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Heero Yuy is the pilot of the Gundam, Wing Zero and Wing Gundam. The Wing Gundam is the most powerful gundam of the originals. But the Wing Zero is the second most powerful of the made after they went back into space. The strongest is the Epyon piloted by Zechs Merquise (a.k.a. Milliardo Peacecraft) Heero's Rival is Zechs Merquise who he dueled with several times but was unable to defeat. Heero was selected and trained for his mission unlike the other people he is a trained killer. He acts this way mainly becuase I think hes insane. In Endless Waltz it shows a flash back of him blwing up a Earth Sphere Allaince base (The people they are fighting) and a leo mobile suit falls over onto a building killing a little girl that he met and her dog.
Age in Gundam Wing 15
Age in Endless Waltz 16
Ethnicity Japanese
Place of Birth L1 Colony Cluster(a big spining thing in space that people live on)
Height 156cm
Weight 45kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Mobile Suits Piloted Wing Gundam
Wing Gundam Zero
Wing Gundam Custom