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Welcome to the new Version of Inferno and Inferna’s keep! I decided that the site needed an update to make it more sophisticated and more pleasant to look at than my old yellow background. So enjoy as all links now work and new content is uploaded. Remember to always set your link as

About me: Find out all that you want to know about me and maybe more than you wanted

Art: All of my art sorted by original and fan-art

Poems: I’m a bit of a poet and so they reside here

Fan-fiction: Home to my biggest story so far, The Story of Inferna

Literature: This is where my works that are my own reside

Character Bios: Find out about any of my characters here

Web rings: I belong to a few

Links: The wonderful world of my favorite sites and those that link back to me

Link to us: Visit this page for buttons, and HTML Tags for easy cut and paste.

Adoptions: The place where my little creatures reside as well as my marriage certificate to Ryo

What am I?: Various Quizzes that I’ve took including a 130+ Q’s personality test!

E-mail: If you have any questions, comments or wish to use anything from this site e-mail me first!

Guest book: Sign or view the comments that people leave for this site!

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