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DBZ, the greatest anime series ever

The characters

Good DBZ sites

This site is the greatest site that i have found in my two years of surfing the net to find the best site for DBZ. It has multimedia that is astounding. You can actually go onto this site and download 42 full english episodes starting with the raditz saga and moving foward.
This site is the official site to all of our loyal Dragonball Z fans. They update the site constantly with new information. They also have a trailer preview to the DBZ movie Bojack Unbound. You should definatly go and check it out.

The first fight of the series happens in the first few episodes. Raditz vs. Goku and Piccolo. The odds are still in Raditz's favor because of his immense power. He is also able to determine the strength of his opponet thanks to his scouter. He knows if he is able to block an attack or if he must avoid it entirely.

Goku and Piccolo fight with Raditz for a bit to gauge his strength, then they attempt to formulate a plan to defeat Raditz. Piccolo has lost an arm but is still able to preform his new special attack, "The Special Beam Cannon". Its power is capable of killing Raditz in a single shot. Goku grabs Raditz's tail and that incapicates Raditz long enough for Piccolo to gather the energy nessecary to fire the attack, but Raditz says to Goku that he will leave the planet if Goku lets go of his tail. Goku being the trusting person he is, lets go and Raditz goes back on his word and attacks Goku. Piccolo fires the special bean cannon in an attempt to end the fight but misses and then the chance of victory seems to diminsh almost entirely. Raditz with overwhelming confidence goes over to Goku and stomps down on Goku's chest and tells him to beg for mercy. After Raditz concludes that Goku will not beg he decides to kill Goku with an energy attack. Gohan hearing his father in agony from the spacepod where he was being held, explodes with anger. He destroys the pod simply by jumping through it. Raditz uses his scouter to gauge Gohan's strength above his own. He then delivers a devastating blow to Raditz with his head. Goku then gets up and grabs Raditz and put him in a hold(much like a full nelson). He then tells Piccolo to hurry up with his attack. Raditz attempting to get free, asks Goku how will he escape the attack if he is holding him down. Goku replies, "I guess we will go down together". Piccolo then fires his attack at Raditz and pierces them both through the chest. That is all she wrote on the Raditz saga.

The next saga and fight is the sayin saga. Vegeta and Nappa arrive at earth and fight "the Earth's special forces". The sayins start the fight by releasing saiybamen. These creatures are intended to gauge the strength of the Z-fighters. During the fight with the saiybamen Yamcha and Chiatzo are killed. This leaves Krillen, Piccolo, Gohan, and an injured Tien to do battle with the two sayins. Vegeta however doesn't take part in the fighting he sits back and watches Nappa (who is having a great time) kick the stuffing out of the warriors. During this time Tien is killed by Nappa's onslaught and adds to the list of casulties.

While the fighting is going on Goku having just returned from snake way, is at Kami's lookout getting a few sensu beans from Korin. Goku hops on the flying nimbus and heads to the battle. Vegeta's scouter reads that someone with a very high power level is coming to their location. Vegita then assums that it must be Goku (Vegeta calls him Kakarot though). He then tells Nappa to quickly kill the others so they can't join up with Goku. Nappa charges up and fires a energy blast at Gohan who is paralyzed in fear. Piccolo dashes in front of the beam and takes the blast head on. Piccolo then says to Gohan lying near death on the ground, how much Gohan's kindness changed his heart and how much he cared for him, and then he vanished. Gohan enraged by his death starts to power up. First on his punishment list was Nappa he goes bezerk on him and gives Nappa everything that his body can muster but is still isn't enough to kill Nappa and Nappa is charging up for the finishing blow when Goku shows up on the scene and rescues Gohan. Nappa is kind of glad that Goku shows up because he says that now he can have a real challenge. Nappa charges at Goku and tries to punch him in the head but Goku just avoids it as if it weren't even there. Goku then seemingly ignoring Nappa delivers a half of a sensu bean to both Krillin and Gohan restoring them back to normal. Vegeta and Nappa are astonished that they were restored just by eating a bean. Goku then turns to face Nappa and their battle ensues.

