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The Tallgeese II piloted by Treize Kushrenada. This Mobile Suit is destroyed by Altron (Nataku) Piloted by Chang Wufei (Treize dies but thats a given) Treize uses this Mobile Suit to fight in the last battle agianst the White Fang at battleship Libra. This is also the most advaced Mobile Suit OZ uses. This Mobile Suit almost destroyed the Nataku when Treize was fighting Wufei. But this Mobile Suit still thrashed the battle field and was the only Mobile Suit to actaully have an advatage over the Virgo IIs that the White Fang was using. These Mobile Suits called Virgo IIs are the same as the Virgo except they have a crash shield making them impossible to be destroyed with a frontial attack. The Tallgeese II is able to out menuver and fly behind the Mobile Suits.
Name Tallgeese II
Type Mobile Suit
Model OZ-00MS2
Pilot Trieze Kushrenada
Base Weight 8.8 Tons
Height 17.4 Meters
Armor Titanium Alloy
Weapons Doper Gun
2 Beam Sabers