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The Serpent is the new Mobile Suit made by Mariemeiya forces. This suit is made of Neo-Titanium and its the only suit made of it (mainly because Neo-Titanium wasn't around till Marieameiya's froces showed up. This suits are modeled after the Gundam Heavy Arms Custom but they are defenantly not as strong as the Heavy Arms Custom. Mariemeiya is Treiz's daughter and is brain washed by the Barton Foundation. Mariemeiya's forces are tricked by the Barton Foundation into think they are following Treiz's ambitions by attacking a now peacful earth which contains no weapons. They are also threatening to drop a colony on Earth if they do not surrender.
Name Serpent
Type Mobile Type
Model MMS-01
Base Weight 8.6 Tons
Height 16.6 Meters
Armor Neo-Titanium
Weapons Double Gattling Gun
2 8-Tube Missles Launchers
Optional Weapons Bazooka
Beam Cannon