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Welcome to my Gundam Wing site if you have any questions about the site or have any suggestions email me at

News 5/

News 5/19/2001
Ok I've added a fanfic. Well part of a fanfic that I am writing. I would still like other people to write fan fics for my site. Just email them to me and I will review, put them on my site, and give you credit for it.

I also might make a gundam game using c++ but I doubt it I would rather make a single player version of half-life TFC. One of the coolest and most original games made.

News 6/14/2001
If you write fan fics of Gundam Wing. Send them in I will post them with your online anme ore what ever you want to go by in its own section for fan fics.

Ok its not really 6/14 when im writing this but hey its close enough. I fixed the Leo Cannon Type bug. I realized that i capatilized a letter in the code that was not suppose to be capsed. scince its so case sensitive it was looking for a site with a capsed letter and not a lower case letter. Let this be a lesson never capitalize files on the internet that you will write code to connect to.

News 6/13/2001
Currently im working on a banner for my site, but i cannot think of how it should look please send me ideas.

I will try to work on my page more often now that im out of school. I will have more time, I might even put up the Gundam Wing Endless Duel game for emu (might keyword its kinda hard to find)

Also once i learn C++ I will try to make a gundam wing fighting game useing the Virtual On engine from the saturn game but this will take a long time. (Or I will just make a Half-Life mod instead I thought of a single player version of Team Fortress Classic)

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