Plot? What plot? There is no plot (well not as much as I usually have), it's mainly mindless sex with
my three favorite soldiers. Here's Cloud, Zack and Sephiroth in one big orgy.  If you haven't figured
it out yet (ummm, not going there). This is a work of erotic fanfiction, containing graphic depictions
of multiple partner, male male male sex. They're all pretty young here, so it also contains minors
(this is fiction people, don't freak). Oh and I don't own Final Fantasy VII, it's characters, yada yada.
I didn't ask permission to use them blah, blah. I wasn't paid to write this yakity smackity.....

Casual Otaku


Cloud stared at the shot glass sitting on the table in front of him.  "Come on Strife,
you're supposed to drink it, not look at it."  He looked up at the dark-haired youth
sitting across from him.  "I'm not..."  Zack grinned.  "Don't pull that 'I'm not old enough'
crap on me.  We're alone now, and I don't plan on arresting you."  The SOLDIER
poured his own shot and downed it in one quick gulp.  Cloud bit his lip and picked up
the glass. He steeled himself, and took a tiny sip.  Liquid heat spread through his
system, as the sweet butterscotch flavored concoction slid down his throat.

Zack burst out laughing at the delicate way his friend was drinking his shot. "Gawd,
Strife.  I deliberately choose soft booze, and you still can't drink right."  Cloud frowned,
then sucked down the remainder in a single swallow.  He licked the glass clean, tilted it
in a cocky salute, then set it on the table.  "Happy now?"  Zack grinned and poured
them both new shots, adding a touch of cream to Cloud's.  "You bet! Now how about
playing three man with me?"  The blonde grinned as well, "This is corrupting a minor you
know."  Zack shrugged, "Technically I'm a minor to, so it doesn't count." Cloud shook
his head and chuckled, "Yeah, but you're legal in this country."  The brunette let out
another laugh.  "Come on Strife, live a little. I won't tell. Besides, we both need to
unwind a bit."

Cloud sighed and nodded his consent.  "Okay, I'll play, but you have to teach me the
rules."  Zack gave him a beaming smile and pulled a set of dice out of his pocket.
"Here's the deal. We roll to determine our number. Every time your number comes up,
by adding both dice, or just on one of the die  you take a drink. The exception is three,
who has to drink whenever a multiple of three shows up as well." Cloud set his chin on
his palm.  "Hence the name three man?"  Zack nodded, "You catch on quick. Now
three man can pass his number by rolling double threes, and naming the new three man.
The same applies to all other numbers. OH and boxcars (double sixes) or snake eyes
(double ones) are called a social, everybody drinks. Hmm, what else? That's right, if
you roll doubles, you roll again, but if you get three doubles in a row, you automatically
become three man.  The old three man has to roll a new number other than three.
WAIT,  I almost forgot, if three man rolls three doubles, he can choose a new three
man as well. Simple, right?"  Cloud shook his head and laughed. "Sure, whatever you

Zack stood up and walked over to his bags.  He came back with two pill bottles and a
glass of water. "Great before we start, take these."  Cloud picked up the smallest bottle.
"Tylenol?"  Zack popped a single pill out of the other bottle and swallowed it down with
a sip of water. "Yep, take two now.  Help's keep hangovers at bay." The blonde
shrugged and did as ordered.  Zack handed him a pill from his bottle as he retrieved the
Tylenol and took his own two caplets. "It's a vitamin." he replied before Cloud could
ask.  The blonde shrugged and choked down the huge pill. "Damn, who do they make
those for? Chocobos?"  Zack grinned, "Got me.  The doc says they're a new version.
He wanted me to try them out." Cloud guzzled down some more water to get the weird
'stuck' feeling out of his throat. "I bet you didn't tell him you use them for this."

Zack shrugged and began to rattle the dice.  "I've been drinking ever since I joined
SOLDIER, he probably guessed."  Cloud sighed,  "So you have two years of
experience on me. Why do I get the feeling I'm going to loose?"  The brunette grinned
again, "That's the beauty of three man. It's all luck. I've gone almost an hour without a
drink playing it." He tossed a die and came up with a six.  "Cool." he said as he passed
the dice to his friend.  Cloud sighed and picked them up. *Please not three, not three,
  "Ooo, tough luck pal. Now let's get started."

An hour later Cloud had killed all the cream and was doing the straight Schnapps with
Zack.  The room had begun to seem hot, so they helped each other take off the
complicated dress uniforms, and changed into their fatigues.  Then they sat back down
at the table and began to tell each other dirty jokes, giggling uncontrollably the entire
time. "So what do you call that drink again?"  asked Cloud.  Zack took a deep breath
and said,  "Most people call it a buttery nipple, but it's also know as a cowboy..."  he
burst out with a fresh fit of giggling.  When it faded a bit he wiped a tear of mirth from
the corner of his eye.  "It's also known as a cowboy cocksucker."  There was a moment
of silence, then they both dissolved into long gales of laughter. Just then, a knock
sounded at the door and Zack stumbled over to answer it.  He yanked it open without
even asking who was there. A tall silver-haired man with a custom made black outfit,
and a wickedly long sword stood before him.

Sephiroth frowned as he looked at the inebriated  SOLDIER.  "You're drunk." he said.
Zack swayed a bit and continued to giggle as he attempted to give a salute. It didn't go
quite as planned and he stared at the hand that refused to tilt at a precise angle. "Yessir,
I am at that."  The silver-haired man sighed, it was a good thing their mission had been
canceled.  Zack would never have been in shape again by morning without a hyper, and
the drug made him far too....well, hyper.

