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Gundam Wing: The Quest for Peace
A Modification for Jedi Knight



HUD Complete
Posted August 14, 2001 by Zechs
Thanks to Sared the new HUD is complete and works very nicely. Head on over to the Files page and take a look at it.

New Staff Member
Posted August 14, 2001 by Zechs
I would like to welcome the mod's newest staff member Sared. He will be doing all of the BMs for this mod and maybe some other things too.

New Status Bars
Posted August 11, 2001 by Zechs
If you haven't noticed yet, there are now Status bars on the status page to help show the progress of the mod better. The image that is used for the status bar was made by Kedri so give him credit.

New Trowa Model
Posted August 10, 2001 by Zechs
I finally finished the new Trowa model for the mod. I had made one allready but I found out I could do much better so I decided to redo him. Take a look at him on the Files page and tell me what you think of him on the forum.

New Forums
Posted August 6, 2001 by Zechs
I finally got the forums up, so head on over to them and tell me anything you have to say about the mod. Also expect to start seeing some progress shots now that they are up. I also got a counter put on the main page so I can now see how we are doing for popularity.

Grand Opening
Posted August 3, 2001 by Zechs
This is the new and official site for the Gundam Wing: The Quest for Peace modification for Jedi Knight. So be sure not to be a stranger to the site because we plan on keeping you updated and not going to waste. Pretty soon the Message board will be up so you can post and talk about the Mod there.

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