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This is the Sand Rock Kai. The Kai is the upgrade of the Original SandRock. This is upgraded for space combat and is given a hell of alot more weapons. This Gundam of course is piloted by Quatre Raberba Winner. This gundam still carries the Heat Shortels but some weapons have been added like the Beam Machine Gun which takes in an important role in space battles due to the fact that you are not always right next to your enemy and a menuver to get to him is impossible.
Name Sand Rock Kai
Type Gundam Mobile Suit
Model XXXG-01SR2
Pilot Quatre Rabreba Winner
Base Weight 7.9 Tons
Height 16.5 Meters
Armor Gundanium Alloy
Weapons   2 vulcan
  2 missile
  2 heat shotel
  2 shield flash
  beam machine gun