"I came to tell you that our mission has been called off.  We've been given leave for the
rest of the weekend."  Zack grinned and nodded his head happily, "Okee dokie. Hey,
you wanna come in? You don't mind company do ya Cloud?"  The spiky blonde
laughed and leaned back in his chair.  It tipped over, sending him crashing to the floor,
and he laughed even more. "Nope. The more the merrier." he replied.

Sephiroth looked at the teenager sprawled out on the carpet and sighed. "Perhaps I
should, someone has to make sure you two don't kill yourselves."  Zack's grin spread
even more and he stood aside to let his comrade pass into the room. He leaned against
the door and listened as it automatically locked behind him.

In the meantime, Sephiroth had set aside his sword and was trying to help Cloud back
to his feet.  The blonde flung his arms around his hero's neck, and the silver haired man
fell forward, sprawling over the young soldier. "You're suppose to help me soldier, not
drag me down." Cloud grinned and sighed happily.  "I didn't think someone as strong as
you needed help."  Sephiroth frowned, "You're dead weight like this Cloud. Now use
those muscles of yours and get onto the bed." The teenager pouted and did as ordered.

As soon as Cloud was settled on the bed, Sephiroth picked up the phone and checked
in with the front desk. He told the manger she could give his room to someone else and
that he was only to be contacted by his superiors on his private cell phone.  The woman
bubbled with a sickening amount of enthusiasm and assured him she would see to it
personally. He sighed and dropped the phone back on it's cradle.  *Perhaps some
fresh air will help them sober up.*
He shifted his foot as he prepared to stand and felt
it hit something.  He glanced down and picked up the large pill bottle.  There wasn't a
label so he opened it and looked at the contents. *Oh hell, please no.*

"Zack, where did you get these?"  asked Sephiroth.  His fellow SOLDIER shrugged.
"They're just vitamins, I got 'em from the infirmary."  Sephiroth shook his head, "Who
gave them to you?"  The brunette rubbed his head,  "Dr. Hojo, why?"  Sephiroth gritted
his teeth.  *You just won't give up on trying to duplicate my skills, will you old

The silver-haired man stood up and went into the bathroom, where he flushed all the
pills down the toilet.  Zack watched on in shock. "Hey, what'd you do that for?"  His
comrade met his gaze.  "Those weren't vitamins Zack."  The brunette stared at him for a
moment.  "What?  Then what the hell were they Sephiroth?" The man shook his head
grimly.  "An aphrodisiac.  He wants you to breed."  Zack blinked a moment, he
suddenly felt very sober.  "Come again?"

"Zack, I was genetically altered to be the perfect soldier. They've been trying to
duplicate the process on all the members of SOLDIER."  The brunette nodded, "Yeah,
I know all that. What's your point?"  Sephiroth met his gaze,  "They've never been
successful with a mature individual.  So the next step is to try from birth."  Zack let that
sink in,  "You mean...."  Sephiroth nodded.  "But Cloud and I both took one.  I don't
feel any different."  The silver-haired man shook his head.  "The alcohol suppressed it,
but that won't last,  It's just going to come back twice as strong."

"Is it really that bad?  I mean that's what condoms....."  he trailed off.  Sephiroth was
shaking his head again.  "More bad news?"  His fellow SOLDIER sighed, "They'd
burst, it increases sperm production to an insane level.  You two are in for a rough ride."
Zack dropped onto the edge of the tub and buried his face in his hands making an odd
sound somewhere between a groan and a laugh.  Sephiroth looked at him a moment,
then went into the bedroom again. He was going to have to keep the pair in the room or
they could end up trying to impregnate the next female that crossed their path.

Cloud was on his belly, flipping through the TV channels, and giggling like a schoolgirl.
A commercial for KY-jelly came on and he giggled even more as he buried his face in a
pillow.  He suddenly sensed someone standing over him. So he looked up and smiled
despite the disapproving frown on his leader's face. "You know, I think we could have
used some of that when we got together."  A pink tinge stained Sephiroth's cheeks.  "Be
quiet Cloud, Zack is in the next room." he hissed.  Cloud continued on totally unruffled,
"Oh don't worry.  He already knows.  I told him about it and he's cool with it."  he said
as he rolled over and fell off the bed.

Sephiroth stared at the soldier spread-eagled on the floor and decided to just leave him
there this time.  He was about to turn away when he felt a hand slide around his ankle.
He looked back down and swallowed a lump at the lust-filled gaze Cloud aimed at him.
The soldier flipped over and began to rub a cheek against his leg like a cat.  "I've been
wondering why you haven't come back.  Didn't I please you last time?"  Sephiroth
gritted his teeth against the onslaught. Cloud had more than pleased him.  It had been
the best sex of his life.  Nobody else had been able to compare with the teen and it
disturbed him. Sex had always been release for him, a pleasant way to relieve tension. It
was something more with Cloud and he was afraid to explore why.

He heard Zack returning from the bathroom, and he tried to yank his leg away.  Cloud
just increased his grip, glomping onto his thigh and not letting go even as he was
dragged along.  "Cloud, stop it!! you have no clue what you're d...." Sephiroth broke off
with a gasp as pair over very strong arms slid around him and held on tight.  He looked
over his shoulder and groaned. "Not you too!"  Zack gave him a rather predatory smile
and shrugged.  "I've always been curious.  Now is as good a time as any to explore. It's
not like I'm expecting a pledge of undying love."  The brunette glanced down at Cloud.
"Do you mind sharing this time Strife?"  Cloud met his gaze and grinned,  "Nope.
Mother always said you should share your best with your friends."

