back to sleep, still sleepy and stiff.


Daisuke awoke to the smell of pancakes. Not just any pancakes, no these were special pancakes.

These were the only pancakes that could drag the still half asleep red head up and out of bed, make him put on a bathrobe, and walk downstairs.

Yep, very magical pancakes.

He entered the kitchen and sat down. Only then did he peek open an eye.

Ken and Takeru were pottering around the kitchen, Takeru pouring the mix into the pan and Ken popping the already cooked pancakes onto three separate plates.

Takeru grinned as he turned around.

“Ah, good morning sleeping beauty, I see our kiss has awoken thy.”

Daisuke blinked.

“Pancakes… smell… nice… sleep.”

Ken and Takeru burst into a fit of giggles at his response, or excuse.

“They’ll be done soon.” Ken said, finally getting control of his laughter.

Daisuke muttered something about waking him when the magic was ready and fell asleep at the table.

Ken blinked and walked over, poking the sleeping red head.

The body groaned and shifted.

Takeru stifled a giggle and flipped another pancake.

“Don’t worry, he always gets like this.”

Ken shrugged and went back to work.


Its nose twitched.

It could smell something divine… like magic.

But it would stay asleep until wizards told it magic was ready to eat.

“Daisuke you can wake up now, pancakes are done.”

The red head opened an eye, it was still sunny. But he kept his eyes open anyway and sat up.

A large plate of pancakes was sat infront of him.

The smell alone brought him back from the realm of dreams and he grinned stuffing a pancake in his mouth.

Takeru laughed seeing that his lover was awake finally.

Ken just shrugged and started eating.




“Are you gonna eat that last pancake.”


“Oh… can I have it?”

The black haired boy grinned at the red haired one, picking up the pancake.


The pancake went sailing, hitting Daisuke Square in the face.

Takeru erupted into a fit of giggles and Ken joined him.

Daisuke sputtered.

“What was that for!”

Ken managed to breathe and got out five words.

“You were… asking for it!”

~ End.

Author’s second notes: I’m not quite sure about this one. Well, what did you think? Please be truthful. ^^ I should never try to make boy’s dance again? I should never be aloud near a computer? I should write more or be fed to the bears? I SHOULD have put a tasty lemon in there?