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The tallgeese III introduced in Gundam Wing Endless Waltz. Piloted bu Zechs Merquies unlike the Tallgeese II that was piloted by Treize Kushrenada. This Mobile Suite is the best of the Tallgeese series. It mostly uses its Beam Saber mainly because its been sorta transfomed to a close range Mobile Suit but it has a Mega cannon that seems almost as powerful as the Wing Zero's Buster Rifle becuse the Mega Cannon inihalated Resource Satillite MO3 to stop the Barton Foundation from taking over Earth but unfortuantly they had aleady sent a mas of serpents down to Earth and since it had no defenses ir took five minutes to gain control of Earth.
Name Tallgeese III
Type Mobile Suit
Model OZ-00MS2B
Pilot Zechs Merquise
Base Weight 8.2 Tons
Height 17.4 Meters
Armor Titanium Alloy
Weapons Mega-Cannon
2 Vulcan Guns
2 Beam Sabers
Hot Rod