Sephiroth's jaw dropped.  These two were talking about him like he was a piece of
meat.  "NOW HOLD ON!!"  His cry went unnoticed as Cloud slid his hands up and
began to undo his belt.  Sephiroth slowly realized these two were serious, and planned
to use him as their sexual outlet. He shifted his stance and managed to toss the pair off.
Only to be tackled by the two warriors before he could make it to the door.  He began
to swear a blue streak, which shocked the others.  Neither had heard anything that even
closely resembled a dirty word cross the man's lips.

Zack grinned and yanked Sephiroth's arms back even further.  "Tsk, you kiss
your mother with that mouth?"  Sephiroth growled and tried to bring his legs into play.
Cloud noticed and jumped onto them, before he could kick free.  Zack glanced back at
his friend. "Hey Cloud, you think you can reach my bag?  I have some rope in there."
The blonde nodded, and used his foot to hook the bag and drag it closer.

Sephiroth wasn't the most elite soldier in the world for nothing, and it took every ounce
of the pair's combined strength to hold him down and tear off his clothes, before Zack
demonstrated his latest hobby.  "Heh,  I always knew learning how to tie all these knots
would come in handy."  Cloud looked down at his friend's handiwork.  Sephiroth's arms
had been bound behind his back elbow to wrist. More rope circled his ankles and
thighs, before looping up over his shoulders, allowing him spread or close his legs
slightly, but not stand.

"Pretty impressive Zack, but did you have to gag him?"  They both looked down at the
dark blue bandanna stuffed into Sephiroth's mouth and secured in place by his slim
black belt. Then up to the brilliant blue-green eyes that were currently glaring daggers at
the both of them.  Zack nodded,  "I need to go get something from the car real quick,
and we don't want him screaming when I open the door."  Cloud shifted his gaze away
from his sometime lover and looked at the brunette. "What could possibly make you
want to leave at a moment like this?"  Zack grinned,  "Rape isn't my style.  I'm going to
pick up a little encouragement for our new pet.  I'll be right back."

Cloud watched him yank on some shoes and walk out the door.  He sat down on the
bed as the door clicked shut and looked down at his leader.  "You know,  you're very
appealing like that.  I can't wait to taste you again."  Sephiroth blinked and looked
away. "Come on, don't be that way. You know I won't let anything bad happen. We
just want to make you feel good."  His leader turned back to him and he was shocked
to see the fear in his eyes. The young soldier slid to the floor and pulled Sephiroth into
his embrace.  "It's okay.  I was scared the first time you took me, but then I couldn't get
enough.  Remember?"  Sephiroth paused a moment then nodded. Cloud nuzzled his
cheek. "It'll  be the same for you.  You're going to love it, you'll see."  Sephiroth looked
up at him and tilted his head toward the door.  The blonde shook his head.  "No, I
haven't been with Zack. I've always wanted to though."  Sephiroth looked away again.
Cloud grinned and tilted his face back up.  "Don't worry Sephy.  You'll always be my
favorite." The blue-green eyes shimmered slightly, but the fear was fading.

The sound of a key in the lock sounded, and the blonde sighed as he slid back to his
initial position. Zack grinned as he came in the door carrying a bucket of ice and a small
brown bag.  He crossed over to the table and dropped some of the ice into a glass.
"What's in the bag?" asked Cloud as Zack took the glass over to the sink and added
some water. The brunette grinned and yanked out a container of pills similar to the ones
Sephiroth had flushed.  "Traveler's rule number six, always keep a spare of all
prescriptions in case of emergency." The silver-haired man noticed the new bottle and
groaned.  "Come on Strife help me get one of these down his throat."

Cloud quickly discovered Sephiroth still had some inhibitions. Zack straddled him and
yanked out the gag, but the man didn't chance trying to scream, he just clamped his
jaws shut and tossed his head.  "Why do you want him to take one Zack?"  asked
Cloud. The brunette leaned back and whispered in his ear. Cloud grinned,  "Oh, I see.
Hold on a sec."  The blonde reached down and tickled a secret spot. Sephiroth laughed
and Zack shoved the pill down his throat. The silver-haired man choked slightly as he
instinctively swallowed it.  "Cloud!! How could you?" he coughed as the tablet slid

Cloud grinned and held the water to Sephiroth's  lips.  "I told you. We want to make
you feel good, and we can't if you keep struggling."  The man swallowed deeply then
frowned "I fought for a reason."  Cloud shrugged,  "I know."  then a naughty smile
formed.  "but I still haven't heard you ask either of us to stop."  Sephiroth's jaw dropped
as that little truth occurred to him.  *Oh god, he's right I haven't.*  Zack's triumphant
grin fell a little.  "Damn it Strife, did you have to remind him?"  The blonde shook his
head and set the glass on the nightstand.  "Think about it Zack. If he really wanted to get
away, we'd both be knocked out right now."  Cloud reached out and stroked the soft
silver hair. "You aren't going to fight anymore, are you Sephy?" Sephiroth began to say
yes, then shook his head. "No, I won't."  Cloud stood up and gave him a smile that
could melt stone.

"So how do we start?"  asked Zack, "I'm a little new to this."  Cloud grinned and
touched his cheek. "Sephy needs time to warm up.  So I start with you." Zack blinked
in surprise as Cloud crushed his mouth against his own. Then he groaned and returned
the kiss. Sephiroth watched on in fascination as the couple slid to the floor and
deepened the kiss. They pulled away from each other a moment later, letting their
tongues duel in open sight as they took deep panting breaths. Cloud reached down and
began to pull up Zack's t-shirt, kissing smooth tan skin as he slowly exposed the
muscular chest.

