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Quatre Ruberba Winner is the unofficial self appointed leader of the Gundam Pilots. (but hey the gundams seem to obey his orders.) His family is well know for owning several resource satelites (Spinythings in space similar to colonies that poeple live on excpet its attacked to a huge asteroid in orbit with earth. He is one of the few that was actaully picked for the mission. His instructor tells him to ignore all objectives of Operation Meteor because Quatre is kind and dosen't like to kill innocent people. this also makes him weak and causes a huge weakness in his battle. But he is still stronger than any OZ pilot.
Age in Gundam Wing 15
Age in Endless Waltz 16
Ethnicity Arabian
Place of Birth L4 Colony Cluster
Height 156cm
Weight 41kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Mobile Suits Piloted Sand Rock
Sand Rock Kai
Sand Rock Custom