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Zechs Merquise (a.k.a. Milliardo Peacecraft.) was a very honorable soldier who fought on the side of OZ, Earth Sphere Alliance, and the Preventers who were created after the fall of OZ and the destruction of the White Fang battle ship Lybra. Zechs is the son of the former ruler of the Sanc Kingdom. The Sanc Kingdom believed in peace and had no army. When Zechs was young the kingdom was easily over thrown by the Earth Sphere Alliance. Seeking vengance he became Zechs Merquise hiding under a mask a fighting with Earth Sphere and OZ waiting for a chance to strike back. I guess he found that chance by joining the White Fang (a huge terrorist type militia that sought to destroy Earth with a big ship thats like a Death Star.) After the destruction of Lybra he joined the Preventors and helped stop Mariemaia's forces who were assaulting Earth.
Age in Gundam Wing 19
Age in Endless Waltz 20
Ethnicity Northern Europe
Place of Birth Sanc Kingdom
Height 184cm
Weight 76kg
Eye Color Pale Blue
Hair Color Blond
Aliases Milliardo Peacecraft
Lightning Baron
Preventor Wind
Mobile Suits Piloted Tallgeese
Tallgeese III
Gundam Epyon
Gundam Wing Zero
OZ Leo Early Type