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Gundam 0297 Part 2

By: Raven


            Jonathan’s Shuttle flew in to the Earth Unified Nation base on earth. He was greeted by General Peter Chase. They walked into the debriefing room together talking about old memories of combat.

            “Well let’s get to the point Colonel, what the hell happened on Colony Cluster L5”? Ask the general

            “General sir, we were attacked by Gundam Wing Zero. We believed it was piloted by local militia. I reported six months earlier that local militia had hacked the Barton Foundation computers and printed a copy of the blue prints”. “We are working on finding out which militia did it and who the pilot was”.

            “Get your ass on it Captain. That’s what you will be if you screw this up”.

            “Yes sir”.


*   *   *


            The Wing Zero in shuttle form flew into Northern Europe were the Sanc Kingdom once was. On atmospheric entry he received a message from Sarah Darlain. It read.

            “We will be waiting for you in the ruin of the old Sanc Kingdom. It hasn’t been used since OZ forces destroyed it 100 years ago”.

            Michael started flying toward the Sanc Kingdom Area. There would be shelter there, A.k.a. the ruins of the Sanc Kingdom. Once he reached the area is set it down in a wooded area near by. Sarah and several other officers were waiting at the entrance of the ruins.

            “Michael, we have just picked up a transmission from EUN”. Said one of the officers. “They know we are on earth and they know that we are in Europe”.

            “We also discovered we were correct in thinking there was another operative from another colony”. Sarah said. “We don’t know were he is, but we do know his mission is to steal the Epyon which right now is in storage at the North American Main EUN port in New England”. We want you to stow away on a military ship and go to North America right away once you can confirm that the Epyon is stolen return here”.

            “Gotcha, should I leave right away”? Asked Michael

            “You may rest if you need it”.

            “I think I can manage. I’ll see you when I get back”. Replied Michael

            Sarah and the two officers headed back into the ruins and Michael climbed back into the Gundam and took off for the port.

            It had been two hours since he left the Sanc Kingdom ruins. He had entered the water a mile north of the port. He started to move to one of the ships and he clamped down onto the bottom of the ship and waited.

            The ship slowly moved away from port and he decided to get something to eat. He climbed onto the side of the ship were to EUN soldiers were standing. Michael took out his .44 caliber revolver and turned it backwards. He came up behind the first soldier and pistol-whipped him on the back of the head knocking him unconscious. The other turned and started to yell for help but Michael kicked him in the chest than cut him across the throat with the other soldier’s knife before he even finished the first word. He dragged the first one and locked him in a storeroom and threw the second soldier overboard.

            “Damn those guys are poorly trained anyone could have heard me climbing the side of the ship”.

            He headed to the kitchen and peeked in. There was no one in there so he helped himself. As he headed back to the place he entered the boat he spotted several soldiers, with these soldiers there was the man that he had knocked out. He stayed in the shadows and raised his .44 and pulled the trigger twice sending two rounds into one of the soldier’s chest. The bullet’s blew the soldiers back completely off killing him instantly. The soldiers opened fire with their Heckler and Kotch MP5s. Michael ran toward the side of the ship and shot one round off finding its mark in the middle of a soldier’s forehead splattering the soldier’s brains out the back of his head. Michael jumped over board.

            “HAHA we have him now, come on let’s get over there and shoot him as he tries to swim”. Yelled one of the soldiers. But just then the Wing Zero rose from under the ship and took its beam saber to the hull. The ship groaned and creaked from the pressure of the sword cutting huge chunks out of the bottom. The ship slowly started to sink. Soldiers and crewmembers started to flee as the sword cut through the bridge. Then just as it appeared it was gone leaving only shrapnel and fire in its wake.


*   *   *


            A soldier approached Colonel Jonathan Luke. It stopped in front of him and saluted quickly then said

            “Sir, the ENUS Tyco has just vanished in sector 00512 of the European sea space. General Chase has sent me to notify you that he wants your Aires II and Advance Leo units at the North American Main port in New England. He believes it was the Gundam Wing Zero and it wants to get to North America Via the EUNS Tyco but was discovered”.