The brunette groaned as Cloud flicked it off and began to pinch the penny-brown
nipples as he sucked on his throat. "Unnn, that's so good." he whispered hoarsely as he
slid a hand up to stroke the tall blonde spikes. Sephiroth wanted a better look. So he
began to shift into more upright position, wincing as he slowly discovered the limits of
his bonds.

His abs were burning slightly by the time he made his way into a kneeling position.
Cloud had lost his shirt while his eyes were averted and Zack was hungrily sucking on a
coral colored nipple as the blonde gently stroked him within the loose blue pants.  "Ooh
yeah, now the other one." grunted Cloud.  The brunette mumbled and switched to the
other nipple, biting it slightly, before taking it between his lips like he had the other.
Cloud hissed and removed his hand to yank at his own pants.

Zack leaned forward and helped him drag them, and the boxers beneath, off.  Sephiroth
drank in sight of Cloud's body.  The teen was slim and muscular, like a dancer, and so
very beautiful.  He couldn't believe he'd been able to resist going back for another taste.
Zack glanced down and chuckled.  "You're pretty well endowed for your age."  Cloud
grinned, "Why thank you.  Now how about letting me see you?"  Zack nodded and
stood up to remove his pants as well. Sephiroth blinked as the brunette sprang free.
Zack was at least eight inches long, and about one and a half wide. He starting to
understand why the guy always wore loose pants. *And they aren't even finished

They both turned to him and smiled in a very unsettling manner.  "Time to loose the
briefs Sephy." Cloud whispered as he crawled over to him. The silver-haired
swordsman bit his lip, the pair had seemed so caught up in each other he'd thought they
were just going let him be a voyeur. Cloud hooked a finger over the waistband, then
frowned.  "Hey Zack, how do I get them past the ropes?"  The brunette reached into
the pocket of his discarded pants and tossed him a Swiss army knife.  "Cut 'em off. He
can borrow a pair of mine."  Cloud pulled the blade open and slipped it under the
elastic.  Sephiroth gritted his teeth and tried not to shudder as he felt the cold metal
touching his skin.

Cloud took much longer than necessary to slice away the material. Sephiroth panted as
one side of his underwear gave way and the blonde slowly trailed the knife's point over
to the other hip. He began to wonder what had happened to his shy and sweet uke.
Cloud was nothing like the hesitant virgin he'd had to gently coax into bed all those
months ago.  The knife stopped just below his bellybutton, and began to travel
downwards.  This time Sephiroth did shudder. Cloud smiled and delicately inserted the
tip of the blade next to the slowly forming tent that was dragging the cotton off one
smooth hip.

Zack growled behind him,  "Just rip 'em off already. You're driving 'me' insane."  Cloud
shrugged and did just that. Zack shook his head at what was revealed.  "You weren't
kidding were you Strife?"  The blonde grinned and took Sephiroth's length into his hand.
"Just wait, it gets bigger. Sephy here is almost a foot long."  Zack kneeled down beside
him.  "How the hell can you take it?"  Cloud bit his tongue, "I scream my head off."
Zack gave him a dry look. The blonde laughed and continued, "I do. But then you
adjust and it feels amazing."  He turned back to the erection that continued to expand in
his palm and smiled.  "Mmm, I've really missed this."

Cloud sighed and took the head into his mouth, sucking happily. Sephiroth moaned and
tried to shift his hips forward. He gasped as he felt a sharp swat on his thigh. Cloud
lifted his head long enough to say, "I didn't give you permission to move Sephy."  That
definitely wasn't like him, and Sephiroth froze out of pure shock. "That's a good Sephy.
You just sit still and let me have my fun."  The blonde licked his lips then returned to the
blow job.  He glanced over as Zack stretched out beside him. "How's that taste

Cloud let the cock slip from his lips again and grinned.  "Try it for yourself."  Zack
blushed a moment, then nodded. Cloud held the pulsing member steady and watched
with Sephiroth as the brunette closed his eyes and hesitantly lapped at the glistening pink
head. He took a second longer lap, then took the entire knob into his mouth. He made a
low sound of pleasure and began to suckle more enthusiastically.  His eyes fluttered
open and he looked up at his silver-haired friend. Sephiroth moaned and bit his lip as he
stared into the bright, robin's egg blue gaze.

Cloud watched them and smiled, he wondered if he had that same blissful look in his
eyes his first time too.  He licked his lips and bent down as well, running his tongue
along the parts that weren't occupied by his friend. Sephiroth moaned louder, and
stared down at the pair. He'd never dreamed it was possible to get a blowjob from two
people at once.  Cloud moved lower and took one of his balls into his mouth and gently
sucked on it while Zack started to take even more of him in.  Sephiroth shook his head
and began to make a low keening sound as tears sprang to his eyes. This felt so good it
hurt. He began to fist his hands as the dual stimulation brought him closer and closer to
his release.  "Ah, ah. I can't take anymore!!"

Cloud pulled away first and watched Sephiroth shudder as he sent his load into Zack's
mouth. The brunette sighed and swallowed the hot salty spurts.  When he sensed them
winding down he kept the last mouthful and sat up. He grabbed Cloud and pulled him
close, pressing their lips together and shifting Sephiroth's cum into his mouth.  The
blonde drank it down and licked his lips, before kissing Zack again, looking for more.
Then he grinned,  "Are you sure you've never done this before Zack?"  The brunette
shook his head, "Never. I've had a girl do that to me with my own."  Cloud chuckled,
"You sure know how to pick 'em." Then he turned back to Sephiroth. "Well, Sephy?
Didn't I say we'd make you feel good?"

