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Duo Maxwell is an American Pilot. He is a hot shot that thinks he can take on anyone but Heero proves him wrong in Endless Waltz when one punch in the stomache takes him out. Duo pilots the Death Sythe, the Death Sythe Hell, and the Death Sythe Custom. All three use a huge Sythe that cuts through enemy Mobile Suits like butter. He fights through battles leaving rubble in his wake, though not the best pilot in the world he is better than the Alliance, OZ, and White Fang pilots, and Mobile Dolls. (Mobile Dolls are un-maned mobile suits run by remote control.) Duo came about his Gundam by accident. When he was with a scavenger group called the Sweeper. Once he finds what they are going to do with it he trys ot destroy it but is stopped by the builder who tells him to take it and keep it out off crazy peoples hands. (When i say what they were going to do with it I mean the first operation meteor. They were going to attack earth and slaughter everyone. Wemon, Children, etc. Anyone they saw. The builder didn't want this happening so he got him to take it and meet a guy names howard who will stock him with ammo and spare parts.)
Age in Gundam Wing 15
Age in Endless Waltz 16
Ethnicity American
Place of Birth L2 Colony Cluster (another spiny thing in space that people live on)
Height 156cm
Weight 43kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Aliases God of Death
Great Destroyer (In Gundam Wing edited version. They were not allowed to say death or kill.)
Mobile Suits Piloted Death Scythe
Death Scythe Hell
Death Scythe Custom