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The Mercurius is a Mobile Suit made of Gundanium by the people who made the Gundams. After each scientist were captured by OZ they were forced to make this and this Mobile Suit and another one called Vayeate. These two Gundams were designed to take out the Wing Zero which at that time was piloted by Quatre who was driven mad by the advanced targeting system and was blowing up colonies and resource satillites. This Gundam was Piloted by Heero Yuy who was captured by OZ. The gundam was destroyed when Heero Collided with the Wing Zero to keep it from destroying other colonies and to put it out of commision. Later this highly advanced Mobile Suit is captured by the White Fang and used against the Gundams. They were soon destroyed by Duo and his Death Scythe Hell.
Name Gundam Mercurius
Type Gundam Mobile Suit
Model OZ-13MSX2
Pilot Heero Yuy
Base Weight 7.3 Tons
Height 16.3 Meters
Armor Gundanium Alloy
Weapons Beam Gun
Crash Shield
10 Planet Defensors