Sephiroth finally gathered enough breath to give an exhausted laugh. "Yes, you did.
You've always been a man of your word."  He sighed and shifted his shoulders slightly.
"Will you release me now?" Cloud shook his head and kneeled behind Zack, slipping
his arms around his waist.  "Uh, uh.  Not just yet."  He slid one hand down and took the
brunette into his hand.  Zack groaned and dropped his head onto Cloud's shoulder.
Sephiroth looked down at the cock Cloud was gently stroking and licked his lips. The
blonde noticed the hungry look and whispered in Zack's ear. The brunette nodded, and
they both stood up to gently lift Sephiroth and set him on the bed.

Zack sat near his head and pulled him towards his throbbing erection.  Sephiroth
groaned and took him into his mouth. Zack sighed and leaned against the wall as he
watched the silver head bob up and down. Then he glanced over at Cloud, who was
rummaging around in his bag, muttering "I know it's here somewhere...." The blonde
grinned and came up with a small bottle of oil.  "Got it!"  He came back over and sat
down beside Sephiroth's bottom.  "What is that stuff?" asked Zack.  Cloud shrugged,
"Hair oil, not the ideal choice, but it should do."  Zack tilted his head.  "Do for what?"
Cloud grinned "I need to prepare him first."  Sephiroth stopped sucking and tried to turn
around.  Cloud slapped his butt leaving a bright red handprint on one firm buttock. "Ah,
ah Sephy. You need to finish what you start.  Now keep going!"  Zack chuckled as the
man returned to his task with renewed fervor. "You're such a sadist Cloud."

Cloud looked up as he started to open the bottle.  "You're the one who keeps saying I
need to be more aggressive.  I'm just taking your advice."  He began to spread some oil
onto his fingers and the scent of lemons filled the air.  When he felt they were slick
enough he leaned over and ran his tongue over the angry red mark his hand had left as
he gently slipped them into Sephiroth's tight entrance. The SOLDIER elite lost his
rhythm a moment as he felt himself being stretched open. He moaned around a mouthful
of cock as he felt Cloud stroke a very special area.  Zack grinned as the vibration ran
along his length and met Cloud's gaze.  "I think he likes that. Do it again." The blonde
did so, pressing even harder.  Sephiroth whimpered and began to take Zack down his
throat.  The brunette groaned and buried his hands in the soft silver hair. "Oh god, Seph,
that feels so good."

Cloud looked up and grinned at the look of pleasure on Zack's face.  Sephiroth was as
prepared as he was going to get, but he continued to stroke him for a few minutes.
Every time he touched that little area, Sephiroth would moan, and Zack's eyes would
narrow at the added stimulation. Cloud sighed as his own erection throbbed painfully
and slipped his fingers free. The blonde pulled the silver-haired soldier into a semi-
kneeling position and began to press into him.  This time it wasn't a moan, but a low cry
of pain that issued from Sephiroth's lips.

Zack blinked and looked down to where Cloud was straining to get his full length into
the tight clenching tunnel.  At six inches long and just over two inches thick, it was no
easy task.  "Looks like a tight fit."  Cloud grunted and managed to get a little further into
Sephiroth, who'd completely given up trying to continue the blow job.  He let the
brunette slip from his mouth and began to pant loudly as he was slowly impaled.  Zack
kept running his fingers through the long silky hair as he watched Cloud bury himself in
their leader.

Sephiroth rubbed his face against Zack thigh as he felt new tears forming. This was his
first time being on the receiving end and the mix of pain and pleasure was driving him
crazy. He gasped in surprise when he suddenly felt something cold and wet dragging
across his back.  Zack had plucked some ice cubes out of the bucket and was rubbing
them along his heated skin. The suddenness of new sensation distracted him from the
pain and before he knew it he felt Cloud's sack nestling against his own.  Zack leaned
over and licked the water off his back, shifting his hips so he wouldn't smother the man
between his groin and chest.

When he sat back again, he lifted Sephiroth's face and kissed him deeply.  Sephiroth
shivered slightly and returned the kiss. Then Cloud began to move and he hissed in pain.
But a few minutes later he began to adjust and the pain completely gave way to
pleasure.  Zack noticed the subtle shift and nudged him back down to his cock.
Sephiroth moaned and once again took him into his mouth. Cloud watched them a
moment as he gradually increased the pace. Once he began to slide in with relative ease
he reached a hand underneath them and began to stroke Sephiroth's newest erection.

Eventually, the trio got a good rhythm going, and the room was filled with the low
sounds of male pleasure.  The ropes were digging painfully into Sephiroth's skin, but he
didn't care.  Nor did he care about the fact his arms had grown numb from the unnatural
position.  All he cared about was the feel of being taken by the two teens. He knew this
could go on all night with the drug running through their systems and he hungered for it.
He didn't want this ecstasy to end.

Cloud was the first to achieve orgasm and he dug his fingers into Sephiroth's hips as he
sent what felt like a gallon of sperm deep inside him. Zack followed soon after and
watched as Sephiroth tried desperately to swallow it all. He gave up after his third
mouthful and just let it splash against his cheeks as he sent his own load into the
bedspread. Then he realized Cloud was still as hard as a rock inside him and he let out
an exhausted laugh.  It had taken him two times to satisfy Cloud the first time they were
together and it appeared it would be the same this time as well.

