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The Heavy Arms Custom is just as bad assed as the Heavy Arms Original. But it seems to be more vulnerable.This Gundam can take a small army but seems to run out of ammo faster than the heavy arms. This Gundam, though, packs a blow to the battle field because of the four Beam Gattlings which he holds in both arms. Unfortunatly this picture does not show what it looks like when holding both of the Beam Gattlings. This is the most deadly of the Endless Waltz Gundams, unfortunatly the power of this Gundam or any of the Gundams were not shown in Endless Waltz.
Name Heavy Arms Custom
Type Gundam Mobile Suit
Model XXXG-0H1
Pilot Trowa Barton
Base Weight 8.2 Tons
Height 16.7 Meters
Armor Gundanium Alloy
Weapons 2 Vulcan Guns
2 Machine Cannons
52 Micro Missles
44 Homing Missles
2 Double Gattling Guns
4 Gattling Guns