Nappa launches an all out attack on Goku. Goku simply looks like he is dodging a fly. Nappa is starting to become furious at his own helplessness. Vegeta is becoming worried because he is able to tell that Goku is holding back. Nappa who has finally had enough of Goku flys towards Gohan and is about to kill him when Goku intervenes. Goku fires up his kaioken attack and is able to get in Nappa's path and punch him so hard Nappa has a hard time standing up. Vegeta fed up with Nappa's pathetic attacks decides to kill him himself. Vegeta blows Nappa away without and regrets.

Goku and Vegeta start the real fight now. initially they start with some punches and kicks feeling out the other's strength's and weaknesses. Vegeta then decides to power up. Vegeta now powered up is far stronger than even Goku's Kaioken x2 attack. Goku against King Kai's advice decides to try a x3 attack. Goku strugles to gather the energy nessecary to unleash his attack. Vegeta watches in almost awe as Goku power and muscles continue to grow. Goku then attacks, a punch here a kick there and Vegeta is realling. Vegeta trys to fling an energy attack at Goku but it is easily dodged thanks to Goku's incredible speed. Goku having delived a severe punch to Vegeta's gut powers down to normal and Goku takes a break from being in Kaioken form. As Goku explained earlier to Krillen and Gohan if Goku stays in the Kaioken form for too long then he can die from it's power.

Round two. Vegeta has now recovered from the attacking and being thrown into a mountain and is quite mad. He decides to use his gallick gun and blow up the entire planet. He tells Goku to dodge the attack if he can but if he does then the planet will go up in smoke. Vegeta charges up for the incredible attack and Goku is struggling to figure out what to do. Goku goes Kaioken x3 and prepares to fire his Kammehameha wave. Vegeta fires, Goku fires, and Yajarobe braces himself for the colision. The two blasts colide and are equal in power. They are both giving it all they have trying to push the other's attack back at them but to no availe. Goku is draining much faster than Goku and he realizes it. So to win this clash Goku goes Kaioken x4. It is far more than Goku's body can handle but he does it to save the world. Wow does it work, the force of his wave nearly doubles and pushes Vegeta's gallick gun right back at him and then the Kamehameha wave his Vegeta with tremendous force. Vegeta practicaly goes into orbit. Goku gives a sigh of relief as he falls to a knee from the stress that he just put his body through. Yajarobe climbs out from the debris and heads over to Goku to congrajulate him. Goku then tells a very astonished Yajarobe that the fight is not over yet. Yajarobe says are you sure and Goku says yea. Yajarobe then scrams leaving Goku all alone once again.

Vegeta who has just gotten of the massive Kamehameha wave is now pretty mad to put it mildly. He returns to the battlefield with somewhat of a grin on his face. He then says how the moon has been removed but he is capable of creating an artifical one. He heaves an energy ball into the ky and makes it halt in mid air. He then starts to grow fangs and get bigger. He is now transforming into the ozzarou form. His power is about to increase 10 fold. Goku at this point in the battle has to run for his life. His body has been put through excruciating agony and he can't move too easily. In addition his energy is pretty much gone thanks to that kamehameha wave that he used. Goku now has to come up with a game plan. His only chance of victory lies in using the deadly spirit bomb attack which has practicaly limitless power potential. Goku uses the solar flare technique which blinded Vegeta and Goku flew away to a safe didtance to gather the energy from the planet to make the spirit bomb.

(While Goku was training with King Kai he learned the Kaioken as well as the spirit bomb. Goku was warned however that the power of the spirit bomb may be too much for Goku to control so Goku was to use it only as a last resort.)

