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Trowa Barton is a former Mercenary Pilot that was orphaned and brought up by mercenaries. He has been on a battle field since he was born. Trowa is not his real name. He was never given one. He got the name Trowa Barton from working on the Gundam Heavy Arms. (The one he pilots.) The real Trowa Barton was going to earth in heavy arms to slaughter everyone on the planet so the colonies could control it for themselves. The builder's associate shot the real Trowa in the back. Once realizing that the Trowa without a name was watching he wanted to pilot the Gundam for himself and not conquer earth as planed. So the builder let him steal the Gundam.
Age 15 ish (somewhere around there its kinda not known.)
Ethnicity Unknown
Place of Birth Unknown (maybe L3 Colony Cluster but msut likely not becuase in the flash back he was on earth.)
Height 160cm
Weight 44kg
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Aliases Trowa Barton
No Name
Mobile Suits Piloted Heavy Arms
Heavy Arms Kai
Heavy Arms Custom