Sephiroth winced as he felt the blonde withdraw, and all that fluid came flooding back
out, but he didn't complain.  He curled onto the mattress, grateful for a minute or two to
rest.  He looked up as he heard the water running in bathroom.  Cloud returned a
moment later with a few warm washcloths and gently cleaned away the mess.  Zack
finally came down off his little sexual high when Cloud handed him a second cloth.
"Huh?  Oh, sorry Seph." He grinned as he took in the soaked face. "You weren't
kidding about bursting a condom were you?."  He lifted the cloth to wipe his leader's
cheeks, then changed his mind and began to lick the sticky gobs off instead. Cloud
noticed and laughed before leaning in to help him.

"Mmm, you don't taste half bad Zack.  I'm going to have to get it straight from the
source some time."  The brunette looked down at his flaccid  penis and shook his head.
" Give me a few minutes."  Then he noticed Cloud was still hard. "Well, hell.  Now I feel
inferior."  Sephiroth chuckled.  "Don't feel too bad, Zack.  He pulled the exact same
trick on me." Cloud glanced down at himself and blushed. "I can't help it.  It has a mind
of it's own."  The other two men looked at each other and shook their heads.

Sephiroth rolled over in an attempt to get more comfortable, and made a grimace of
distaste. *Ugh, wet spot...*  He tried to roll back over, but found he couldn't. "Umm,
how about a little help here gentleman?"  Zack chuckled,  "I think we can take those off
now.  Give me a hand Cloud."  The brunette lifted him against his chest as Cloud
yanked off the bedspread.  Then he set his silver-haired compatriot on the blanket
beneath, and flipped him onto his stomach.  He quickly removed the ropes and frowned
at the deep red bruises.

"Why didn't you tell me they were hurting you?"  Sephiroth sighed as he sat up and
rubbed the circulation back into his hands,  "By the time they were I didn't care."  Cloud
made a sort of choking laugh, but Zack's frown didn't go away.  "Don't worry yourself
Zack, I'm designed to heal fast."  He held up a wrist and the brunette watched as the
bruises faded right before his eyes, leaving nothing but smooth pale skin.  Zack shook
his head,  "It would take me all night to do that.  No wonder they want more like you."
Sephiroth shrugged and dropped his wrist. Zack sat down beside him and smiled as
Cloud went into the bathroom to rinse out the washcloths.  "So what do we try now?"
Sephiroth cocked his head towards the bathroom.  Zack's grin took on a naughty glint
and he nodded.

Cloud sniffed at the decidedly floral shower gel provided by the hotel and frowned.  He
was glad he brought his own soap, it would never do for a soldier to go around smelling
like a bridal bouquet.  *Oh well, it won't matter for just rinsing these out.*  He
dumped the pale blue liquid onto the towels and began to lather them up. He had a
feeling they'd need them again before morning, when the maids would bring fresh ones.
He was so caught up in the task, he didn't even notice the man sneaking up behind him.

Cloud gasped as he was grabbed from behind and tossed over a shoulder like so much
baggage. "What?!?  What are you doing?"  Sephiroth chuckled and dragged him back
into the sleeping area, where he threw him onto the bed.  Cloud got an inkling of what
he was thinking from the evil smile and he knew he was in trouble.  He began to
struggle, but he had no chance against Sephiroth's superior skills.  "Zack, Help!!"  he
cried as he began to buck futilely. The brunette grinned and began to uncoil the rope he
held in his hands.  "Okay.....uke."

Sephiroth looked down at a bound and blindfolded Cloud and smiled.  "That is a rather
useful skill you've picked up Zack."  The brunette grinned and began to shove some
cloth under the ropes that bound his friend wrist to knee. "Isn't it though?"  he said.
Cloud started growling as he tried to work off the blindfold by rubbing it against the
sheets.  Sephiroth put a finger to his lips to shush him. "Come now Cloud, turnabout is
fair play."

Zack sat down at the blonde's hip and took his erection into his hand.  "Seph's right
Cloud.  If you make it through this, it'll be my turn next."  Cloud gave him a rather nasty
earful. The brunette just laughed and began to stroke him.  "Mmm, you know I still
haven't tasted you yet.  I think I'll correct that oversight."  Zack leaned in and took the
teen into his mouth,  he'd discovered he enjoyed giving oral sex as much as he loved
receiving it.  Cloud immediately stopped his tirade when Zack began to suck him off.
He groaned and tossed his head,  he just couldn't seem to stop ending up on the bottom
whenever he had sex.

Zack made a low sound of pleasure and took the rest of Cloud's cock into his throat.
He came up a moment later gasping for breath,  the blonde's width had cut off his
oxygen supply.  Sephiroth came up behind him yanked his head back before he could
try again.  Zack made a frustrated sound and looked at him in confusion. "Why'd you
stop me?" Sephiroth leaned down and embraced him from behind.  He trailed a few
kisses along Zack's throat before whispering. "I want to watch you fuck him, and I want
to see him come when you do it."

Cloud didn't hear the whispered exchange, but he smelled lemons again.  The scent
alone told him one of them was planning on entering him. He just had no idea who.  The
expected fingers slid into him and he moaned.  His frustration at becoming uke again
evaporated and he began to move against the hand,  suddenly feeling anticipation. Zack
chuckled at his eagerness and thrust his fingers deeper. They hit a firm spot and muscles
clamped down on his fingers as Cloud let out a little gasp of pleasure. The brunette
grinned and pressed it again.