Goku's solar flare attack that blinded Vegeta has finally worn off and Vegeta has started to make a bee line for Goku. Goku has completed the spirit bomb and it has enough power to defeat Vegeta and win the fight. Goku winds up and prepares to throw that attack. Vegeta counterattacks with a fierce energy blast from him mouth. This attack catches Goku off guard and causes Goku to drop the spirit bomb and that hope of winning the fight.

Goku now is quite a predicament, Vegeta is kicking his but and he can't even defend himself. Gohan and Krillen now show up at the battle to see Goku getting pummeled. Gohan and Krillen come up with a plan to defeat Vegeta. Gohan will distract Vegeta with a few energy blasts and Krillen will sneak around back and cut his tail off with a destructo disk. The execute the plan perfectly and everything goes as planed except for the fact that in the ozzaru state Vegeta has incredible hearing abilities and Heard the disk attack and jumped over the attack and avoided harm. Vegeta now seems to be indestructable and unbeatable.

Boom! Yajarobe from out of no where leaps into the air and hacks off Vegeta's tail with his sword. Having his tail finally removed causes Vegeta to revert back to his original form. Needless to say Yajarobe has now run away after infuriating Vegeta. Vegeta is still confident that without his tail that he will be able to defeat everyone. He continue in his assault on Goku but Gohan intervenes. Gohan is starting to get angry at Vegeta and he starts in with a charge. Then he begins to fire energy blast after blast at Vegeta but the sayin is capable of dodging every last one. Gohan is now very tired and worn down. Goku then enters Krillin's mind by using telepathy. He tells Krillin to fly over to where he was laying on the ground. Krillin goes over and asks what's up. Goku then puts his hand into Krillin's and gives Krillin the remaining energy left from the spirit bomb that he made earlier.

Krillin in awe of the power of the spirit bomb doesn't know exactly what to do with it. King Kai then tells Krillin via telepathy that the right time to throw the spirit bomb will present itself and that the spirit bomb is the last best hope for the Earth. Krillen winds up and throws it straight at Vegeta, who is busy fighting Gohan. At the last second Vegeta realizes that the spirit bomb is headed for him so he dodges it. Krillin starts to doubt his timing in the throwing because he just doomed the world. Suddenly everyone notices that the spirit bomb is headed straight towards Gohan and Gohan is paralyzed in fear so he can't get out of the way. King Kai then explains that the spirit bomb is only capable of hurting evil people and that Gohan can bounce the bomb back towards Vegeta and win the fight. Gohan bounces the spirit bomb back towards Vegeta who is getting ready to attack Krillin who was the person who launched the spirit bomb at Vegeta. Vegeta has his back turned toward Gohan and the spirit bomb finally after a lot of delay finally hits it's target right in the center of Vegeta's back. This as you can imagine is quite painful. Vegeta is then engulfed in an explosion. Everyone breaths a sigh of relief that the battle is finally over. Gohan heads over to Goku to check on him and to bring him home.

Krillin is heading over to talk with Goku who still is imobile thanks to the in tense stress that his body was put under during the battle with Vegeta. Krillin is out of no where hit with an energy blast and knocked out. Gohan and Goku look over and see Vegeta who just looks a little more beaten up but not defeated. Vegeta then hits Gohan with a devastating blow and Gohan is lying flat on his back right next to his father. Goku then is attempting to formulate a plan to win the battle even though he is unable to move his body. Without any sort of reason Gohan's tail reapperas and Goku notices it. Goku instructs Gohan to look over towards the energy ball floating in the sky that Vegeta used in order to transform beforehand and is still up in the sky. Gohan looks at it and his pupil's in his eyes start to turn red and Gohan begins to grow fangs. Vegeta knows exactly what it about to happen and he rushes over to attempt to cut off Gohan's tail before he transforms. He is unsucessful though and Gohan turns into the giant ape that he changes into quite often in the series. Gohan then locates Vegeta and begins to start attacking him and everything around him. In the giant ozzaru state Gohan is unable to determine who is a friend and who is a foe. Gohan is just a really powerful machine for destroying. Even though Gohan is clearly stronger then Vegeta he won't fight with him because he is busy blasting everything that is around. Vegeta then tries to blind Gohan with a blast right into the eyes but all he seems to do is irritate Gohan and Gohan then smashes Vegeta.

