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Wufei Chang is an extremly honorable Gundam Pilot. He is from L5 colony Cluster and knows martial arts. He is also kinda sexist. He rebels against the original Opertaion Meteor.(dropping his colony on earth to cause nuclear winter) And he goes and fights them on earth instead. But its kinda ironic that his colony get destroyed in the course of the war. I think that this drove him nuts so he joins up with Mariemaia's forces tot ake over earth by force. (like in the second plan of operation meteor.) Mariemaia's forces is an extremly large militia that also is going to drop a colony on earth if taking it by force fails. Wufei pilots the Gundam Altron, and Nataku.
Age in Gundam Wing 15
Age in Endless Waltz 16
Ethnicity Chinese
Place of Birth L5 Colony Cluster
Height 156cm
Weight 46kg
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Mobile Suits Piloted Altron