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Gundam 0297 Part 1

By: Raven


            Michael Waynes a young man about 17. He had brown hair, brown eyes, and was about 6'2". He sat at a computer in a public computer terminal. Anyone could use the terminals, the only reason he used it was to keep from being traced back to the person who hacked the system. He lived in the L5 colony cluster. He slowly hacked his way into the Barton Foundation computers. The Barton foundation once responsible for the terror on earth 100 years earlier as Mariemaya and her forces march on and almost conquered earth but was stopped by the Preventers with the aid of the Gundams, but now all knowledge of that was lost. The earth's government was corrupt much like the Earth Sphere Alliance in the year AC 0195. Michael knew what he was looking for. He started in with the files about Operation Meteor, the term for a Gundam's decent to earth. Then he found it. The blue prints for the Gundam Wing Zero. Michael had plenty of resources for the equipment needed for the Gundam. He was a soldier for a local Militia fighting to make peace on the once again war plagued earth. He quickly went to file print. He wanted to get out of the Barton Foundation's computer as fast as possible. He shut down the computer and headed out the door were his commander was waiting in a gray Humvie. They started to drive away.

            "That took longer than expected”. said the commander.

            "Yes I know, but there was a very large security system in the system”.

            "Any chance of a trace? There is a Barton Fou-"

            But before he could finish the sentence a helicopter flying over put several rounds in the top of the Humvie killing the commander. Michael jumped out before the Humvie crashed into a street pole and people looked astonished as Michael ran into a near by ally yelling "shit".


            *   *   *           


            Back at were the chopper was deployed sat Colonel Jonathan Luke. He was talking on a small TV like object that appeared to be like a videophone.

            "The people who hacked the system have been killed”. said Jonathan

            "Good work. I will report this to the president, we will soon crush all the people that stand in our way" Said the man on the screen.

            Michael walked into an old building long since abandoned. Two men with pistols stood inside. Michael nodded to them and walked into the next room.

            "I have the plans to Wing Zero”.

            "Alright lets start ordering the Gundanium”. Said a young woman about 16. Her name was Sarah Darlian. The great grand daughter of Relena Darlain. She was helping to fight for peace going against her great grandmother's ideas of pacifism. She had brown hair and stood 5'9".

            'The commander is dead”. Said Michael.

            "OH no. He was a good soldier, what a waste. We just picked up a transmission between a Colonel Jonathan Luke and an unknown person but it was intercepted by earth”. Said Sarah. "You should get some rest you will start training tomorrow. You will pilot the Wing Zero to bring peace, we don't want losing it due to the Zero system and kill some innocent person in the wrong place at the wrong time”.


*   *   *


            A soldier came running toward Colonel Luke.

            "Sir we found out what the rebels were after. It seems they were looking for blue prints on the Wing Gundam Zero”. said the soldier. "They also tried to cover their tracks. We didn't notice that anyone had hacked it until we noticed someone was printing a copy of the plans and about 30 seconds later they logged off, but not before we traced the connection”.

            "Alright, good thing you took care of them”. Said Colonel Luke

            "That’s a problem, we inspected the vehicle and there was only one body and there were two people in the Humvie”.



*   *   *


            Six months have passed since the Blue Prints were obtained, the Wing Zero was now complete and Michael had mastered the Zero System. Now he would start on his first mission. He was to completely annihilate an Earth Unified Nation base that was on the colony. He walked to the Gundam and was about to get on when Sarah walked over to him.

            "Good luck, and don't get killed”. She said.

            Michael grabbed the rope by the Gundam and he started to rise up to the cockpit and climbed in. He started the system and flew off. Outside the crowd watched as the huge mobile suit flew into the air.


*   *   *


            Jonathan Luke walked down the hall followed by two soldiers. He was in an angry mood. They had been searching for the passenger in the Humvie for six months now and they didn’t find anything. Suddenly he heard a crash and the whole area shook.

            “What the hell was that”? He yelled. Then he saw it. Wing Zero had just speared the mobile suit control tower that was used to send and receive orders. This prevented any backup from bases in near by colonies.

 “Shit we have to get out of here. Tell all the Mobile Suits at the base to attack Wing Zero and all personnel not engaged in combat are to evac immediately”. He yelled as he ran to the shuttle bay for evacuation.

            “Yes sir”. Replied the soldiers they ran to the Mobile Suit loading bay.

Michael laughed as he hacked up an Advanced Space Leo Suit. It looked like a normal Space Leo except it had seven Planet Defenders. Two Advanced Space Leos ran at him fire their Dober Guns. The first shot hit Wing Zero in the head making it lose balance. The second knocked it completely over. Michael made the Wing Zero stand and he quickly hacked one of the Advanced Space Leo’s in half and the second one slashed at it with its Beam Saber. The Beam Saber bounced off the Wing Zero making a small mark as if the Beam Saber was a bat and the Gundam was a ball. The Gundam turned and fired both Wing Vulcans into the second Mobile Suit, the Planet Defenders quickly flew out stopping the blasts from the Vulcans but Michael quickly whipped around and stabbed the Mobile Suit in the back. It exploded sending shrapnel all around.

            Michael said to himself “Heh pathetic pieces of garbage. I cannot believe they rely on a piece of junk like that”.

            Then a small vid screen turned on, it was Sarah.

            “Don’t get cocky you’ll get yourself killed. Anyway that’s it the base is in operable and all personnel have evacuated and all Mobile Suits destroyed. Our base of operations is moving to earth, we are leaving as we speak. Take Wing Zero there and Rendezvous with us in Northern Europe. Oh yeah we have reason to believe that there is another operative from a different colony destroying Earth Unified Nation bases”.

            “Roger that I’ll see you there”. Replied Michael.