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This is the Sand Rock this Gundam is piloted by Quatre Winner of the rich Winner family. He is accompanied by the Maganac Corp which is a private army which later goes off to fight thier own war and they also fight in the last battle against the White Fang searching for Quatre. Quatre also piloted the Wing Zero and went mad because of the targeting systems affect and he shoots down his friend Trowa. He also holds a grudge against OZ for shooting his father who was trying to stop his natuaral resource satellite from making weapons. This Gundam carries numerous weapons close and long range. His main weapon is the two Heat Shortels that slice through any Mobile Suit as easy as a hot knife through butter. Since the Shortels heat up it really is a hot knife through butter.
Name Sand Rock
Type Gundam Mobile Suit
Model XXXG-01SR
Pilot Quatre Raberba Winner
Base Weight 7.5 Tons
Height 16.5 Meters
Armor Gundanium Alloy
Weapons 2 Vulcan Guns
2 Missles
2 Heat Shortels
Cross-Crusher(heat shortels and sheild together)