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Welcome to my AMV storage

Hello...welcome to my AMV storage spot...this is, simply put, where I'll be putting my AMVS

Now then...on to the freak show...

*"Son Gohan (I'm a Super Girl)"
Anime: Dragonball Z (Series and movies 1, 8, 12, and Trunks Special)
Song: Buttercup (I'm A Super Girl) by Shonen Knife
Size: 4.25 M
Length: 2:35
Type: Humor
Description: Well...simply put, the Saiya-jin set to a song normally used for the PPG
To Download click HERE

*"Insomniac With Spike Spiegel"
Anime: Cowboy Bebop
Song: Theme to "Insomniac with Dave Attell" I have to say
Size: 5.74 M
Length: 0:31...yeah, a bit large for something that short, but the quality is better than last time so it's kind of a tradeoff
Type: Humor
Description: Another twisted humor vid...this time done on my own call...just a twisted vid idea that came to me after rewatching "Jupiter Jazz part 1"
To download click Here

*"Killer Pierrot From Outer Space"
Anime: Cowboy Bebop
Song: Killer Klowns From Outer Space by the Dickies
Size: 18.3 megs
Length: 4:41
Description: Kind of hard to really categorize...I guess for lack of a better description this is kind of dark humor. Episode "Pierrot Le Fou" set to Killer Klowns
Currently down for retooling

*"Untitled Project"
Anime: Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz - SE
Song: Drop Da Bomb (Yvan Eht Nioj) - The Simpsons
Size: 7.6 megs
Length: 1:32
Description: For everyone who's ever sarcastically compared the Wing boys to a boy band, this vid's for you. Not really sure what inspired it, was listening to the 'Party Posse remix' mp3 and the idea sort of formed itself into the madness you see. On a random note this is my first attempt at lip-syncing so I apologize if it sucks. Overall though, this is the one project thus far I can say I'm truly pleased with the end result
To download click: here

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