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            ALL ABOUT ME!

**pals FOREVER**

   This is Prashanth Magadi a.k.a Uncle Percy who is residing in Detroit, USA working for the FORD Company. 

   He is Kirthikar a.k.a KK lal, Kai Kirthi

   He is Hareesh Bhat a.k.a hari Krishna paramaathma a software engineer in USA.

  This is Dr.Sanjay a.k.a Sanju baba, a dentist by profession residing in Bangalore, India.   Ravi.V.Chitloor (Bidda)...Software Engineer working for the SUN , San Fransisco, USA.

   Dr. Ambarish Bhat a.k.a Ambu

  Dr.Avanish Tantry a.k.a Avu)...paediatrician, UK.

Looking for Bachelors!!!!

   Vivek.M.Reddy a.k.a Chinnu, something superior reddy

   Narendra H.N. a.k.a Chimman, Senti) An MBA graduate from IIM(A), works for the COKE, India. I can only say that "He is made only for others"

  Dr. Anand Muddaih (a.k.a secret ani)...ENT Surgeon, UK. eligible bachelor!!!(gok)
Some more Pics