Sephiroth slipped his arms from around Zack and sat down on the edge of the bed near
Cloud's head to watch. His fellow SOLDIER was a quick learner and before long he
had Cloud begging.  "No more, I can't take anymore!! I want to be fucked!!"  Zack
slipped out his fingers and replaced them with his cock.  Cloud hissed as he entered,
trying his best not to scream this time.  He screamed anyway, and Zack froze.
Sephiroth shook his head and mouthed 'He's okay, keep going'.  The brunette looked
back down at his friend and started to press forward again, trusting Sephiroth's

His superior's opinion turned out to be sound. In a matter of minutes Zack was
slamming into Cloud as he pleaded for more, screaming  "Harder! Fuck me harder!!"
The brunette gave him what he asked for, thrusting so hard he ended up shoving Cloud
away from him with each pump.  Sephiroth shifted his position, and held him in place by
bracing Cloud's shoulders against his hips. The blonde's breath starting flowing over his
groin, but he hadn't recharged enough to take advantage of the open mouth.  So he
settled for letting Cloud suck on his fingers as he dropped his other hand down to the
blonde's flushed nipples.

Cloud moaned at the new stimulation and began to whimper.  A few moments later he
came, sending out huge ropes of fluid that flew up and hit the two men leaning over him.
Zack immediately followed, letting out a feral snarl as he sent his seed deep into Cloud's
heat. The brunette collapsed on top of his friend's chest, to exhausted to stay upright.
Sephiroth moved away and watched them heaving as they tried to catch their breath.
The pair was awfully cute together. He smiled as he went into the bathroom and began
running a bath.

The tub was big enough for a couple to stretch out, so it was going to take a while to fill.
He picked up the bottle of gel Cloud had been using and took a whiff.  He quickly
dismissed using the stuff.  He went back into the room and began digging through their
bags, hoping for a better choice.  He came across the bottle of pills that Zack had
brought from the car and opened it.  It was filled with ordinary vitamins. "Wait a minute,
that means...."  A cheerfully satisfied voice called from the bed. "It means that you were
a willing participant."  He looked over at Zack, who gave him a cocky grin.  "I told you,
rape's not my style.  That includes being under the influence of a drug."  Sephiroth
blanched a moment, then said "What about you two?"  Cloud answered this time as he
hugged Zack's back.  "We agreed to room together, because we planned on doing it.  I
told you I always wanted to try it with him, and tonight he agreed. The drug wouldn't
have made any difference."  He smiled and continued. "Now let's take advantage of that
bath you're running."

The pair walked over to him and lifted him to his feet before heading into the bathroom
to clean up a little.  The tub was on the verge of overflowing, so Zack cut off the water
and leaned over to pop-up the plug. The action caused his butt to turn up quit invitingly.
Sephiroth suddenly remembered that Zack hadn't been fucked yet, and he chuckled as
he felt himself growing hard. "Hey Cloud, I'll flip you for him."  Zack froze with his hand
still on the plug.  Cloud smiled and nodded,  "Okay, that sounds fair." The brunette tried
to get back up, but Cloud sat on his back, effectively trapping him in a kneeling position.
Sephiroth went into the bedroom again and came back with a 1gil coin.  "Call it."
Cloud grinned and rubbed a hand over Zack's wonderfully full bottom.  "Tails."

The large silver coin spun like a top as it hit the counter.  It stopped on edge a second
before falling heads up. Cloud shrugged  "Oh well, we have all weekend.  I'll take my
turn later." Zack blinked a moment, watching the water swirl down the drain, as it sunk
in that he was about to have an eleven inch erection shoved into an area that hadn't had
anything bigger than a finger inserted into it. Sephiroth handed Cloud the shower gel,
"Here, I'll let you get him ready. Your fingers are thicker." Cloud grinned and poured a
little of the slick liquid directly onto the puckered hole.

Zack jumped slightly as he felt the cold gel hit his rim, but not as much as he jumped
when Cloud began to slide in his fingers. It really didn't hurt all that bad, it was just a
little uncomfortable. He tried to take a deep breath,  but Cloud's weight made it difficult.
Then he felt an intense burst of pleasure as the finger's delved deeper and touched his
special area. He panted and instinctively shifted against Cloud's hand. "Ahh!!"  The
other two smiled at the pleasured cry.  "Hmm, he seems to be enjoying himself. I think
I'll just sit here and watch a moment." said Sephiroth as he pulled down the seat on the
toilet and sat down.

Cloud continued to slide his fingers in and out of his friend, even after he was prepared.
He didn't stop until Zack managed to bite out. "NOW! I want it now!"  Cloud grinned
and abandoned his perch. Sephiroth slid to the floor in front the tub and pulled Zack
over to him. "Turn around Zack.  This is your first time so I'll let you control the pace a
little."  He gently positioned the brunette over his length and had him sit back until the
head popped in.  Zack gritted his teeth and kept going, letting inch after inch slide into
him. He stopped about halfway down, unable to continue.  "That's it, just take a
moment to adjust." groaned Sephiroth.

Cloud sat down on the counter, looking down to where his mentor was half-buried in
his friend. It was a highly erotic sight, one he wished Zack could see.  Then he
remembered, the door had a mirror.  He got up and closed it, just as Zack began to
descend again. This time he made it three-quarters of the way down, but there were
tears of pain dripping from his closed eyes.  "Oh god! I can't take anymore!"  Sephiroth
lifted his hands to stroke Zack's nipples and panted.  "Yes,  you can. It'll hurt some, but
you can do it."