Vegeta then manages to power up and fire a destructo disk at Gohan and barely manages to cut off his tail reverting him back. But, right after Gohan had his tail cut off he begins to fall onto Vegeta while he is still a huge monkey. Normally Vegeta could just get out of there but Vegeta is soo worn down that he can't. Gohan hits Vegeta with an inadvertant body slam and Vegeta is now down for good. He can't move but he still is trying to though. Krillin is able to move which is a really good thing because practically everyone else is immobile and can't move an inch. Krillin spots Yajarobe's sword and crawls over to get it. Then he heads for Vegeta and grabs him by the throat. He then swings the sword right at the motionless Vegeta. "Noo!" Goku just shouted out to Krillin. "What, why did you stop me?" Goku says that he is a sayin just like Vegeta and he respects him in a way and that Vegeta deserves a chance to change his ways. Krillin doesn't like this at all because Vegeta is the one who killed all of his friends. Krillin then decides to let Vegeta go. Vegeta laughs at their mistake and hops into his space pod that he remote piloted to his postion.

Vegeta is now finally gone. Goku and all of the other Z-fighters can now rest or in most cases, recover from the sever injuries they have sustained. Chi-Chi takes Goku and everone else to the hospital and it looks like Goku won't be able to train for some time. I'm not going to tell you how but Krillin, Bulma and Gohan find a ship fast enough and set course for Namek to recover the dragonballs and wish back Tien, Piccolo, Yamcha, and Chioutzu.

There are a good deal of confortations on the planet Namek but i will save time and just tell you about the Ginyu force ones since they rocked the most. The Ginyu force shows up and takes all seven dragonballs from Vegeta (who teamed up with the good guys now), Gohan, and Krillin. Captin Ginyu takes the balls back to Frieza and the four others are left to dispose of the others. The first to fight is Guldo who is easily the weakest of the Ginyu force. He proves formidable though because of his special power to stop time when he holds his breath. Gohan and Krillin can't seem to kill him because of that power. Guldo also reveals another power. He holds the power of telekenisis. He freezes Gohan and Krillin in their tracks and then takes a tree and makes it really sharp and aims it at the good guys and throws it. Vegeta however intercepts it and then beats Guldo to pulp. He then blows him easily away with and energy attack.

That was the end of Goldo. Next up from the three remaining ginyu members at the battlefield is Recoome. He is by far stronger than Guldo so this fight should be a real test. Vegeta powers up until his power reaches it's max and then he lets out his biggest blast straight at Recoome. The blast hits it's mark and Recoome is burried under a pile of rubble. Everyone expects that to be it but of course it isn't. Recoome emerges from the rubble unharmed except for some scratches and his armor it almost gone. Recoome now resumes his fight with the Earth warriors.

Meanwhile Goku has just landed on planet Namek and is making a bee line straight for the action. Goku then asses where the large power levels on the planet are, particualry Frieza's. He notices that Gohan and Krillen are battling with people who have power levels that are higher than their own ones. Goku then almost goes into warp speed showing off how fast he can move and starts to fly towards the action so fast you can't see him.

Well the fighting is still going on but Recoome made a big mistake, he angred gohan. Gohan's rage has now built up and is exploding will all force aimed at Recoome. Recoome seems to be paralyzed in fear for the sheer ferociouty of the monstrous attacks. Recoome ends up on the bottom of a pile of rubble and Vegeta is in sheer shock because he gave Recoome his best shot and Recoome emerged unharmed from the attack. To everyone's amazement Recoome emerges from the rubble again ready to continue fighting. Vegeta is bascially useless lying helpless on the ground and Gohan and Krillen are out of energy and ideas.