            “I’ll get on it right away”. Captain Luke replied. As the soldier walked away Captain Luke mumbled to himself “That damn asshole. Ordering me way out there. I mean come on I just got back from the L5 colony cluster”.

            Ten minutes later the shuttle and two Mobile Suit carriers left the South African EUN base.


*   *   *


            Michael rose out of the water at the port and climbed a latter next to a ship. He ran to some boxes on the side and sat behind them with his .44 revolver ready. He saw several workers moving objects off ships and noticed 10 Aires II over head. They look similar to Aires but they were equipped with Dual Chain Rifles and four Tube Missiles. Michael ducked and started toward an elevator that read storage. He pressed the down but and climbed in before anyone saw him.  On the way down he checked his ammo for his .44. He had 6 rounds left. Michael hoped he wouldn’t have to have a shoot out down there.

            The elevator stopped and it was pitch black except a flashlight he could see shining on a Mobile Suit. He couldn’t tell model but it was definitely a Mobile Suit. He turned on his flashlight and headed toward the other one with his gun ready pointing strait ahead. He stopped just before he reached the other person and listened. He heard a young man talking to himself.

            “How the hell am I suppose to steal this thing anyway without anyone knowing”.

            Michael walked out with his gun pointed up in the air.

            “So you’re the other operative that’s here to steal the Epyon”. Michael said as he walked out into the open.

            The guy spun around with his berreta 9mm pointed at Michaels chest and said

            “Who the hell are you”.

            “My name is Michael Waynes. I have been sent here by Sarah Darlain to confirm that the Epyon is going to be stolen and to help in any way possible”.

            The guy put away his Berreta.

            “The names Simon Luke. So your sent here to help out? why don’t you think of a way to get it out of here un noticed”.

            But Michael was to busy thinking of were he heard the name Luke. Then he remembered the transmission that the militia picked up six months earlier between Captain Jonathan Luke and the unknown person.

            “Luke? As in Captain Jonathan Luke of the EUN forces”? He asked

            “That would be my brother. The bastard would betray you in an instant. My family disowned him after he joined the Earth United Nation’s forces”.

            “Ok Simon, I got an idea. Wing Zero is in the ocean about 100 feet of shore. I’ll reach it and cause a distraction while you get out unnoticed”.

            “Alright, I’ll wait here till I hear some destruction up above.


*   *   *


            Wing Zero raised out of the water unnoticed, and put its Twin Buster Rifle and started to charge energy in it. He then released the energy completely destroying the boat EUN military boat that was being unloaded when he came onto land. All people looked in horror as the ship exploded into flames. One person yelled it’s the Gundam and several Aires IIs flew out of the Mobile Suit transports. The Dual Chain Rifles fired at Wing Zero with large rounds capable of destroying a Air Craft carrier in seconds. The Wing Zero looked up and fired off its two Machine Cannons at one of the Aires IIs. The rounds form the Machine Cannons ripped one of its wings off and it free fell and hit the water right in front of the Gundam. The Gundam cut it in half with its Beam Saber and the Mobile Suit exploded.

            Simon heard the explosion and started up the Epyon. He headed for the elevator for raising large items such as that to the surface. As soon as he stepped in the elevator rose to the surface. Simon laughed when he realized that he was going to get the Epyon out of the base and the thought of the look on there face when they couldn’t find it made him laugh with joy. He flew out and raised a transmission to his commander.

            “Sir, mission accomplished. There is also another person after the same goals from a different colony. He says he is working under Sarah Darlain’s command”.

            “Darlain eh? As in Relena Darlain’s great granddaughter? How interesting, I thought all the Darlains believed in pure pacifism. Well anyway hide till I can find a safe place for a base camp.

            Michael seeing the Epyon leave started to fly away 2 Aires gave chase but soon he was out of site out running the Aires IIs.