The brunette opened his eyes and realized he could see himself being impaled.  He
hadn't realized just how much of  Sephiroth's cock he'd managed to take in, but there
seemed to be so much left to go. He took a few deep breaths and steeled himself,
before he just let himself fall the rest of the way down.  A piercing scream ripped from
his lips, and Cloud winced in sympathy. Zack continued to pant heavily as the cry
stopped bouncing off the walls. He'd done it, he couldn't believe he'd done it, but the
proof was right there in the mirror. Sephiroth was completely buried in him, and their
sacks were nestled together. "I told you, you could do it Zack."  The brunette turned
back to his leader and gave him a weak smile.

Sephiroth gave him a moment to adjust to the feeling of having his throbbing member
buried within him before he asked,  "Are you ready to move?" Zack took a couple
more deep breaths and nodded.  It hurt, but he bit his lip and told himself he could take
the pain.  Cloud tilted his head, there was a small trickle of red flowing from Zack's lip.
His eye's watered a bit for the pain his friend had to feel, but he knew first hand the
pleasure that was to come, so he put on his brightest smile. "It'll feel good real soon
Zack."  The brunette nodded, but didn't risk talking, he wasn't certain he could avoid
screaming again.

Eventually he did start screaming, but it wasn't in pain.  "Ah, ah. Ah GOD!!  It's good.
It's so good!!"  Cloud began to masturbate as he watched Zack slamming himself onto
the huge member.  "Ah Seph! Give me more!!"  Sephiroth groaned and began to meet
the brunette's thrusts. Pulling most of the way out before shoving back in.  He looked at
the mirror, watching himself disappear and reappear into Zack's tight ass.  He closed his
eyes, the sight alone was enough to make him want to come.  Unfortunately, that only
made the feel of tight muscles rippling along his length seem to double in intensity.

Sephiroth growled as the inevitable approached.  He let out a low roar as he came,
yanking Zack down against his hips as he began to fill him with his seed.  Cloud
whimpered and came at about the same time. The fluid flew out hitting Zack's face and
chest.  A few stray spurts caught Sephiroth on the cheek and hair, and he licked them
away. Zack panted and began to stroke himself furiously, wanting his release as well.
Cloud sighed as the last of the spurts died down. Then he noticed that Zack hadn't
caught up yet.

The brunette's eyes drifted open as he felt a pair of hands surround his own. He looked
into Cloud's ocean blue eyes. The blonde smiled and whispered, "Let me."  Zack let go
of his throbbing cock, and watched as his friend took him into his mouth. Cloud sighed
and began suck enthusiastically.  He dropped his hand down and began to massage
Zack's and Sephiroth's sacks together.  The other two froze and let out mutual moans.

Zack dropped his head onto Sephiroth's shoulder and shuddered in ecstasy.  Sephiroth
smiled "He's, good at that, isn't he?" he said between grunts of pleasure. Zack nodded
unable to get his voice to work. Sephiroth was still planted deeply inside him, spasming
as the last of the hot splashes fired within him. Cloud had taken him all the way into his
mouth and down his throat. The two sensations combined, put him into a state of total
sexual euphoria.  He moaned a little louder and finally came.

Cloud gave a sigh of pleasure and drank the first mouthful. Then he pulled back and
held his mouth open, letting them watch it fill before he swallowed down every sweet
drop.  He got two more before Zack was done. Cloud looked up and gave them an
angelic smile that was totally incongruous with his cum-soaked face, then sat on Zack's
lap to pull them in for a group hug.

They stayed that way a moment, before Sephiroth said.  "You know, I think we should
use the shower instead. I've got someone's cum in my hair."  Cloud blushed and stood
up, going into the bedroom to get some soap. Zack sighed and pulled away, wincing as
he popped free. Sephiroth stood up began to pull his hair through his fingers, frowning
at the soaked strands. Cloud returned with a bottle of shampoo and a bar of soap. He
got into the tub and tilted his head to indicate the others should join him.

The trio pulled the curtains around them and cut on the dual showerheads. They
lathered each other up and washed away the mess, before sitting on the floor of the tub
and starting to kiss each other as the water beat down. Strong hands slid over sleek
skin and muscle, and fingers slipped through soft, shiny hair. Sephiroth groaned as the
two cut off the shower and began to lick the water off his body. They continued to
suckle his skin even as they stepped out of the shower and stumbled to the bed. Where
they ripped away the mussed blanket and laid out on the sheets, pulling him down with

Sephiroth was in the center and he sighed as he looked down at the pair sucking on his
nipples, taking in the contrast of their tanned skin against his own alabaster complexion.
They'd drained themselves during the long hours of sex, so this was just for the
enjoyment of touching each other.  Cloud yawned and kissed his way over to Zack,
placing a long kiss on his lips, before snuggling against Sephiroth's shoulder and falling
asleep. Zack smiled and curled against the other shoulder, giving their leader a quick
peck before dropping off as well.

Sephiroth sighed and held them close. The two teens were better than any blanket, but
he wasn't comfortable leaving all that damp skin to the open air.  He closed his eyes and
concentrated a moment, the sheet lifted and settled down over them. He chuckled as he
realized a bit late he could have used this power at any point to break free when these
two had trussed him up. He looked over at Cloud and kissed him tenderly, *You were
right Cloud, I loved it, and I'll never get enough.*


This fic debuted on my friend Lara's site, Aphrodisiac. It was my first fic with Sephy as a major
character, as well as my first orgy.  One of these days I just need to make a Final Fantasy VII shrine.