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Family and friends are such a major part of one's life. They effect changes positive and negative. They induce growth.

My family is one major part role in my life when it comes to realizing, now, at a matured age, the proper upbringing and the righteous track that we all followed. Great parents, togetherness, et all, add to me being so lucky in life to realize the quality that life has to offer with out and monetery aspects in the picture. Although I would do injustice in trying to relate my feelings towards them in mere words, my home page would otherwise be empty without my HOME!

My friends too, in which God gives us a chance to choose the best, has favourably dropped into my lap. All those memoirs that I share with them, all those lessons and feats, they all reflect in some part of me. They show what I am. And I am so happy for all of them, and moresoever for myself, to have a horde such!

Below, I display my proud possession of family and friends. Have a nice walk through my gallery.

These are my folks

These are my pals