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Story Line

Gundam Wing is about a group of 15 year old boys who start a war against an ordinization called the Earth Sphere Alliance. The Earth Sphere Alliance causes the colonies problems by conquering them and controling them sorta of like what the English did to thier american colonies. They once the Earth Sphere Became weak an orginization OZ that was hidden in with the Earth Sphere Alliance. OZ also wanted to control space but they were much more ruthless than the Earth Sphere Alliance. Once OZ controled space a terrorist organization known as the White Fang that fights against OZ but acts just like OZ causing death and treating there troops as expendable. The White Fang take control of a new battle ship that OZ was building called The Lybra. This battle ship has a large cannon on it sort of like the Death Star on Star Wars. OZ also has one that is a space station called Fortress Barge. The White Fang controled by a former OZ and Earth Sphere pilot known as Zechs Merquise. Zechs is a good pilot and pilots the Gundam Epyon. Zechs and the army of the White Fang start a battle at Barge destroying it. OZ in retaliation launchs an all out attack with as many troops as they can get a hold of at Lybra. The Gundams not siding with anyone also joins the battle to destroy Lybra.

And thats pretty much the whole Gundam Wing Sieres in a nut shell.

Alot of people believe Gundam Wing is yaoi. (If you don't know what yoai is, its gay anime.) I think this is worng if blowing bases and destroying people as the edit version says instead of killing I really gotta stop playing Half-Life, Quake II, and Delta Force. If you really think about it, you might be able to conclude that its gay maybe in a round about way but i seriuosely doubt it.

Not to mention pretty much all the Gundam Pilots have girl friends in the show.

Heero Yuy - Relena Darlain/Relena Peacecraft(same person different name)

Trowa Barton - Cathy Bloom from the circus that he worked at for cover

Wufie Chang - Sally Po

Duo Maxwell - Hilde Schbeiker the formor OZ pilot

The onlyone that doesn't have a girl friend is Quatra Raberba Winner.