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27-11-00- Endless Waltz was awsome, new gundams and new stuff. If you mist itu MIST OUT! Wufei fans, all new stuff, flexible Dragonarm, double ended trident and more! Trowa fans, can say the same cool stuff about the gundam, but the real deal about who he is, NO NAME! He stole it from some other guy.

25-3-01- You guys have been leaving messages in the guest book saying that I need more pics. I've updated the animated gifs, got some new pics(to be put in the site next week)and I've spelled Epyon right.

12-6-91-If you gys have such a problem with my pics, then send some to put bythe way, you can still steal pics from the gallery.

Pic Of The Week

you can easyly see what this is